Friday, December 9, 2011

Cassia Blue butterfly (Leptotes cassius) and blooms

Good morning Folks,

It is a gray, humid, warm Friday morning, with a little rain in the predictions.  We could use the rain.

I went out with camera in hand because I wanted to take pics of DH’s mud work progression in the caravan and my first picture was this one below. The  Cassia blue butterfly was resting on the TX sage that is inside the picket fenced garden at the back side of the caravan.  He is only about 1/2” high and I rarely have gotten photos of these little sweet flying flowers. He flew away when I tried to move in closer.


I love this bougainvillea growing up over my shed along with the rose Louis Philippe.


The next 4 photos are of Maggie, a wonderful old garden rose.





Next are pics of my unknown orchid.




Here we have poinsettia, ferns, spiderplants,  Moses in the bullrushes and various other assorted bits of greenness growing in December.


That’s it again for now.  I need to get things done before heading off to work.

Enjoy your Christmas season with all the preparations.



NellJean said...

Exquisite photos, as ever and the butterfly is wonderful. We had butterflies in and out of the greenhouse until that last cold front moved in.

sweetbay said...

What a dainty beautiful little butterfly.

Florida must be the place to give orchids and poinsettias. They look fabulous.

Kit said...

Oh those orchids are incredible! Kit

Karen said...

FlowerLady, you never fail to inspire me with all your lovely projects and flowers in bloom. I'm glad to hear the caravan is coming along, that is great news. Makes me wish we could be working on the stone house, too. The orchids are so beautiful and to have poinsettias growing in the garden is just hot fudge topping on my chocolate ice cream. Delicious!

Gayle said...

I love the poinsettias. Must be fun to grow them!

gld said...

That little butterfly is beautiful as are all the flowers.

I have never seen a poinsettia in bloom growing in a garden before.

Our butterflies have all gone as well as all the flowers. I do enjoy seeing yours.

Marti said...

Just gorgeous! How do you get your poinsettias to turn red when they are growing outside?

Nina Suria said...

Your garden are really a breathtaking one.. love the butterfly, too..

flower lady you never fail to inspire me, and I'm very exciting.

Nina Suria

Landbohaven said...

Orkideen er smuk.
Skønne Roser.
Tak for kigget.

Lona said...

What a lovely butterfly. I am glad they have a warm state to go to now. LOL!
The orchid is so pretty. Look at your poinsettia bloom. Yours can just grow outdoors and still bloom away where we have to trick ours. LOL! I gave up on trying to get mine to bloom again here in the cold north.
Your roses are always so wonderful to see. I am feasting on them now since mine are all dormant.
Have a wonderful weekend and I think your Christmas tree and decorations are so pretty.

organicgardendreams said...

FlowerLady, your pictures of the Cassia blue butterfly is amazing. I have never seen or heard of this butterfly. I am glad that you could catch him with your camera!
Maggie is such a lovely rose in your garden and the unknown orchid is simply stunning. I always enjoy when you show photos of your tropical plants. Thanks!

sherryocala said...

Thanks for sharing the name of that cute little butterfly. I hope I can remember it. Your Maggie is gorgeous. I wish I had room for her. How unique to have a bougainvillea and Louis Philippe sharing the same roof. Only in south Florida. Your orchid is stunning! What a great color combination. Hope you got some rain. We haven't had any even though Gainesville just to the north had rain all day yesterday. Maybe next time.

Sissy said...

I've never heard of the blue butterfly, I always learn something new here.
Your weather makes me so jealous. At least for the winter.
I will surely enjoy seeing your blooms while we are in a state of hibernation, here in the Tundra!

Carol said...

Dear Flower Lady, What a lovely butterfly capture and your garden so full of beauty and life while ours cold hard and dormant is a joy to see on this cold day! Your phalaenopsis orchid and roses are beautiful. Joyous Season to you!


Wow. Maggie could send her children to live at my house. What a stunning rose. Love your bougainvillea too. And that orchid is to die for. It must be wonderful to grow poinsettias outdoors. I want summer back. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Look at all those flowers! I'm down to just a very few here. The rose and orchid are especially beautiful!

Andrea said...

Our climate is somehow resembling that of Florida, so we have almost the same flowers. But it's good you were able to take that butterfly, as I know it is so small and not friendly to cameras. What is the lowest temperature you get in December? Happy holidays to you and family. BTW, i know your orchid is Dendrobium, although i don't know the variety.

Becca's Dirt said...

Stunning orchid. Love the color combination. And I love the color on your bougainvilla. Mine is still out in the weather. I hope it doesn't die from the winter. I don't have a place for it to stay warm.

I am trying to get back into blogging since I have a computer at home now. Learning how to use this new laptop - well that is proving to be a challenge. I loaded one photo last night. Maybe I'll get the hang of it. Very different than mine at work.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What beautiful photo's...I can't believe your roses and orchids are still blooming! We don't have snow here in our part of Kansas but we have had some days below freezing ..I hope we have snow for Christmas though. can enjoy poinsettia's growing outside this time of wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing how your gypsy caravan is doing. I know it will be beautiful! Enjoy your day...
Maura :)

Susan said...

Your little blue butterfly is adorable, and I love the bougainvillea...they're blooming beautiful all over the place. Hope we don't get a freeze...I'd sure miss them.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Flowerlady!

Masha said...

What a great picture of the little butterfly, I am so glad you were able to take it before it flew away. Lovely pictures of Maggie and the orchid, thank you for showing.

Betty819 said...

Oh, your poinsettia, hibiscus and orchids are so beautiful. I envy your weather temperatures. Are your poinsettias in a pot or planted in the ground? My dear MIL used to have what she called summer poinsettias here in Md. Is that what yours are?

What's this new room you have that your DH is working on and are those stained glass windows you have found or some of your artistic creations at work? Has this room always been there and you're just enclosing it or a new room you have recently built on? Probably would be a good plant room for those cold winters you sometimes get.

Happy Holidays!

shirley said...

Your photos as usual are just amazing Lorraine. I wish I lived next door to you so I could enjoy that wonderful caravan space and sit and stitch with you there.

Hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely Christmas filled with joy and love.