Monday, November 28, 2011

Lots of bloom photos

Good evening Folks.

Here it is the beginning of a new week. December will be here shortly. I wish all of you a joyous Christmas holiday season.

We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving and dinner was delicious, even if I do say so myself. The next holiday will by DH’s birthday on the 20th of Dec. and today we spied something in the fish dept. that we thought we’d try. It’s Atlantic salmon on a soaked cedar plank with herbs and spices. We got this one ~ Applewood with Orange and Ginger. I enjoy cooking and baking and especially for special occasions. This sounded delicious to both of us when we saw it. DH saw it first, and it just kept appealing to us so that it ended up in our cart. To justify the price of $10, I thought of having it for his birthday dinner. He was game for that.

He’s working on the Gypsy caravan right along. He’s taking out the bottom windows so that he can re-caulk them, plus is putting in 2”x2” framing on the inside to attach them too, and for the inside walls also. The door is finished, windows in and I have gone in there and sat and just love the sweet little space. Remember this is only 6’x8’. Once we get the original sink, stove and little refrigerator in there the space will shrink. It will have counter space too, that won’t be original as that part was really ratty. This is a fun restoration project, and yes, it is ‘stationary’. I love the picket fenced patio garden area where I enjoy hanging out the laundry too. I am thankful to God for his many blessings and for this dear husband and best friend of mine who has the talents to do this and the many other things he has done with our little compound here.

Now, here are the photos starting with the 24th. It might be an overload, but again, maybe not for those of you who are already moving into winter.

I’ll not post any comments with them. A couple of them really touched me when I saw them to edit them. I am an amateur photographer, and some pictures just happen to come out better than I could imagine. I just point and shoot, more or less.


These are from the 24th.
























I will end this post here, and the rest of the pictures will be in the next post.



Nicki Lee said...

Oh wouldn't I love to come and sit for s spell in your beautiful garden. Love it!

gld said...

Yes, they are a delight for us farther north. Our blooms are long gone.

I love the one of the rose with the yellow undertones, the side view.

I hope your dear husband reads your blog now and then.....but I bet he knows how special he is to you even if he doesnt.

Lona said...

Your lovely blooms just made my day. So drab and rainy here. Your pictures turned out beautiful. I love the macro shots. When you can see the pollen on a flower that is a treat. Great photography.

L. D. Burgus said...

You have a wonderful collection of flowers. Your photos are really great to see.