Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blooms, etc.

Here it is another Wednesday. It has been sunshiny and breezy today. I washed and hung out a load of laundry, which is probably dry and ready for me to bring in. I was back there at the clothesline area earlier, thinking about the patio work that needs doing, and plants I want back there, when I spied Tork in the clothespin basket. What a hoot she is!


After coffee and before breakfast, I went out with camera in hand and although I took quite a few pictures, not all were post worthy.

This is Cape Honeysuckle. I have this color and a bright orange/red color.


Here we have a shabby Gulf Fritillary. I tried to get a zebra longwing this morning, but with the wind blowing he just wouldn’t stay still.


Next are blooms from one of my rooted cuttings of my climbing Maman cochet. I love this rose and it’s scent too.



I love these pretty salvias too.




That’s it from me. I think hormones are messing with me today, as I feel like bawling for no reason. You know how when your throat gets tight, and your cheeks feel strange and tears are threatening behind your eyelids? That’s me today. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll probably be back to my normal positive self. Down days make us appreciate the good days.

Enjoy the rest of your week. I’ll be working again the next three days.



Feelings are much like waves,

we can't stop them from coming

but we can choose which one to surf.

Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson


I’m going to head out back to take down the laundry,

feel the breezes and enjoy the scents and colors all around.


Stacy said...

Love the photos... especially the one of the basket full of cat! :) Lovely!

Feel better and brighter!

Val said...

That photo of Tork is like a calendar page. How sweet! :) I hope the tears subside sooner rather than later. When I have days like that, it means I'm way too tired. :)

Sandy said...

Love your beautiful pictures again today, especially darling Tork. That picture would make a great poster framed for a wall.
We all have those teary days now and then and sometimes I think it is hormonal, other times I think it is our souls longing for our Maker.
Have a good rest of the week. I
am emailing you about our discussion the other evening.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

The basket full of cat made me smile.
I also love to hang clothes on the line. Calming as I pen each item on the line...

Becky said...

HUGS! Tomorrow will be another beautiful day and sweet Tork will be there to make you smile.

Denimflyz said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. I have many days like that.
Take care my friend
Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Tork is a beauty - and that picture . . . adorable.

Personally I feel tears are as natural as smiles. If we're lucky we get more of the latter.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings you smiles. . . .


Debi@7Gates said...

I think you shoud swoop Tork up in your arms, put one of your flowers in your hair and put that Santana music back on! Kiss those hormones goodbye! I wish I still had some salvia growing.

Southern Lady said...

I know what you mean about those hormones! Hope you are back to your chipper self tomorrow! Love the kitty in the basket! :) Carla

Karen said...

I'm having one of those teary weeks, myself, and seeing the sweet picture of your adorable Tork just made me cry again, but happy tears instead!

I hope you are feeling much better, dear friend. Laundry dried on the lines outside yesterday for me, too, and it will probably be one of the last times til spring. That thought made me misty, too.

Give your sweet kitty a hug from me, I miss ours so much.

organicgardendreams said...

Flowerlady, I love the photo of your cat in the clothespin basket, it really brought a big smile to my face :-)! Climbing Maman Cochet is sooo... pretty and I like the salvia quite a bit, too. The color of the rose and the salvia go so well together. Hopefully you feel more emotionally balanced tomorrow, again!

Skeeter said...

I hope that today is a day of happiness and hormones back in check. Hormones are a pain to deal with but as you say, another day to come…

You did not need to snap any other pics of Tork in the basket as this is the most perfect shot of kitty! Our kitties keep us laughing with doing such fun things. There is not a day gone by that we don’t laugh at some cute thing they do…

Have a Wonderful Day!

Lona said...

We women all have those teary days. Hey we are entitled. LOL! It usually goes as fast as it comes on.
Tork looks so comfy in the basket. LOL! How cute.
Your Salvia is sooo pretty!

Mrs. Mac said...

I LOVE the picture of Tork! Enjoy your week .. minus any hormones amiss :)

Darla said...

Tork is so cute in the basket. Nice blooms for today....crying is a cleansing process, don't fight it.

Elephant's Eye said...

What a delightful basket, never seen one with a frill. And with the cat smiling!

Sleep well and have a better day tomorrow.

Kit said...

What a great cat! So pretty. I just want to reach out and pet her. And give you a big hug. I know what you mean, hormones are the craziest! The other day I just wanted to "kill" my hubby, I was so irritated and could not figure out why. I should have known, hormones. :) Have a great weekend! Kit

tina said...

The kitty is so cute. What a super good picture of her. Best to just take it easy and hibernate when you feel blue. Or go for a walk. I do both. This morning I think a walk. Anyhow hope you feel better soon.

gld said...

Sorry you are having a bad day. My sis and I call it being in a 'blue funk'. I think we deserve those now and then whether we have a reason or not.

It will pass.

Love seeing Tork in the basket. She looks very much like my favorite Willie that we lost....then her look alike daughter not too long after.

Bernie said...

We all have our down days. It makes us appreciate the good days even more, I think. Those beautiful Salvias and that Maman Cochet will hopefully cheer your day a little. They are just gorgeous. I loved the colour of your Cape Honeysuckle too. Tork in a basket was a delightful sight!


Your photo of Tork is so sweet. What an adorable little cutie pie. Love your flowers too.

Sandra said...

Sorry you were having a bad day, I do hope today was much better for you.


sweetbay said...

Tork is such a cutie!! Your pink salvia is so pretty.

Darcie said...

I adore cats, and your Tork looks like she has some personality! What is with hormones anyway? I completely understand that saddness that sneaks up on us, without so much a warning. I saw the post above and know you are feeling better...glad for it. Just know you are never alone. ((((HUGS)))))

Kathy said...

I think the changes in the season affect us as well. I listen to cheerful music to lift my spirits and then again a good cry doesn't hurt one bit! I get migraines and it is when they're over that I appreciate all the days when my head is clear!
Your flowers are gorgeous - I especially like the name of the rose!
Hope all is well now :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am just now seeing this post! I'm glad you got through the day to some brighter ones. Depression runs in my family and I sometimes struggle with it. I wonder if someday they will find it;s some kind of chemical imbalance. I feel impending doom when it is coming on. Like something really, really bad is going to happen. It almost never does, so I don;t understand it, but having lived with it as long as I have, I know how to keep myself from falling into it.

Keep on keepin' on! Beautiful pics, as always. Hugs, Ilene

Sissy said...

I love that you find the joy and the good all around you. You see art in others' trash bins. You are a treasure to read, reminding me to be grateful every day!