Monday, May 2, 2011

A May Monday

Good afternoon everyone. Well, it's afternoon here anyway. It's breezy, warm and humid, summer is here the beginning of May. We did get some much needed rain last night and that was a good thing.

We do our errands on Monday mornings. This morning we were almost to the bank, when we saw a pile of broken 2" thick pavers. Oooops, turn around and let's load them in. Boy were they heavy! We also got 5-6 huge marble tiles that had chips out of them. We then proceeded to the bank, then back home as we didn't want to drive my car on the rest of the errands with all that weight.

When we started out this morning we saw a 6'x8' section of privacy fencing curbside across the street. We checked it out later and ended up bringing it home. It still has life left in it. DH invented what we call a wheelie, years ago, for hauling sheets of siding etc. and I suggested using that instead of trying to carry the thing across the 5 lane road. Every time we use the thing I start laughing because it makes the job so easy, and is a hoot to use.

After we got back home from doing our errands and I was bringing the groceries in from the porch, and DH had parked the van, I heard him talking with someone and wondered who it was. It was a friend of ours and he wanted to know if we wanted to buy a stained glass window he had. We both had seen it and do like stained glass, but it has been awhile since seeing it, so DH went to his house, and came back home with it and he also bought a rubbermaid shed for rakes. We got both things cheap. The stained glass window is broken, but still a unique bit of beauty. The shed needs a little repair to the doors as the knobs that hold it to the unit got broken. DH can do that. Now we have to figure out where to put it.

Here's the fencing and shed.

The stained glass piece fit in our front window perfectly,

so that's where it is for now.

Yesterday morning we both puttered outside, helping each other with different projects. I'll be working Wed-Sat this week, so probably won't be doing much outdoors tomorrow as I've got some other things to take care of.

I did get some flower pictures taken after recharging batteries. :-)

My 'Incense' passion vine is full of buds. I just love this flower.

The next four pictures are of Kathleen.

These are Vanda orchids, in morning sunlight.

The next two photos are of the Dwarf White Orchid tree,

the blooms are delicately scented.

I love the shadows close up in the second picture.

Here we have the Cardinal Vine and it is wrapping around our carved Tiki out of a palm that we found years ago. I look forward to collecting seeds from this vine so that I can grow more of it around the gardens.

Here is a canna grown from seed. I have no idea which color the flowers are. A second canna has popped up in the pot too.

This is our hamelia patens that I started from a cutting. It has grown up and over the lattice arbor and onto my sheds' roof. The bees, butterflies and hummers love it. I've even noticed a new plant about 2 ft. away coming up and was surprised to see that. I'll have to dig it up and plant it elsewhere.

So, that's it for now from our part of the world.
May you all be blessed in your lives.


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


HolleyGarden said...

Great finds! Love your stained glass - a beauty. And it fits perfectly! It was meant to be. Love your passion flower. Those are so exotic and interesting - they amaze me.

Becky said...

What awesome treasures! And the flowers are always a welcome diversion in my day. Thank you again for "sharing" your gardens. I pulled some pods from a passion flower that grows by the river last fall and have them dried here in the house. Perhaps next weekend I will pop them open and plant them in a pot. I read that it can take them up to a year to germinate; I guess I will have to be patient. I just love their blooms.

Balisha said...

We had a stained glass window donated to our Church. We had a man build a wooden box around it with old dark wood....with knotholes and scrapes etc. In the box were placed two light on top and one on bottom. It hangs on the wall at our Church now... and is so pretty when illuminated.

NellJean said...

You had a busy day and look at all the treasures! I planted okra and picked up limbs. I thought about you when I was pruning the 'uglies' off my night bloom cereuses. They look a long way from blooming but are putting on new leaves.

Susan said...

Good evening Flowerlady...Wow, what a "lucky" day you had finding all those wonderful materials for the garden and your home. It pays to keep one's eyes open. Love that orchid and the exotic=looking passion vine. You should have lots of gulf fritillarys soon. Have a great week!

Cameron said...

Lucky finds! Great flowers, too! Have a great week in the garden!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Your passion flower is is all your garden gifts. I can't wait to see what you do with the pavers/stone.

Masha said...

Wow, it looks like you have been busy! That stained window is really beautiful, what a great find. I love the pictures of your blooms too, especially the passion vine. Does it bear fruit?

Ami said...

FlowerLady: You and your DH always can find some hidden treasure and you both are talented to turn them into real treasure in your garden. That stained glass is so beautiful! That Vanda flower looks gorgeous with the sunlight. Have a good week!

organicgardendreams said...

FlowerLady, that stained glass window looks amazing! It is great that it fits into your front window so perfectly as if it is custom made for that.
I love, love, love your passion flower. What a complex and artful flower that is. I have to find out if we can grow passion flowers here in San Diego, too. Maybe we don't have enough humidity for them to do well.

Karen said...

I have a letter in progress to you, but just wanted to pop in and tell you how beautiful the stained glass window is, what a find! And the shed will come in handy, too, along with the pavers. Just be careful and take your time with the heavy work. Can't wait to see what you do with these latest treasures. Hugs to you.

shadesofidaho said...

WOW today was your lucky day. What a wonderful haul. So Jealous. I can see so many fun projects in your finds. LOVE that tool shed. Well I love it all.

As usual your flowers are stunning. We finally have daffodils blooming here.

Hope you enjoy your work week. I just finished up my work Monday and heading to bed.


gld said...

What great finds; I love the stained glass window. I will be waiting to see what you do with the section of privacy fence...

Beautiful flowers. Happy that you got some rain.

Have a good week.

Darla said...

My word you lucked on some great things didn't you? Your flowers and gardens are looking great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really scored!

I want to see what that Wheelie looks like!

One Woman's Journey said...

what treasures you found. I am almost envious.
Would love the pavers for a walk to my porch.
Have a great day - it is raining in the woods.

Lona said...

You always amaze me at the curbside finds you run across. Do you have radar or what? LOL! I never see anything around here. I think everyone uses everything until it is worn to a nub. LOL! Some great find you can use for certain. The stained glass is so pretty and does fit into your window just perfect.Now what luck is that. Your white Orchid tree blooms are just so gorgeous. I have not even heard of one. I have lived such a sheltered life. LOL!

Gayle said...

Wow!! I haven't been here for while. Not intentionally.... for some reason your new posts are showing up on my blog roll? I've had that happen before so that's why I'm going through all the blogs I follow. Sorry to be gone for so long!

What a find with the pavers and tiles. I would also pick those things up and incorporate them into the garden. Grandpa does a lot of "shopping" at the platform and brings Grandma home some of the best stuff. I only go to town if I have to anymore so I've been missing out on all the good stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

The blossom on the passion vine has to be the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

sweetbay said...

Beautiful flowers! Kathleen and the flowers of the Dwarf White Orchid tree have such an elegant simplicity to them.