Friday, June 18, 2010

Six out of seven

Good Friday morning to all of you. I'm off to work in a bit, work again tomorrow also, so no gardening for the next two days.

I did get six out of the seven things I listed that I 'hoped' to do yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised.

The one thing I didn't do was embroider more on the zebra longwing butterfly.

I filled 400 caps with herbal powders. I timed myself and it takes about 12 minutes to fill 100 with my handy cap-m-quick. What a great little tool.

I filled the two sachets that I had ready for filling and the smell of lavender is very soothing. I decided to do some bead embellishment around the edge and like the look.

I did get quite a bit done outside before it got too hot and that felt great. Then we had a nice thunderstorm with lots of rain yesterday afternoon.

I inadvertently cut rose blooms off my pink pet when trimming things up the day before so picked them for a tiny bouquet.

Pizza was yummy and we have the other half for supper another night, probably tomorrow. As tonight I feel like reheating left-overs from the night before, serving it over a brown and wild rice mix.

That's it for now. I need to make our lunches and get ready to head off to work.

Enjoy your day whatever you do.


Rethink how you work. Just because you've always done something one way, it doesn't mean it has to be like that forever. If you can modify something to better suit how you work, do it. Streamline your tasks and don't aim for perfection. Take breaks. Do everything you do well and find the pleasure in it - it will be there lurking, you just have to find it. Be proud of what you achieve every day because you are providing a comfortable home for your family, you are making the most of the resources you have and looking after what you own. That is a good thing. And most of all, stop thinking that you'll never get through it all.
Excerpt from Rhonda at Down-to-earth blog.


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Darla said...

You should be pleased with getting 6 out of 7 things finished...Love your embroidery!

Gayle said...

I can't believe you made 400! That is so much work. Tossing out to-do lists sure feels good!

tina said...

You too. Awesome job on getting most of your list completed.

Rebecca said...

What a great variety of "tasks" accomplished! Good for you.

Rhonda always has good, basic, encouraging suggestions, doesn't she? I like seeing "helps" like this written down. It's motivational to me.

Vetsy said...

Love what you done with your sachets..So cute!

I agree with you a hundred percent we don't have to do something the same way all of the time..

We think we do because we think it's the only way" or it's the right way, It's good to switch things up a little it makes life a little less boring.