Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little did I know ...

Little did I know how the previous post was going to play out in today's happenings. We don't know why sometimes we feel compelled to do, say or write certain things, we just do. Sometimes we get glimpses, sometimes we find out, and other times we are left wondering.

I work part time, and have been for the 12 years I've been working this job. Just before lunch my boss called to ask me a business related question, then he brought up work this week. The economy is NOT what it has been in the past, as we all know, and in my job, people don't spend when the economy is down. So, I will be working less hours a week and be taking a cut in pay, until things pick back up. My boss hates to do this but in order to keep things going, this is the way it has to be. He told me to think about it and call him back later. DH and I talked about it, and at least I still have my job, just less of it. :-) Things could be much worse. I called my boss after lunch and told him ok and he said this is just for the time being, then he sighed and said Thank you.

After I got off the phone and thought about the situation, I thought, how's that for the thought posted in my earlier post ~ Life is not a having or a getting, but a being and a becoming.? Hmmmm. I am a being, what am I becoming?

Guess that is my thought to ponder today.

We are in God's tender loving care regardless of circumstances. May I rest in His care, with peace and thanksgiving in my heart, trusting Him to work all things out.

We are not in debt. Our little cottage is paid for. I'm thankful for my DH and the love we share. I have lots of flower seeds from fellow gardeners to plant in my gardens. We have food to eat, clothes to wear, and much more. When we have to cut back sometimes, it makes what we have all the more special. I hope to mosey along with the flow, taking each day as it comes, seeing the joy and beauty in each one.



Sue said...

Hi Flowerlady,
I am behind in my blog reading again. I had a very busy weekend, and we had our kids pop over both last night, and tonight. I told my husband I was going to stay up later than I wanted to again, because I had lost out on blog time. He replied that any time I'm home is blog time. Hey, at least I join him at the table for supper! He's busy on his computer, too. I remember feeling like second fiddle to his computer.

Anyway, I am glad I made it here tonight. I hope your boss is able to make things work, and you can get your hours and pay back. I love what you said about mosying with the flow. I hope you get some extra garden and blogging time in.

Take Care,

Marla said...

I am sorry that you are losing hours at your job. Times are tough and so many people without any job. You have a great attitude anf God will be with you!

FlowerLady said...

Hi Sue ~ I am enjoying going in later to work that's for sure, as it gives me more time to do things at home. I hope things pick back up again too, soon, but until then I'll try to just take each day as it comes.

Good morning Marla ~ Yes, times are tough, and at least I didn't lose my job, like so many have. Even though at times my faith is super tiny, my hope is still in God to take care of us and work all things out.

Thank you both for your kind thoughts.


Suzanne said...

Flowerlady, So sorry to hear about your cut in hours. I was laid off from IBM a year ago, and moved to Calif. I only know to well what you are going. Keep up the great attitude. He will provide. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

FlowerLady said...

Suzanne ~ Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope things are going well for you these days.


Dirt Princess said...

I jsut stumbled across your blog...I am glad you didn't give up growing roses. I too am in a similar situation with my job.You are right God will take care of us...we just have to put our trust in him, and place our worries in his hands.