Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too Hot to be outside


Hi Folks ~ Right now it is right around 1 p.m. and the outdoor temp is 91 degrees and feels like it is 109. YIKES!! It is no wonder I don’t feel like doing anything outside. I was out on Monday morning and only worked an hour. I quit because my face was dripping, my clothes were stuck to me, and I just knew it was time to get inside.  I didn’t go out yesterday except to hand water some things. This morning I raked up some of the debris from the other day, and decided it was not nice out there at all, so here I am.  I did take some photos though, and one bloom is a real surprise. The bloom below is what made me come in for the camera.

Needless to say, this is a volunteer. Who planted it is a good question?  This is about eye level.


I wonder what kind to tomato it is.


This below is ‘Blue Butterfly’ clerodendrum with ‘Wendy’s Wish’ salvia behind.


Mushrooms with a creeping fern tendril.


A sweet rain lily.


This is the patio area between the clothesline and the caravan which is on the right in picture below.  With all of the rain, the weeds have taken over, especially one certain weed.

Bidens alba of the family Asteraceae

One every day name is ‘Spanish Needles’.

DH would pull up them whenever he saw them because the seeds are needlelike and stick to your clothing, thus hitchhiking to a new location to start more plants. But, you can’t get them all, no matter how many we pulled up.  Butterflies love them. So, I pull some and leave some. These are ones that are going to have to go though. There really is a patio under there.



I’ve come to the conclusion that this rooted cutting that I’ve been calling ‘Prosperity’ is not it at all, but I think is ‘Penelope’, which I did have, but it croaked a year or so ago.  When I put blooms of ‘Prosperity’ and this one next to each other they are not the same at all. I looked at older photos I have and Googled too and I’m pretty sure it is ‘Penelope’.  That makes me happy, as I do love my roses. I need to try more cuttings of all of my roses. I do try to buy the old fashioned roses as they are more hardy.


Of course, some roses I don’t know what type they are, and they end up coming home with me if they’re pretty, scented, or cheap, hopefully all three.   This one below was called ‘Picnic’.  I’ve not found anything online by that name at all. Isn’t it a cutie? This little bush is loaded with buds again and this is the first one to open.  Most of my roses have new growth and buds.  Very exciting. This one was cheap and pretty.


This is an unknown bought this spring, cheap and pretty, with a slight scent.



Another unknown, pretty and very scented and sort of cheap.


Here are three blooms I picked yesterday that I brought inside to look at while Googling roses.  I love how they dry crinkly.


I’ve really been thinking about roses lately, especially after visiting Christina’s blog Organic Garden Dreams. She grows beautiful roses and visiting her blog is always a real treat.

I had another time of grieving the other night, called out to God while sobbing, that’s all I could do, and woke up feeling more positive the next morning.  Then I started thinking about celebrating our ‘45th’ anniversary which is coming up on the 8th of Sept. So, I’m making plans and am looking forward to my little celebration.

Yesterday morning I visited Rose Petals Nursery online and decided to buy three roses to help celebrate. Winking smile If I lived closer to them I would visit them personally.  They are 4-5 hours away, west of Gainesville. The have a wonderful selection of antique roses which are very hardy, with wonderful colors and scents.

I picked out three that would grow here in zone 10b, and have 5 more on my wish list, on down the road.


I had this before and here is a photo from 2007.



Rose Petals Nursery photo below.

antique rose

Ghislaine d Feligonde

photo from Heirloom Roses

The roses should be here next week.  I’ll be taking pictures of them for sure, so stay tuned. Notice I went for yellow/peachy tones this time. Christina’s ‘Marie Pavie’ inspired these selections. Another FL gardener told me ‘MP’ did not do well for her, and she lives a bit further north of me.


This little heart is still a ‘wip’, work-in-progress. Boy oh boy, are those seed beads ever tiny. Size 15.  I’m more comfortable with size 11. At least I got this much done. My mind is working on what to do next.  I listened to soothing music yesterday while working on this. It reminded me of my dear husband.  He told me he loved to hear me humming to music while I was creating with needle, threads and beads. I sure do miss my best friend.


Well, that’s it from Plum Cottage. I hope you are all keeping cool.  If you are working outside, please, keep hydrated.

It’s hard to believe September is almost here. I sure am ready for cooler temps.



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love,love,love all your pretty flowers. I have not been doing much outside,only the watering as necessary.It is just too hot for me.It's been in the upper 20s and low 30s the last few days.That's Celsius of course.

lil red hen said...

We're having the hottest days so far for this summer; upper 90s, which is very unusual. There are some things I have to get outside to do here on the farm, but the quilting room calls me when it gets near noon time.

Sure wish I could grow pretty roses like yours!

M.K. said...

Our temps seem to be in sync with yours way down the coast :) HOT this week, and I don't go outside much at all until evening when we take our bike ride. You'd be proud of me though -- today I stopped at a nursery and bought some old, tired plants on sale 75% off! Yippee! I'll blog about them later. I'm buying mostly herbs b/c I want to sell fresh and dried herbs at the farmer's market. Not much selection today, but she will have more in Sept. Your roses are so lovely. I don't know how you keep track of all the names!

Susan said...

It definitely is too hot to work in the garden this week. Looks like you have lots of wonderful blooms in this heat though. Enjoy your new roses.

Morning's Minion said...

90 degrees yesterday and today here--and humid, of course. Pegging out the wash is as long as I care to be outside. T-storms this afternoon which cooled it down a bit.
From your previous post: roses with raindrops are so lovely!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

More of your beautiful blooms. You are surrounded by beauty.

We are having hot and humid weather so I am staying in. Terry is spending some time cleaning out his's a 3 stall that you can't walk into that we put up as his work shop. Luckily he doesn't store things in our attached garage ~lol~ He never saw a tool he didn't "need".

Stay cool.
xx, Carol

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I hope you get many tomatoes from your "surprise" tomato. I have never tried rooting any roses but I think I will give it a try after reading about the good luck you have had with it. It looks like you are going to have a yard full of beautiful roses.
Be careful outside in that extreme heat. It can creep up on you before you know it and really pack a wallop. I got heat sick last year and nearly fainted out in the front yard. I would never have expected that to happen to me. Now, I am very careful about taking precautions if I'm going to be out in hot weather.

gld said...

It is too hot to work out here too! I try to get in an hour or so by 8 AM and then I am finished outside.

I love your choice of new roses.
I should be more daring and replace some of mine even though rose rosette disease is a visitor here. Someone reminded me if I get 3 or more years from the roses, they have paid for themselves. I do love the gorgeous blooms and the scent.

Stay cool; fall is approaching.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

It is so enjoyable to come over and see flowers that I have never befor seen!
Wow! 91 is too HOT for me especially if it is muggy! Keep cool :-)
Your needle work is so pretty!
Blessings and warmth, Linnie

Flower Freak said...

Your roses are wonderful. I can't wait to see the ones you just bought.
Grief comes and goes in waves, doesn't it? I don't know what God has planned for you but I know that He uses what we have suffered to help others who are going through the same are an instrument of comfort and love to others! God Bless!

Sandra said...

Oh I love your little picnic rose, it is beautiful ;)

I love roses too and if they are cheap, I end up bringing them home with me.

Remember when I lived in Arizona? The heat was excruciating and I did end up getting a bit of heat stroke a few times, it is no fun at all. Stay cool and stay out of that sun.


Georgianna said...

Your roses are all beautiful, Lorraine! I know how you feel about them, each one is special and each bloom is precious. I hope you are staying cool enough to enjoy them. I would not manage in your heat at all but it looks as though your roses love it!

Betsy Adams said...

Always love seeing all of your pretty flowers... Your header just takes my breath away.

Yes, the weeds do take over --especially when we can't or don't get outside and work on them. The new mulch we got in the spring has helped tremendously--but there are still several areas in the yard where there is no mulch.. AND--the weeds must know that since they are growing big time there.... ha.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

It's been hot here, too. Right now, it is 86, at 7:40 p.m. Central. My mom is in the hospital because she had to have her gall bladder taken out Monday. She is having complications that they say she will recover from, but she has not been well enough to go home yet. This has not been a good summer for gardening for me, but hopefully next year will be better.

I can understand to a certain level your grieving coming and going, just from having lost my dad. I know it's different when it's a spouse, but there are times when something will just trigger the tears. I am fine with that, and never fight them. I think that's your view of them as well.

Enjoy your new roses and the celebration of your anniversary. Oh, and I hope that tomato produces. I have some volunteers each year that I let grow.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love roses...and your flower pictures are so pretty. I just bought and planted Irish Hope from Heirloom Roses.. I have great luck with their rose. So Far I think Irish hope is in need for more .I may have to transplant. I hope not..but it's possibe. I've wanted it for a long I hope it survives. It's pale yellow and many,many petals.

I am Wsprsweetly of Roses on Ebay. :)

Marti said...

I think you and I are feeling the same about this heat. I keep telling myself that it really will end one of these days.

I love your blue rain lily. Only white ones are common here.

So funny to see a tomato pop up in your fountain. I always wonder why some plants will grow in almost no dirt when I struggle to get some to grow in perfect conditions.

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Lorraine, how great that you are thinking about getting some more roses to celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary. To me roses bring so much joy to my heart and I hope that will happen to you as well with your newbies :-)!
I feel so flattered that my blog has inspired you and would like to thank you very much for mentioning me here and posting a link to my blog.
I think you have chosen some wonderful varieties and it is very wise to research roses that will do well in your climate. Rose Petal Nursery has a good reputation and I hope they will sent you some nice specimen! Warm wishes,

Gary said...

Good morning Lorraine,
We are off camping this morning, but I wanted a read of your blog with my morning cup of tea. It's set my mind in good stead, thank you. How can you cope with such heat, phew, are you getting in your cool outside tub at all? The roses are all so lovely, strangely, my favourite is the little unknown deep pink bloom you are holding. Your DH would be proud of how you are coping. Please do take care, and keep looking up when the tough times hit.

Kit said...

Whoa that is hot! We are in the midst of very very cool weather. I even had the heater on this morn. A cold front from Canada. But we should be going back up to the high 80's next week. :) You have a good weekend. Love, Kit

GretchenJoanna said...

That pale pink rose is just the dearest. I imagine you have the same kinds of problems with roses as my daughter when she moved from California to humid Maryland. I found a list of roses that do well there, and she chose some varieties from it.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

You are surrounded by such beautiful blooms. They must bring a great deal of pleasure to you. How nice that you leave a portion for the butterflies. I know they appreciate it. We've had a lot of butterflies and bees this year.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend and it cools off soon.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Wish I could grow roses here
by the woods. Planted 4 bushes 5 years ago when building this cottage. One sad one left.
Your flowers are beautiful...

Friko said...

I am sorry you had a spell of unhappiness. I am certain that celebrating your “45th” will be a bitter-sweet affair too.

Sink yourself into your roses and your garden, it helps to be surrounded by beauty and meditate on the splendour of nature.

I hope your heart will lighten.

Betsy Adams said...

Me Again.... I checked your blog tonight --thinking I had missed one of your posts. BUT--I noticed that you have not posted since this one.

Hope you are okay and not SICK.....

Hugs and Prayers,