Saturday, April 7, 2018

An alien, a worm, a first day of spring bday, a cold

Good afternoon Folks ~ I hope you all had a lovely Easter and where there is spring I hope you are able to be out to enjoy it. Some of you are still having snowy weather, hang in there, it will pass and the sun will come out, flowers will bloom and birds will sing.

Down here in s.e. FL it is very dry, we need rain and it is predicted but time will tell whether we get it or not. I am able to use my sprinklers 3 days a week, twice a day, hand watering can be done any day, just not in the hot time of the day. I have to pay for water, so it is not an option to water grass in my book. Grass looks like straw, shrubs and vines are shriveling up, not good.

One day I went outside and found this creepy ‘alien’ growing in a pot of a tropical flowering plant. I’d never seen anything like it. Do any of you know what this might be?It’s gone now, only lasting a day or so.


The next creepy thing was a ‘worm’ of some type in my computer. My dear BIL told me what do do the first time via the phone, I was totally FREAKED. Led me to a day of depression, not good at all. (I had had enough. It came on top of being overloaded with thinking/worrying about the responsibility of caring for this place. I let the negatives get me down instead of focusing on the good things God has done and is doing in my life.) Then, just the other day as I was watching a movie on you tube, the same window/voice started coming up and I clicked out of all tabs and it stopped and didn’t load. I told BIL and he said it sounds like someone had hacked into my space and to change all of my passwords, so I did that, and hopefully that is the end of that. Sheesh! (I was sick so didn’t have the energy to freak out, and didn’t think it worth it anyway.)

Before that happened, a couple of weekends ago, he worked on my desk top for around 4 hours trying to find the problem in safe mode as to why it was running so dang slow. He said he’d never seen a computer run that slow. We thought I was going to have to bite the bullet and start from scratch, which I dreaded doing, but did have everything backed up onto an external harddrive. He did several things and we’re not sure as to what the catalyst was that set it working again but it is working just fine.  Thank you dear Todd.

My 69th bday was the first day of spring. Where has the time gone? My dear SIL Sue, Todd’s wife, and I spent the day together up at their place. She made me a decious chicken dish for lunch, and we had a lovely bday cake and time together. The pretty roses on top got smushed in transit and she was really bummed about that, but it was still a pretty cake and tasted wonderful.


They took me out to eat at The Outback Steakhouse that night. I had steak,  coconut shrimp, a baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, and mixed veggies. This was after we had shared a blooming onion and their delicious bread. I also had a margarita to celebrate.  Smile I took a box home and had two more meals, one shown below. Delicious!!!


Had a wonderful Easter weekend, starting with a great worship/communion service, Friday night, with 6 different churches being represented. Sunday a lovely Easter service then dinner afterwards with dear friends.

Monday night I started having a sore throat, which developed into a bad cold. I finally bought some Nyquil after having coughed one whole night and that did the trick. My stomach muscles are so sore from all of the coughing, but at least I didn’t crack ribs like I’ve done in the past. I sounded like a bullfrog for a couple of days. But after getting some much needed sleep and just sitting/laying around doing nothing, today I am feeling much better. I do feel dragged out though, and will take a nap after I finish this.

Work on the living room remodeling is coming along. Todd has been doing mudwork, still more of that to do, but it has to dry between coats and once that’s done, then comes the sanding, which is going to be a mess, but needs to be done. We both will be glad when this project is over. Then we’ll start on the bedroom. He is a dear helping me like this and I appreciate him more than words can express. My dear husband would be proud and thankful for the ways Todd is helping me.

Ok, here are a few blooms from Plum Cottage gardens.





Here is a critter who visited the other day.


There are a lot more photos but I don’t feel like going through and editing them right now. Maybe another time.

That’s it from PC.

Have a great weekend and remember that God loves you dearly. You are precious to Him.



Rebecca said...

My! You've had a few hurdles to jump, haven't you? I had my 69th a few months ago and am settling in to make the most of the days remaining in this decade. Wish I could send you some of our moisture in exchange for a little heat! Sounds like your BIL is wonderful. Glad you have such a handy one close enough to call on. ❤️

Ruth Hiebert said...

Computer problems are the worst.I can deal with a lot but get very frustrated when the computer acts up.I love all your beautiful flowers.

Susie said...

Happy birthday to you. Sorry you had computer problems....that stuff just makes me nuts. You sound like me, I can get two or three meals from one eaten out. I always bring home something...well unless it's just a small burger and fries. I try not to eat all the fries. Ever. You b-day cake looks so special. Love all your flowers. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

Nancy J said...

Is it too late to wish many birthday wishes? A heap of them and a whole lotta love!!! Beautiful roses, queer something there?? and the other critter, what a great visitor.Friends and family who help, they are invaluable. We had a friend stay for 2 days, new planks around the raised vege beds, a huge bonus for us both.And he will be back to finish the vege beds, they look so much better.

Kit said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend!! I am so glad you had a great time. Great to hear your computer is doing well. I hate it when my freaks out. You take care of yourself. Love, KK

lil red hen said...

Hugs and Happy Birthday! My birthday was on the 5th of April ~ I'm much older. :) The farmer gave me a rose bush; how I wish it would gift me with beautiful blooms like yours.

L. D. said...

Our new home in big city places us about 6 miles from the Outback Steakhouse. We couldn’t find it as it was nestled in among three big hotels along the major interstate. . I almost had the sweet potato but the food was great.

Junkchiccottage said...

Happy Birthday. Love the pic with you and your cake. Glad you are starting to feel better too. Have a wonderful weekend.

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry about the worm in your computer! UGH.. I hope changing the passwords has helped.
We are the same age and I know you are alone so you must be overwhelmed with having all of life's responsibility on your shoulders. I am glad you have Todd there to help you with some of the worst of it.
On another note-your roses and gardens are always so very beautiful.
Happy April- I hope you get some rain soon. xo Diana

September Violets said...

Thank goodness you have someone who can help you with the computer issues. Like everyone else, I hate having computer technical problems because I don't know how to fix them. Even my TV is hooked up to the computer, so if one thing goes, it all goes :o

Glad to hear you're having some fun days with family and friends. Happy belated birthday!! A bit of remodeling in the house sounds exciting. I love redoing a room ;)

I hope you're feeling better about the care of your home again. I get depressed about things like that too, and wonder if we should move into an even smaller home. In the gardens, I'm slowly simplifying the number of plants I have out there to make the gardening task less of a burden.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

So sorry to hear about your drought in Florida! I had no idea, but do hope and pray with you that it changes soon! Can't imagine what the crazy plant was that popped up in your garden, but glad it didn't hang around! Happy birthday to you! So special of your BIL and SIL to take you out to eat, and to have enough for two more meals! I absolutely adored the pictures of your roses in bloom, oh my! How absolutely delightful! The snow has just now melted off my rose bushes, and I hope they made it through the winter. Time will tell. Blessings and hugs to you today sweet friend!

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine!

Happy Birthday! Thank you for reminding me to focus on the good God has blessed upon me. Today was a rough day, but you just reminded me to focus on my blessings - and they are many. Thank you!

I love the blooming onion at Outback! And don't they make the most delicious sweet potatoes?!


M.K. said...

What a time you've had, FL!! I'm so sorry about it all - esp. the computer scares. That would have totally freaked me out too. And it so, so true that some days (sometimes several days together) we just seem unable to focus on the good, on blessings, and the worries take over. My brain does that too. It's hard to pull out.
I'm glad you are on the mend now. Take care of yourself! I do wish I could send you some of our rain!

Cheryl said...

Agreeing with your other commenters, computer issues are soooo frustrating. I am glad that yours seem to be resolved for now. The Lord continues to meet your needs . . . the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I am glad that you are recovering from your cold. Continue to rest as you can.

Happy birthday to you!!

Deb said...

Happy birthday and happy spring! Hope you are feeling much better soon. Sending love to you! Thanks of sharing the beautiful rose pictures. Have a good week!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Could the growth be some kind of mushroom? How much I get discouraged with computer problems! Happy birthday and it looks like you have such a sweet friend! Lovely blossoms!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a nice celebration. Sorry to hear of your current woes - the needed rain, the cold you had, the work going on in your house, feeling depressed, and your computer problems. Sometimes it just seems like it's one thing on top of another, doesn't it? I know it gets overwhelming. Hugs and prayers to you.

Stacey said...

Hi Lorraine! Did you find out what that growth is? I have no idea.

I hope you are feeling better by now. I got that cold that's going around too but it hit me on Valentine's Day. It took a full week to feel better.

I hope your computer issues get solved. My brother is a computer repair person. He swears by a program called Malware Bytes that finds and keeps all that junk off your computer.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, dear Lorraine! You look so sweet with your pretty cake and I am glad that you were spoiled on your special day. It is so good to have dear loved ones who look out for you. You do have some amazing things in your gardens besides your gorgeous flowers! I hope you find out what your 'alien' was - maybe some time of fungi or something. This world is pretty seeing your little lizard visitor, too. Computer troubles are the worst - so frustrating - but glad things worked out. It gets bone dry here in WA state every summer, too, and it can be so depressing to see things wither and die.Last summer we didn't get rain for 3 months! We are on well-water and it gets low in summer and I have to ration it, so I can only use the watering can. It takes up so much time. I am always so happy when it starts raining again. I hope you get some rain soon. Wishing you a weekend full of sweet things. Hugs xo Karen

thefisherlady said...

nice to see you so blessed on your birthday~ family is such a gift from God.
I haven't been on the computer much~ busy building a home for our daughter and the four children she adopted and brought home from Africa. So very blessed.
Nice to find you still here... I must get back to my writing again.
God bless you again and again

Kalantikan said...

Hello Lorraine, you look great and your roses too! Is the salamander what you are referring to as alien? hahaha it is also a cutie. Best regards.

gld said...

I am sorry you have been having difficulties but such is life as you well know.

Computer problems are the worst. I am afraid to turn mine off these days. The last time I did I had to go through several hoops to get it back. Have no idea what happened.
I also had to change all passwords due to a website I belonged to being hacked. We have to pay for the privilege of this digital age.

We are very dry here to and it worries me for the upcoming grass season and the cows. We might have to 'retire' early if grass fails. Let's hope we both get much needed rain and the weather settles.

Happy belated birthday!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Lorraine, Happy Belated Birthday! The cold that you got didn't sound like a fun birthday present! Hope you are feeling better. Your pictures are just beautiful, so vibrant and sharp. Sounds like the remodel is coming right along..Have a wonderful rest of the week..Judy

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

computer worms / viruses / phishing mails etc are always such a concern!

Happy belated birthday dear lady:) As always your lovely flower photos cheer the hearts in the North where we are always behind you but this year more than ever!

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend! I hope your computer issues are in the past, I hate having trouble with mine, too. I'm so happy that you have help with your remodeling, that is wonderful. :-) You're so beautiful! Hugs to you from me.

Debbie Harris said...

I'm very late, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loved seeing the photo of you with your cake.
Oooh...That thing in your planter was creepy, but your little friend that visited was darling.
I always enjoy your flowers, thank you for sharing them with us.
I hope by now you are feeling much better.
Much Love to you~

Betty said...

Happy Birthday. Know I am late, but just getting back to reading my blogs. Love your flowers. We are having a late spring. We have had so much rain and cold weather. I think this week spring will finally come.

Anne Payne said...

I had no idea y'all have been in a drought. You know how bad I am at keeping in touch. I haven't talked to my sister in ages! But then again, the phone works both ways, right? ;-) I hope you've gotten some rain. We have had too much of it and our palm tree rotted. I am so sad about that! Not sure what I am going to replace it with yet. Looks like you had a great birthday celebration!!! The cake looks delicious!