Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More garden blooms and some short amateur videos

Good afternoon Friends ~ Hope you are all doing well, are safe, no matter where you are or what your weather is.

I just had some much needed rain earlier. I had seen that rain was coming so went out before it got here and raked up garden debris. It has been so nice these past few days that I’ve been out working in my gardens. Still much to do, but I’m making forward progress and and it feels good.

Yesterday and then again this morning I played around with my LG smartphone to try some videos. Some show the traffic noise from the 4 lane highway out front. The road out front used to be two lanes, a nice country type road, but this area has grown tremendously so roads have been widened and homeowner’s properties shortened, ours by a depth of 25’ across the front, which has most definitely brought traffic much closer. There are quiet times throughout the day as the traffic ebbs and flows depending on what time of day it is.  Links will be at the bottom of this post. Forgive my inadequacy at doing this. I want to be able to either put music to the videos, or just have them silent and voice overs. I need help.

Now here are some blooms from the past week.

Basket plant flowers. These are so sweetly scented. I will try to remember to get a photo where a lot of these are in blooms at the same time. Very easy to grow and spread like crazy.


Here is a swallowtail catterpillar I think, munching down on a Giant Milkweed plant, which is now stripped of all leaves.


A two-toned carpet rose.




Clock vine blooms.


Crepuscule rose, I think.



Pinky-peach salvia greggii. Easy to grow, self sows.


A wonderful ground cover that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. I want to get this growing all over the place.


Amaryllis, blooms about this same time every year.


Peachy-pink carpet roses.


Granada rose in the foreground, has a delicous scent. I plan to paint the aluminum metal work turquoise like the heart to the right hand side of this picture.


International Herald Tribune rose on the first then on the sixth.



Maman Cochet yesterday, I need to see how open she is now.


Orchids from my dear friends Nanci & John.


Spiderwort, a favorite of mine, spreads like crazy, some gardeners call this a weed.


An unkn. tiny orchid.


Vanda Miss Joachim orchid, grows like crazy, break off a piece with roots and put it wherever you want it.


Secret garden, this is what I look out into when I wash dishes.


That’s it for the photo section this time.

Here is a link to a lady gardener/vlogger in Ireland. I had visited her blog quite awhile back, but a friend just found her and sent me the link so I re-visited and she inspires me.

A Cottage In The Woods

Now for the links to my humble, amateur short videos. You can see more if you view full screen.

Front Gardens with traffic

Front Gardens with traffic 2

Mockingbird Singing

Secret Garden

7 March 2018

Ok, that’s it. Time for some lunch. Blogging takes time, from picture taking to editing photos, then writing up a blog, but it is something I truly enjoy.

Enjoy each day you are blessed with.

Spring is coming ~ FlowerLady


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Lorraine. Now I know why you are known as the Flower Lady. You have so many beautiful and unusual plants (at least to me). I think you have done a great job with the videos. I tried to do one once but while I got it on my camera, I couldn't move it to the computer..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Stacey said...

So beautiful!! I'm jealous, Lorraine. We are just now beginning to get the earliest spring blooms. Can't wait for all of the flowers to come alive. It's so exciting to me to see that you already have caterpillars!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

So many lovely blooms to cheer my heart as here in PA all that I see outside is my muddy yard :)

Melanie said...

Seems this is the time of year when you're having the beautiful, rather pleasant weather while us here in the northern states are still stuck in the dreary, cold weather. I loved seeing the sunshine and beautiful flowers in your videos, though that is really sad that the highway is now so close to your property. I'm assuming you've gotten used to the sound by now where you don't really hear it anymore?

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for this wonderful bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Cheryl said...

So nice that you have been able to work out in your gardens; I know that brings you joy! Pretty, pretty flowers! (I love spiderwort too. I think I need to get some for our new yard.)

Anne Payne said...

Oh, Rainey! Your garden is beautiful!!! I love the slight wildness of it; a true secret gardenesque view. What pleasure there must be in sitting among your beauties with a cup of tea and a good book--when it's not too humid though ;-) One of these days I will make my way down there. I do long to visit my sister again. Love & {{hugs}}, my friend!

pilar said...

Oh my goodness, the traffic really is loud. I love the video with the mockingbird, it seems even familiar, but then, I always think that whenever I hear birds singing on-screen!
These videos have transported me to early summer weather here in Ontarion, Canada. I can't wait!!

Henny Penny said...

Your flowers are simply beautiful! I love to hear a mockingbird sing. You did good with the videos. I'm totally lost with things like that.

M.K. said...

It was very fun to hear your voice, FL!! You have a sweet, easy voice to listen to. I'm just amazed at your gardens, at how MUCH you have growing there, at how you remember all the names! In this post, the Crepuscule rose was my very favorite.
You do have some road noise. I relate - we have a 2 lane state highway in front of our house, only about 20 feet away, maybe less. It's quite loud sometimes, esp. big construction trucks, log trucks. I sympathize!
Keep up the good work with your videos. I think the two where you turned the camera sideways, so the view is broader, that works better for the shape of the youtube screen. Also - did you know you can embed a youtube video directly into your blog post, so you don't have to do a link and click over? Make the video. Then click on "share" and choose "embed." It will let you copy it. Then go to the blog post, right click in the spot where you want it, and choose "paste."

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine!

It is so nice to see sunshine and green and flowers! We just got 28 inches of snow in our neck of NJ. School has been closed for three days! Thank you so much for sharing some beautiful sights and sounds!


sweetbay said...

Your orchids and roses are beautiful!!

Olivia Merton said...

Thank you for the lovely videos...gorgeous gardens and so many varieties of plants. I really enjoyed it.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

For the most part here in PA right now I just have either a mud bath from rain or a bit of snow...very refreshing to see your lovely blooms! :)

BeachGypsy said...

I watched every one of the videos and enjoyed them all! You did a great job--I have no idea how you do that! loved all the new pictures of your pretty garden. You have flowers I've never even heard of! So I always learn something new here. I learned about the spiderwort just a few years ago, I had no idea what i was or how it got into our yard. But I think they are so pretty, Mr. Front Porch leaves me a few clumps when he mows because they are scattered all over the yard like crazy! They seem to only bloom in the mornings. Hope you are doing well.

The Wykeham Observer said...

Neat photos and videos. I've been stopping in at your blog for several years, but thought I'd post a comment now. Thanks!

Leslie Kimel said...

I really enjoyed your videos--so pretty and relaxing! I think you did a very nice job. I think it's so cool that you're trying something new. And I loved seeing all your gorgeous flowers!

Dena said...

Love your gardens. I've been wondering about this for several years since you have an abundance of greenery & flowers, etc. Do you ever have a problem with snakes..??

Debbie said...

What a lovely blog you have here!
Thank you for visiting Seashells and Lavender!! I really need to update that blog, don't I?!
Your photos make me even more excited for Spring to arrive here in Michigan. I truly miss gardening during the long Winter months.
LOVE all the pictures you shared in your many gorgeous flowers in your gardens!!

Andrea said...

Whenever I need to see beautiful flowers I visit your blog. Andrea

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Always something beautiful blooming in your wonderful gardens, Lorraine! I especially love the orchids. Good job on the videos. I wish I could help you with it, but I haven't a clue how to load them. Glad you are able to get out and spend time with your flowers. We are starting to get some warmth and I have gone out twice now. The gardens are so neglected......but the sun feels good. Take care, enjoy the lovely weather. Hugs xo Karen

Pam's English Garden said...

I enjoyed visiting your stunning gardens, Lorraine. Love the carpet rose. Like you, we have lost a lot of frontage to the local township for road widening. I'm sure they will be up on my stoop soon. Your videos are great! I especially enjoyed the mockingbird and your secret garden. It was so nice to escape the winter weather here, with more snow in the forecast. No chance of making a start in my garden just yet. P. x

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am taken a back a bit and then feel so thankful :) Seeing this post and ones that went before it and being worried about you ( Hurricane ) etc and just so happy to see that all is well as has been well for you, lady-of-faith :)

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

There's 3 inches of snow on the ground but it's slowing down so your flower photos are thoroughly enjoyable. Beautiful as well, Rainey. At first light I was at the barn, feeding cats and horses and will go out in an hour to do it all over again. I like everyone to have plenty of calories and before night fall will do it all over yet again.
Enjoy the day's blessings and keep safe.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Its so good to see flowers blooming in a garden! It gives me hope it will come soon to us to be out in our gardens! Love your assortment of flowers. We're getting snow tomorrow maybe up to 6" so I'm happy to see your lovely gardens.

Darcie said...

Happy Spring Lorraine!! I am always amazed at how beautiful your flowers are in pictures, and can only imagine them in person!

Jeri Landers said...

I watched all the videos and I think they are just dandy! As for the spiderwort being called invasive.. I love it. I split mine apart and spread them around. Gardeners should appreciate overzealous plants because we can just share them or move them. I have an overabundance of daisy and rudebekia that grow everywhere, but I just dig em up and move them to another garden.

Kit said...

Hello my friend! I love that you are trying videos. I haven't even made one with my new phone. Love all your flowers! Take care. Love, KK

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Lovely lovely blossoms and that caterpillar in one of the photos looks like the best model to embroider!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I especially love your roses and orchids! Have a lovely Easter Lorraine.

bj said...

Yikes...if I saw a caterpillar like that, I would probably start running...I am such a sissy girl.

Rebecca said...

I think you have embarked on a NEW career! Videographer! I enjoyed all of them - especially "my" caravan :)

Wishing you a blessed Easter, Lorraine.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Lorraine: Your videos are great. I think I have gotten the hang of it now, MAYBE! I am hoping to put them on my post for next week. If so, maybe we can connect and learn from each other..Have a great weekend and Easter..Judy