Friday, February 9, 2018

Warm, sunny weather, projects & flowers

Hi Folks ~ It is a very warm, balmy day, 80 and feels like it is 82, humidity is at 66%. I was outside sweating as I worked more in the gardens. I am trying to get things done or at least somewhat caught up before summer’s real heat and humidity get here. I got nabbed by a rose bush and decided to come in, clean up the scratch and take a break.

This time of year is when our gardens down here thrive. Lots of things are doing very well, new growth, flowers. Just wonderful.  It makes me feel so alive working out in God’s beautiful creation and so loved by Him, surrounded with beauty, scents, & textures, that draw in butterflies, birds, bees.

This week I did more tweaking in the kitchen. I got the small cabinet out of the caravan that I was thinking of mounting to the wall, but after a closer look I decided not to use it after all. It is old, old, formica so I set it out curbside, no one took it before the trash truck came around. I’m not sorry it is gone. So here was what I ended up doing.


The iron stand over the oven was outside as a plant stand. It has no top I was using a rack on top. I wire brushed it down and brushed off the debris, then put on two coats of a water base industrial strength enamel. That paint is great and I think DH found it curbside years ago. Still good and I’ve used it a couple of different times and love it. It is a very light sage/gray color. Industrial meets cottage. (On a limited budget, you go with the flow and take a look around to see what can be re-used that you already have.)

Next I had to find a shelf for it and found one in the workshop that will work for now. On top of that I put the maple piece that was originally with the chopping block counter that is under the marble top we put on it. I love the look, more open and lighter than it looked before. Still more tweaking to do in this area, but for now it works.

I did make my first baked item in the oven on the convection setting. It turned out good. So I am happy with my purchase of this oven. I do have to look for a pan with no handles on the sides to have a larger casserole pan. This was an 8x8, no problem. I’ll need a new pizza pan also.

The recipe is from ‘Southern Heritage Cakes Cookbook’ by Southern Living.



Here’s another little project. I had 8 of these tiles that DH bought somewhere for 79 cents each. I decided to use them here. Entry screened porch.  I love the new look.


Here’s a closer look. The tiles are glued to plywood into the 8 squares that you see.


Here is the ‘welcome’ mat that I got for $10 a week or so ago, so FlowerLady and Plum Cottage, plus it reminds me of Spain.


Now for some blooms from my gardens.

Azaleas, I can’t remember the name and can’t look it up as that info is in my desktop and I’m in my laptop.


The rose below is ‘Bermuda’s Kathleen’, a found rose.



‘Carnation rose’, when it opens up the edges become frilly looking like a carnation, hence the name. Smells wonderful.


Delicate little carpet rose, is actually a salmon/pink color not pink like shown here.



This is ‘Miss Atwood’.



‘Clock vine’. I just love these blooms.





“Spicy Jatropha” with our state butterfly the Zebra Longwing.


‘Cemetery Rose’


‘Tibouchina’ ~ I got this on Wednesday as a Valentine’s Day present to myself, 2 pots of these actually. They are about 2 ft. tall and were $3 each.


I’ve started a granny square afghan for myself, to go with my spring/summer colors in the bedroom. The yarn is Lion Brand Scarfie, very nice yarn to work with. This is a birthday present to myself, an early one, birthday is the first day of spring. I might have it done by then.


I drove up to my sis-in-law, Sue’s, on Tuesday, to visit and make she & Todd a crockpot meal. I made white chili and also took them half of the apple cake. She’s doing pretty good, although PT is awfully painful, but it has to be done. She is using the cane with 4 little stabilizing legs on the bottom. We had a great visit and if all goes well I’ll go back up there this coming Tuesday. It takes me an hour up and back, so that’s 2 hours of driving when I’m used to and comfortable with driving for about 20 minutes. Smile I’m a wuss I know. I left here around 7 and got home around 4.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend, indoors or out. Count your blessings.



lil red hen said...

Everything looks nice and handy! It's fun to reuse things isn't it! I admire your ability to decorate with what you have. As always, I love your flowers; things are still brown and sleeping here. Crocheting is such a pleasant pastime project!

Pom Pom said...

Hello sweet Lorraine! I love your arranging. It's so fun, isn't it? It makes me feel reordered.
Oh, the flowers are so lovely. I can't wait to have garden doings but I will have to wait until (gulp) MAY!
Your blanket is going to be very cozy. It's a gorgeous color!
Happy weekend!

BeachGypsy said...

Lorraine you have the most beautiful flowers! I love seeing them. I also love those pretty blue tiles! so glad you stopped by and thank you for your sweet words and thank you for putting me in your prayers...I have so needed them and they have so helped. A very sad time. I hope you have a lovely weekend my friend!

Sue Silva said...

Hi Lorraine, your garden pictures are breathtaking and I love all the changes you've made. I love to change things up now and then too. We are in the middle of a wicked snow storm so I envy your sweat, lol!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You keep yourself busy, Lorrain! Those tyles are beautiful! And the blooms... real feast for the eyes!
Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Your flowers are always a bright spot in my day.The afghan colors look wonderful.

Nancy J said...

The new arrangement is so lovely, the stand, what a wonderful paint job you did, and then your garden. I have a Tibouchina down here, after almost dying the first winter, we molly coddled it with frost cloth, for at least 2 more winters, and now it is a towering 8 feet tall, and flowers almost all year round. There is also a very pale mauve variety!!!

Cheryl said...

Your kitchen tweaks are going well . . . the counter space looks light and colorful!

I love those blue tiles and what you did with them! And your new welcome mat is perfect for your place!

NanaDiana said...

That piece worked out just great for over your oven. The dessert you made in it looks delicious and I am sure your SIL loved getting some of it. I know that is a long drive for you but I also know you are glad you did it.

Your gardens are just beautiful. This time of year in FL is always beautiful-balmy days before the heavy heat and humidity of summer sets in.

I love those tiles, too! They are beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thank you Rainey, for the reminder that somewhere in the country people are not suffering with a foot of snow and minus degree temps. I almost forgot there is a sun, lol.

Congratulations on mixing it up in your decor. You have more ideas than anyone I know on how to repurpose items. Your kitchen fix up is so cute and I love how you used the tiles on the porch. Years ago we used to have an tile outlet store and I used to pick up the most beautiful tiles. I miss that store!
xx, Carol

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine,

I'm with you when it comes to driving - definitely not my favorite thing to do. You are so kind and brave.

I love your granny square. That is going to be a beautiful blanket! I can't wait to see it when it is finished.

Enjoy the warm weather. It's not so nice here in NJ.


Susie said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I love that you make do with what you have....I like that way myself. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

pilar said...

You've got skills. I would spend forever procrastinating and then prob make major mistakes, but the kitchen tweak looks so fresh. I'm glad you chose to go with the little open shelf. Love the mat! Very Spanish, indeed. I want to be in your garden!

Rebecca said...

Happy to hear the oven is working well (the apple dessert looks scrumptious)!
And your kitchen looks quite fresh and accessible with this new arrangement...and those tiles are beautiful!
Your temperatures/climate sure sound wonderful. Though we haven't seen quite as much snow as they predicted this last week, there is still more forecast. I am perpetually cold!
I'm ready to snuggle under a warm blanket and read myself to sleep this afternoon!

Jeri Landers said...

Your tile-work, the rug and the yarn are such a beautiful fit/
Glad you are enjoying your little stove, it looks very convenient in the new space you have created for it.

gld said...

I like to new arrangement in the kitchen. I need you in my house for about a month to get me lined out!

I am happy that you are enjoying the new oven. I use mine 95% of the time for any baking and I retired the bulky toaster and use my oven for that.

Flowers are gorgeous. I am not sure I would have the energy to garden year round.....

Kit said...

Your shelves look great!! And I am glad you are having fun creating new areas. Love, KK

M.K. said...

Look at all your gorgeous blossoms! I'm amazed at what you have blooming right now. We have nothing yet ... but should have daffodils and camellias quite soon. Your kitchen arrangement looks very tidy, attractive, and practical.

sweetbay said...

Tibouchina Is such a gorgeous purple! I love the lavender flowers of the clock vine too.

Could your azalea George Taber?

ellen b. said...

Love the tiles. I'm glad your choice of oven is doing well. All those beautiful blooms make me happy that Spring is around the corner. Good for you for serving your sis-in-law in that practical way. Hope you have a good week. ellen b.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

You have been a busy little bee, Lorraine - everything is looking wonderful!! It's hard to believe how different your climate is from mine although we are both on the East Coast and only a 2 1/2 hour plane ride! Not even the tiniest sign of spring here yet, although the forecast says Thursday will be 51 degrees! I wish I could be home for that but alas it is a work day for me.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

The floor mat looks very Moroccan and is beautiful! We're having rain and cold weather all week ending with snow on Saturday.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

You have been busy and I so wish I could be out in my garden working...instead we shoveled 14" of snow. I love what you did with the tiles and your flowers are beautiful.

Junkchiccottage said...

Your garden flowers are so beautiful. I am so jealous that you can work in your garden year round. We are just looking at 16 inches of snow in our yard!!! Ugh!!! Enjoy those beautiful warm days.
Happy Valentine's Day.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I'm sure Sue appreciated your visit and yummy food. It was good of you to do that. I know I always say this, but your flowers are just so gorgeous. I do envy you being in the garden year round. I like what you've done in the kitchen. I totally understand using what you have on hand. I always start with what we have on hand and go from there. The tiles and the doormat are very pretty. Well done! Hugs.