Thursday, September 7, 2017

Boarded up

Hi Folks ~ Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. I am exhausted this afternoon, almost 4 p.m. Worked for three hours with two nice guys from church putting up my plywood. It was HOT and very humid, and we were out there from around 10-1, right now it is 91 and feels like it is 104. It’s awful! We were sweating buckets. They did a thorough job with screwing it all down tight. I asked them their favorite cookie and both said peanut butter and I said with chocolate chips? They said yes, so they will both be getting a batch of these.  Before they left the three of us took hands and prayed, which was very nice.

After they left I cleaned up a bit to go to the grocery store for cat food and litter, and got some larger bottles of Fuji artisan water, the only water they had, 4 for $5. The store was packed with buyers but no water on the shelves. Although, I did see people going out with 5 gal. jugs. I wouldn’t have been able to handle those at any rate.  After hurricanes Francis, Jeanne and Wilma in 2004 and 2005 we still had water. With Wilma, we lost electricity for 13 days. Only God knows what will happen with this storm.

Continue to keep Florida and other areas in the path of this storm in your prayers. The last hurricane we had here was Wilma in Oct. 2005 and it was very scary. We’re praying that Irma will turn northward and stay out off land. Time will tell. I-75, I-95 and the turnpike are bumper to bumper with people leaving.

Here are three pics. My Dear Husband cut hearts into the plywood, to let in a little light and we could see out a little also. The two guys thought that was really a sweet thing to do, and I think so too. These plywood pieces have seen better days, but still doing the job.




Tomorrow would have been our 48th anniversary. I sure do miss my ‘one of a kind’ man.

Below is a picture of a watercolor I painted many, many years ago. Drawn free hand and I’m no portrait painter, but I love the quirkyness of the painting. I love the twinkle in my DH’s eyes. Painted from a photo. Painting was given to an eccentric wealthy artist who collected paintings from people for an art museum down south of here. He in turn let us pick out a couple of pieces of artwork in trade. DH painted a painting also, if I find the photo we took of it, I’ll post it later.

We were much younger then.


Ok, I’ve got more prep work to do, so that’s it for now.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

I will close with the following from Grace Gems.

"Cast your burden upon the Lord--and He will sustain you." Psalm 55:22

The promise is not that the Lord will remove the load we cast upon Him, nor that He will carry it for us--but that He will sustain us so that we may carry it.
He does not free us from the duty--but He strengthens us for it.
He does not deliver us from the conflict--but He enables us to overcome.
He does not withhold or withdraw the trial from us--but He helps us in trial to be submissive and victorious, and makes it a blessing to us.
He does not mitigate the hardness or severity of our circumstances, taking away the difficult elements, removing the thorns, making life easy for us--but He puts Divine grace into our hearts, so that we can live sweetly in all the hard, adverse circumstances.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Philippians 4:13


Jessica Jarrell said...

I just had to log on and say that I've been thinking about you! I'll be thinking about you as Irma passes, I too am hoping that it stays out off land. It hurts my heart seeing the destruction this year and I don't want to see more. I'm glad you had some guys helping you board up, I'll keep you in my thoughts as this storm and the next passes.

xoxo Jessica

Morning's Minion said...

You have been much on my mind today, as have been family members living in a more northern part of the state. I can only pray that all come through safely whatever the storm may bring.
That is a charming 'portrait' of you and your husband. I'm sure that facing all of life's 'storms' without him at your side must be difficult.
Sending you good thoughts and including you in prayers for safety.

Kathleen Grace said...

Praying that Irma veers out over the ocean and misses Florida. I am so glad you had help. Aren't church friends a blessing?

My Grama's Soul said...

oh Sweet lady....just saw this on my blog....MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU TO KEEP YOU OUT OF HARMS WAY AND SAFE!! Your sweet partner's window boards should do the job....he is looking out for you STILL!!



L. D. said...

I hope things will be good for you. I had a cousin post an idea about freezing drinking water in sandwich bags. The bags sit vertically and can help keep the freezer things longer if the power goes out. And you can drink the water. I am concerned for you and wish you the best. Prayers will be going up continually once it hits.

jerilanders said...

I LOVE that painting! The smile on your face is priceless. Watching the weather and in prayer for all of you in Fla. Keep us posted as you are able.

Cynthia said...

Beautiful painting of you and your sweetheart! Oh yes, I am praying hard for everyone in Florida and anyone else in the path of the Hurricane. . .my son is in Cape Coral, and I am so worried for him and his family, however he has been preparing as best as he can to weather it out. Will you still be able to get water from the tap? I've heard that you can store that. . .and it looks as though someone else in your comments mentioned it also. Prayers for all in FL. Best regards - Cynthia

Nancy J said...

your faith and prayers will be with you always. Have you packed some special photos and treasures? documents? I hope Irma skirts around Florida, for you and all others who live there.Hugs and XXXXX

Kit said...

Thinking about you and sending up prayers! I love that painting of you two. :) You take care and do not worry too much. Love, KK

Ruth Hiebert said...

Praying that you and the many others will be kept from harm.It must be scary, especially without that special someone at your side.

M.K. said...

There is a big twinkle in BOTH your eyes and your husband's, in your portrait, which I think is beautiful. Will be praying for you, friend, through this storm. They say, "Evacuate!!" but there are so many people who simply cannot -- cannot do that far, drive that far, have a place to stay for who knows how long, etc. May our God protect you. I adore the hearts in your window boards. What a sweet thing.

Jane said...

Just checking in to see how it's going. Keep safe and keep us updated if you can. Prayers.


Deb J. in Utah said...

Thoughts and prayers coming your way, dear friend. Be safe and well. God will take care of you.

Karen said...

Rainey, I'm thinking of you and sending prayers! I so hope the hurricane veers off course and stays off shore. We'll be watching this closely. I'm glad you have your cottage prepared, now let's just hope it isn't necessary. Hugs and love, Karen

Gary said...

Me and Amada were talking about you while we worked yesterday Lorraine. We can't imagine how worrying this must be for you. Please to take care and lie low until it has passed. Sending you our thoughts and prayers.

A Joyful Cottage said...

We're praying for you and all of Florida, Rainey. The light shining through the hearts in the plywood is so sweet. What a special man your husband was to think to do that. It certainly shows his love, and also the love of God -- His light shines through the darkest days. Wonderful painting. Hugs.

Betty said...

I was just thinking about you and wondering if you stayed home or left because of the storm coming. I am lighting a candle and saying a prayer for you. The hearts was such a wonderful and loving idea. I also love the painting you made of you and Hubby. It is beautiful. Sending you a big Hug.

Melanie said...

Thankful for your church friends who came to help you board up your windows, but so awful doing that work in your excessive heat. I can't imagine. I wish I could send you the cool air here in IL.

I love that painting you did of you and your husband. I'm surprised you didn't keep it. Happy anniversary...I know, very bittersweet.

Still keeping you and my other FL friends in my prayers as you brace for this storm. I pray it does indeed turn and not hit land.

denimflyz said...

Dearest FlowerLady,
Been very absent, have somehow lost my blog. Found a backdoor sort of way to find you.
You will be in my prayers. I'm so very frightened for you. I've never been through a Hurricane before, just the tailend of one, that was bad enough.
God Speed for you and your fur babies.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am glad to see an update from you and glad to hear of the helpers from the church. That painting is just wonderful!

I don't know what city you are in but it sounds as if you do not have orders to evacuate in that area.

Well you are on my mind and will continue to be so. God Bless.

Dewena said...

Your painting is such a charming style, Lorraine!

So thankful that you had good people helping you prepare for Irma but still so worried, can't help it. Lots of prayers for you and others there and for my mother, sisters in Orlando and daughter in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Love to you,

Terry said...

Praying for your safety, Lorraine. I love the hearts. Your home is wrapped in love.


Joy Junktion said...

Happy Anniversary, Rainey and Mark <3 You are in my prayers dear one! May God's protection hoover over you, your pets and your home! Believing! Cindy

Cheryl said...

Have thought of you several times today . . . I continue to pray.

Rebecca said...

So glad to hear of the help you've had boarding up - and the prayer at the end!

I will look forward to hearing how you were protected from this storm. Praying with all the others for your peace and safety! ♥

Darcie said...

I had to get on blogland to tell you that I've been thinking of you!!! I pray that you will be safe where you are at! I can't tell you how much I love the heart cut out...such a reminder of you and your husbands love!!!

Terra said...

That is a beautiful painting of the two of you, that catches a flash of joy. How good the church guys helped you board up the windows; stay safe.

Susan said...

Thinking of you. Stay safe!