Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring happenings at Plum Cottage

Good Saturday morning Folks,

It feels so good to have use of my PC again. The tablet just doesn’t cut it.

The weather has been beautiful here, not to rub it in or anything like that. It will be all too warm before too long down here in s.e. FL. I am enjoying being outdoors, working on getting outdoor garden spaces more compacted and easier to care for.

A couple of weeks back, I won a give-away from Kris at JunkChicCottage. It is a sweet tote, which I have filled with yarn for projects that I am working on. Thank you Kris for such a happy give-away.  I’d like you all to pray for Kris and her husband. They are selling there lovely home, moving to be closer to husband’s new job, so are looking for a new home to make their own. Her Mom just became very ill, you can read the post here, so she is taking a break from blogging for a bit to take care of her Mom. Kris has a wonderful blog full of the beauty she creates in her home. Give her a visit, and send her some good wishes and prayers too.  Thank you.


Monday, the first day of spring, was my 68th birthday. That morning I had thought about going to a nursery or two, but then decided against it. A little while later, while I was out back hand watering plants in containers, I heard talking up front in my driveway. I thought, now what? Well, it was tree trimmers sent out by the electric company to trim limbs from trees away from power lines. They had done a little bit a week or so back when the transformer on the pole at the back of my property and the neighbor’s exploded. It was windy and something touched the hot wire, causing loss of power next door and all connected to that transformer. My power was still on.

I opened my gates for them, and while talking with the main guy I told him I wish they would cut the whole row of stuff down, as the neighbor did not take care of it. I told him I’m a widow, husband used to take care of our side, and now I use a pole cutter and do what I can.  He said he would take care of it. When he was getting ready to get into the bucket  to raise him up to trim, I told him it was my birthday. He got a big smile on his face and wished me ‘a happy birthday all day’.

Up he went in the bucket and started to trim. As I stood there watching, I thought oh my goodness, this is an answer to prayer, and on my birthday. A birthday present from God. I stood there with a huge smile on my face, thanking Jesus over and over again, with tears falling. It just seemed magical and wonderful to me. He cares about us and he took care of this problem on a special day for me.

Before:  Feb. 2nd.


After:March 21st, what looks like overhang at the back by the fish, is not, but hanging into the back neighbor’s property, they are not there.

What a difference!  Thankfulness still fills my heart for this gift.


Saturday morning, the 18th, my BIL and SIL took me to breakfast at a place called Eggcetera, I think that was the name of it. BIL and I had country fried steak, covered in gravy, cottage fries, I had rye toast, and two eggs. I also had a cranberry/champagne drink to celebrate. Smile SIL had a chicken filled crepe. We had a good time visiting. I received a set of lovely organic lotions that smell wonderful, and they are giving me a wonderful old wooden antique tool/bench of some sort. They are in the process of moving and won’t be taking this with them. I had mentioned I’d like it if they were going to get rid of it, and now it is mine. I will take a picture of it when it comes here to PC.

Monday night two girlfriends from church took me out to eat at a Greek Restaurant and then we saw ‘The Shack’ afterwards. A lot of controversy over this movie, but I had read the book and there are some great thoughts in helping to understand all of who God is. We took kleenex because we had heard the movie would make you cry, and it did. It was a beautiful movie and touched me deeply. I loved the part about the bottle for God bottling my/our tears, which He does for each of us. Our tears are precious to Him. Anyway, we were all moved and blessed as were others in the audience.

My one friend had recently remodeled her kitchen and had cleaned out dishware and some linens and was going to give them to Goodwill, but asked if I’d like to go through them first, then donate what I don’t want. She brought two boxes with her and I brought them home, then went through them before bed.

Here’s what I kept. The two blue/gold rimmed plates are Limoges. So pretty. Jessica is the ‘butterfly ‘lady’ who works at butterfly world and her new look doesn’t go with these  butterfly plates, so I took two of them. The two bits in the middle are glass bowls.

An embroidered small table cloth  was part of the goodies.



I kept two other table cloths that have embroidery and crochet inserts. Really pretty. Below are pics of all three. the top and bottom ones are folded in half.

The first one is more of a creamy color with ecru crochet, and sweet embroidery. This is oval in shape.





This one is white with white crochet inserts and sweet embroidery. This one is more square.


These were taken indoors with lamps and overhead lighting. It is white like the picture above.



This book has some delicious looking recipes that I look forward to trying.


This platter I’m going to hang on a plum colored wall. I happened to have a plate hanger to fit. I’ll take a picture later of where I hang it.


Ok, that’s it for now. I had a lovely 68th birthday. My birthday also marked 51 years from when my dear husband and I first met. Time is zipping right along.

Love is important. Let your spouse, family and friends know you love them.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

P.S. There will be flower photos next post. This one was too long.

Have a lovely weekend.

OK, I’ll give you one flower photo.

This is coral honeysuckle, not quite opened up yet. I’ve had this two years I think and this year it has lots of blooms. Hummers are supposed to love to visit, so I’ll see if they do.



Jane said...

Happy belated birthday to you dear Rainey!

Birthday hugs

Nancy J said...

What gifts, those plates are delicate and so beautiful, they fit into Plum Cottage as if they lived there always. Happy Birthday again XXX. And hedge trimmers, another gift, we are finding now those high and difficult jobs need a younger person to tackle them. I am always so thankful for any help we get.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad you had such a great gift on your birthday. Lovely items from your friend. I know you'll give them a good home.

Terra Hangen said...

What a great birthday gift from our heavenly father to send you the hedge trimmer expert. You got some fabulous gifts, butterfly plates and treated to lunches too. Happy birthday friend.

Rebecca said...

How very WONDERFUL! Surely no "coincidence" that all these good gifts came your way. God's timing is wonderful. Happy Birthday, Lorraine. We share our age (68) until the end of December when I'll move on ahead to the NEXT one! ♥

GretchenJoanna said...

A very happy birthday week to you, Flower Lady! I am amazed and blessed just reading about the gifts your Father rained down on you in the form of friends and family and even strangers who were like angels. Have a great year until your next birthday.

Oh, and the work that man did trimming the trees is fantastic!!

Susan said...

Hi Lorraine, you found some lovely items in the boxes for a Goodwill. It's always fun to find such treasures. How wonderful that the tree trimmers took care of those trees for you. God does provide all that we need. Have a great weekend.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh praise God that your birthday was so special. God knows just what we need and when.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Happy belated Birthday! What perfect gifts you received from family, friends, and even "tree trimming angels".

Those table cloths are gorgeous. So many hours of work went into them, crochet and embroidery, but then I'm sure you realize that more than anyone.

Jessica Jarrell said...

Happy Birthday FlowerLady! It sounds like you had a wonderful day with getting the yard cleaned up and going out with your brother and sister-in-law. I always prefer my laptop to my phone or the tablet too. It's just so much easier to read! :-)

Hope you are having a good weekend!

NanaDiana said...

I got all choked up reading the part about the tree man trimming that for you. What a wonderful 'birthday present'. You think God might have had a hand in sending him your way? Your drive looks so much better now.

Looks like you found a few goodies there. It is always fun to go through someone else's 'junk' and we find treasures.

I can't wait for you to get your bench. Hope you have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

A Joyful Cottage said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rainey. Your post brought a smile to my face. God is so faithful to take care of all our needs. How wonderful that He provided the tree trimmer on your birthday. And the after photos show how much was accomplished. It looks great. The dishware is lovely; the Limoges so delicate. The butterflies are so cheery. I'm amazed at the linens! They're stunning. The crocheting and embroidery work is phenomenal I wouldn't have been able to part with them, but aren't you glad your friend did? What a sweet gift they are to you. They're just so gorgeous. Hugs, Nancy

Kit said...

Happy Belated Birthday my dear Friend! I loved your surprise gift from the tree men. How perfect! I love how those things happen. You sound good and happy with where you are now. Keep plugging away! Can't wait to see more flower pictures. Love, KK

Dewena said...

Happy belated birthday to you, dear Lorraine! It meant a lot to read about your happiness over the gift the tree trimmers gave you. Bringing more light in must be great for your garden too. I'm so happy friends and family gave you such pleasant birthday celebrations. I do love your reminder to love your friends and family. Our youngest son, his wife and our 2 little granddaughters just left after a lovely weekend here together with them. I miss them so much already but my heart is overflowing with the precious days with them.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

what wonderful birthday gifts and your place there is a gift in much beauty going on at all times :)

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Rainey! Lovely gifts...especially the tree trimming job. How well know the difficulty of having to make do because we're not strong enough to do the job correctly. love and prayers that you'll celebrate all your birthdays in good health and happiness.

September Violets said...

Happy Birthday Lorraine! Isn't that wonderful that your tree trimming has been taken care of. Was that an angel in the cherry picker? You just never know ;) Take care and have a great week,
Wendy xox

Cheryl said...

So happy for you with the wonderful gift of the tree-trimming . . . and that you recognized it as a gift from God! Happy birthday!!

Betsy Adams said...

Happy Birthday --- a little late. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday. Getting the trees trimmed is a fantastic gift... AND ---having a birthday breakfast and lunch and then seeing "The Shack" ---WOW--sounds fantastic... Congrats... I'll be 75 in August...

Glad you have your PC back... I prefer using my iMac over all other options...


M.K. said...

Happy belated birthday, dear friend! It sounds like it was a fabulous event! So glad that family and friend "make over" you, as they say. What an astounding surprise and blessing to have ALL that verge trimmed back! Those two photos tell it all -- what a shocking change! I do love those Limoges plates. So pretty. Keep enjoying your spring and how God is taking care of you!

Melanie said...

Glad you have your PC back. I would be lost without my laptop! I don't even have a tablet. Sounds like you had such a wonderful birthday...what a blessing that the tree trimmers trimmed back all those trees for you. Can't believe the difference. Good to know that there are still some kindhearted people out in this world.

Morning's Minion said...

How lovely for you to have such pleasant remembrances of your birthday, and spread out over several days to enjoy.
The chance to sort through a collection of vintage linens and such is fun and sure to yield treasures.

Diana Studer said...

Wish you a very happy birthday!
And the best present was getting the trees trimmed.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful, unexpected gift to get those trees trimmed! And I'm glad you had family and friends to share your day with. What a lovely embroidered tablecloth! So nice you got to go through that box and search for treasures. Looks like you found some; love those Limoges plates.
xo Deborah