Saturday, January 7, 2017

COLD weather coming

Good Saturday morning Folks, well it’s that here in my part of the world. It is warm and humid right now, but that’s all about to change as rain is coming and that will bring the cold.  Tonight it is supposed to get down to 42 and feel like it is 36. Now, that will BE COLD here at Plum Cottage. At least I kept my radiant heat, portable heater down from the attic, it’s just hidden behind a chair in the living room. DH and I used to get this out of the attic together, one in the attic, handing it down to the one on the cottage floor. Last year a young man came and got the heater down for me and I decided to just leave it down from now on. We found this heater curbside over 35 years ago and it is fantastic.  It is quiet, and puts out the heat. (Of course, my cottage is tiny, around 675 sq. ft. with low ceilings.)

I’m thinking about some kind of homemade soup, just don’t know what and bread made in the bread machine.

There is going to be some bad weather for California with flooding, and then snow storms in the south. Be safe, dry and warm.

I took some photos of flowers and hope you will all enjoy them.

The first two are of azaleas.



This is Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


And Ruby Hibiscus. These flowers always bring a smile when I see them. There are several volunteer plants giving me much enjoyment.


The other day it was 58 when I headed out to mow around 8 a.m. and it felt wonderful. I also trimmed some low hanging branches that were hanging over the driveway. I worked outside for about 2 1/2 hours, and my back was cramping up after that, so I quit. There is still weed wacking to do, but that is for another day.

These limbs are all from the neighbor’s trees. They grow fast and have to be trimmed a couple of times a year. My DH used to keep this all in check on our side, using a ladder and his saws-all. I would then cut things up smaller and haul it all out front to be picked up. I drive a Ford Econoline van, and the limbs were hanging down too close for comfort. I’ve talked with 2 different tree trimmers who were going to call me back, they both know what the job is as they have been here, and I’ve not heard a peep out of either one.

I bought a new Fiskar pole saw with a pruner and a tree saw attachment a year or so ago, both the pruner and the saw are pieces of poop. Flimsy and the rope on the pruner part disintegrated in no time. Sheesh! I like industrial type tools, ones that will LAST, not have to be replaced in a short period of time. I do have an older pole cutter/pruner that I love, but the blades need to be sharpened and it doesn’t have a tree saw blade to change out with.

So working with what I have, I got brave, got out my newish ladder that I just love,  and got out my hand tree saw and my hand pruners, prayed, climbed the ladder and began the job. (I now wear a little fanny pack that holds my smart phone in case something should happen to me while I’m out working. This was suggested by my sis-in-law Sue.)

Here’s the before. I only cut limbs I could reach.


Below I marked the branches in gold so that you can see what I cut. Smile


This is after, although it might be hard to tell what I did because of all that is still growing. The power company will come along eventually, as the limbs that are growing up straight are almost to the power lines. I think they did it last year. (I ‘love’ my ladder.)


Now for some more flowers.

A tiny orchid bloom.


Crepuscule blooms





I think this is ‘Homere’.


An unknown.


I believe this is a Drift rose in coral. I loved how the sunlight was hitting this.


This is the view from my window in my little creative space. Lots of butterflies visit the patio area because I have filled the space with butterfly attracting plants. Most of the red flowers you see here are Pentas. Different butterflies visit throughout the day. I also saw a hummingbird the other day sipping nectar from a flower not shown in this view. By the time I grabbed my camera it had zoomed off. The plant next to the window is Whirling Butterflies and is not in bloom at the moment. It’s like a fuschia color and I love the blooms dancing in the breeze.


In 2016 I had two blogging friends take up weaving on a loom. Their creations have inspired me to learn this craft myself. I only have two of these little weaving looms, larger one pictured below. The other is tinier than the one shown below and they are hard to work with. Plus I don’t like how the edges turned out. I had to go around and sew the loops together to keep it from coming apart. So obviously I did something wrong. But, I want to really learn to weave on a loom. I’m a beginner on a limited budget and want something well-made and not too large. So, any of you weavers out there please give me some suggestions, I would appreciate it.



Ok, that’s it for now.

Happy January ~ FlowerLady


Jane said...

That's a good idea to keep your phone on you when out trimming trees Rainey. I suppose where you live it's a never-ending battle of keeping things from taking over. Be careful!


Rebecca said...

Ham and beans are cooking in MY crockpot--my response to this cold streak we've been having up here!

I admire the pruning you did as well as your handy ladder.

Hope you get some answers re. finishing the edges of your little loom. What sweet creations you'll be turning out soon! I just know it.

Thanks for the cheerful photos of your plants and blooms. None that I can think of here :)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

All those lovely flowers...much appreciated up here in the North ( 8 degrees this morning and the high is 18 :)

You talked about the little move to just leave it out for when it is needed as it surely will be.

No help in regards to the weaving...I've done a rag rug on a loom but it's a different sort ; what you finished looks just like beautiful knitting! :)

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, wow, 42 degrees Fahrenheit is indeed really cold. I am surprised that temperatures in Florida get even down to that level. So glad that you have your little portable heater. Hope it keeps you warm! In this case it is a blessing that your cottage isn't that big.
Love your blooms as always, especially the first photo of the azalea and the shots of 'Crepuscule'.
Good job on cutting down the branches of the trees. That is certainly a difficult task to do. Hope you find someone in the future to do it for you, though. Somehow your ladder doesn't look all that stable to me and you certainly don'w want to risk a fall.
Hope you get through the cold spell just fine!
Warm regards,

Deb said...

I love your weave-it loom squares. I read another blog of a lady in Maryland who makes beautiful baby blankets wth her weave-it loom squares. She sent one to one of my grandchildren. You work so hard taking good care of all of your flowers and plants. Be careful on the ladders (I would probably fall). Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay warm and safe. :-)

NanaDiana said...

I have seen several people weaving this year! How wonderful is that! I hope you can find an affordable loom to use, Lorraine.
I am like you- last year I pruned the 6 crab apple trees coming down our hill. They were so low they were scraping the car going by. I had a handsaw and a ladder, too, but I like your ladder a whole lot better than mine!
Your flowers are as lovely as always...and stay warm. I am hoping we get above ZERO here tomorrow. We have had a terrible cold wave...ugh.
Blessings to you- xo Diana

Morning's Minion said...

I have 'issues' with ladders, so I was rather nervous reading about your adventures with the pruning saw. You are a determined lady!
I was caught up with the CATapillar in the last post and neglected to mention that your latest heart is simply exquisite. Do you work out on paper how the embellishments will be arranged, or play it by ear, designing as you go?

Ruth Hiebert said...

As always,I enjoy seeing all your beautiful just be careful on that ladder. Seems like I only have time for an occasional picture with my phone right now.My son is repainting my kitchen cupboards. The house is a mess, but when it's done,I know I will love it.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

That is a fair bit of pruning you accomplished. I'd recommend contacting Fiskars to let them know you're not happy with their pole pruner - I have the same one but only use it for occasional tall jobs. Fiskars sponsors the garden writers assoc. annual meeting where many free samples are received and the rep said they appreciated feedback on their products so they could make improvements.

L. D. said...

Every time I hear of cold weather in Florida, I wonder how your flowers survive all of that. I know flowers in shops are kept in coolers to keep them fresh but that is 42 degrees. I hope you don't go any further down. My neighbors across the street left for you state a few days ago. I still don't know where they own a place but they were back for Christmas. Your flowers are so beautiful. I am so jealous of them. I really appreciate their beauty in you photos.

Stephanie said...

Hello, sweet friend! My, what lovely blooms you have! Seeing them put a smile on my face as we got LOTS of snow this last week and today was -18. Brrr....

Take care, dear one, and stay safe. Hugs to you!

Jessica Jarrell said...

We are having very cold weather here too! 10ยบ last night! Brrr! I hope you stay warm down there, it does sound like it's going to be cold for you. I love the new heading picture you put up on the blog too, lovely ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Take care FlowerLady!

Vee said...

It's fun to see flowers and blooms that I wouldn't see until May. I am surprised to read that it is going to be that cold there. You will need the heater for sure. I admire your grit while also being a bit worried about your being out there alone doing pruning. Maybe a friend would be willing to come over and watch. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Darla said...

Yes indeed it is raining in No CA. Pounding down. We need rain but we don't need it all at once!

Enjoyed looking at your flowers. I think our garden needs more flowers. Have to convince DH of that. He thinks every spare spot of dirt should be used to grow veggies.

Back to read some of your posts that I missed. I'm having a very on again off again affair with the computer/internet these days. I think it is due in part to my desire to avoid news overload.

Debbie Harris said...

Thank you for always sharing the beauty of your garden with us.
While we are moving snow to keep the driveway and property open you are enjoying the fragrance of God's beauty.
It is beautiful here dressed in all its white glory I must stay.

You did a fabulous job with your tree trimming, good for you. I think you are wise to have your phone with you in a fanny pack.
Stay warm with the cold spell you have coming in.
Bless you~~

A Joyful Cottage said...

I admire your tenacity, Rainey. You're not one to give up when there's a job that needs to be done. Beautiful flowers you have. I once had a hibiscus, and I loved it. Such gorgeous blooms. I've seen looms like yours and always wondered what folks do to finish off the edges. My twining loom only has pegs across the top and bottom that hold the warp, and rods on the sides that the weft wraps around before continuing the weaving through the warp. It's kind a different method of weaving from what you show in your post. I like the texture in your weaving and interested to see how it all works out for you. Glad you have a heater to use during cold spells. We'd be lost without our heating stove. xo

Kit said...

Hello! Way to go on the pruning. It looks great! I love seeing all your lovely flowers with all the snow we have. Thanks for posting the photos. Have a wonderful week! Love, KK

Cheryl said...

Isn't it so frustrating when business people do not follow up? Well, I am glad that you were able to do the necessary work yourself . . . and safely!

Stay warm and cozy. It must feel really cold when you're not used to these temperatures!

BeachGypsy said...

Love seeing all your beautiful flowers! So many of those i dont know what they are-- love to learn new ones

Melanie said...

I'm glad you're keeping your phone with you when you're outdoors. I keep mine on me at all times, even when just going to the end of the driveway to get the mail out of the mailbox. A friend of mine, two winters ago, slipped on the ice right outside her house. She didn't have her phone on her and her neighbors weren't home from work yet. She tried to get up and pain shot through her ankle, so she knew it was broken. She yelled and yelled for someone to help her, but no one heard her. She laid out there in the freezing cold for an hour until a neighbor got home and heard/saw her. She made sure to put her story on FB and tell us to always, always keep our phones on us, even when just going outside for a moment! You just never know what can happen.

I suppose 42 will feel really cold when you're used to such warm temps. While here in the freezing cold temps, if we suddenly got to 42, it'd feel like a heat wave. ;-) We're actually having a bit of a warm-up today - 28 degrees - had been in the single digits. Think I'm going to bundle up and go out for a walk before the snow starts in a few hours. I think the fresh air will do me good.

Thanks for showing us your flower - always beautiful. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on weaving - something I've never done. Have a good day, Rainey!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi dear FL, Your place looks lush and tropical! Mother Nature is throwing a twist our way, 20's today and 60 by the end of the week! Love all of your flowers! Sending love from the frozen tundra of the 'Burgh! xo

Sandra said...

Oh the beautiful! I also enjoyed seeing your loom. Looks like something I'd enjoy doing as well. Now you've impaired me! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Lorraine, love your blog header with the beaded pots of flowers! I see that this is your little sun-room and what a cheery place to enjoy the beautiful blooms, butterflies and birds. I am sorry that you can't find someone to prune your trees and that the neighbor is no help. I am glad that you bring your phone out with you. I do the same, as I am here in the middle of no-where and if I fell or needed help, I would be on my own. I agree with you on pruning saws being flimsy contraptions these days. I have a pair of loppers (like giant bi-pass pruners) that cut through fairly thick branches, but it takes some strength and two hands. I like your ladder - I need one of those. The Mr. is gone so much that I have to take on a lot of the chores around here. All of your flowers are so beautiful and must bring so much joy when you are outside puttering around. We have snow on the ground right now and it is so cold, but next week promises some warmer weather - in the 40's! Shorts and sandals weather around here! haha! Take care and go slow. Hugs xo Karen

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately... Lots of busy-ness going on here with family and lots of company and entertaining... Great life --but oh so busy.... I have read your latest posts and always enjoy them.

I love seeing flowers blooming --when we are in the dead of winter with no blooms.. I enjoy winter --and love to hike in colder weather --but I certianly do miss my flowers...

Hope your cold weather didn't damage any of your beautiful plants.


sweetbay said...

I always enjoy seeing your spring flowers in what is the middle of winter for the rest of us!

KathyB. said...

That is a very smart tip from your sister-in-law, to carry your phone with you, especially because you really do a lot of outdoor things that might be hazardous to your health ! I can tell you got a lot of tree trimming done.

Your flowers are as usual, beautiful, how do they fare in these cold temps ? 42 degrees is pretty cold for your plants isn't it ?

I know if you put the word out in yarn shops, and thrift shops, etc, there are often looms going for very low prices because if you're not using a loom it takes up a lot of space. If I were you I'd look for a table-top loom. Put the word out everywhere, and make sure you get the owner's manual or it can be found on-line. There are a lot of You-tube tutorials on all sorts of weaving too.

Karen said...

Rainey, dear Rainey, I have not forgotten you! Thank you so much for always being my support with your kind comments on my blog.

I hope the cold weather didn't harm anything in your lovely yard. I was on tenterhooks reading about your tree pruning; I'm very glad you were able to safely eradicate the branches blocking your driveway. I know what you mean about tools that do not live up to their advertised hype, very frustrating to spend the money and find they aren't effective.

I've never done any loom work, but I can see you are on your way with this new craft.

Sending hugs to you, my dear friend. :-)