Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A couple of drops of rain from Colin

Hi Folks ~ Well, Colin was predicted to give us a good dumping of rain, but for us on the coast of south PB county s.e. FL, I got a couple of drops. I know because I heard them hit my window, and saw them. I’m glad I went out and hand watered yesterday morning as things were looking pretty dry, especially from the wind we’ve had for 2-3 days now. T-storms are predicted the next few afternoons, but time will tell. 

Thank you for asking how things were going for me down here. I do appreciate it.

I’ve basically been hybernating indoors as the summer heat and humidity have settled in.  We had nice cool weather for longer than usual this year and I am thankful for that. If I do any gardening, I have to be out between 7-8 and finished around 10, no later than 11.

The last few days I started, worked on and finished another bead and thread embroidered heart. I also crocheted the edging.




Below is the love seat in the living room.

Before – ok for fall winter.


After ~ much better for spring summer. The floral is a long rectangular tablecloth I think.  It is draped over a queen size spread. I need to paint the living room walls, after I do some spackling and cut the wire for a phone jack that is hanging down the wall. I love this lighter look for the hot, humid summer.  The mirror and the little table in front of sofa were curbside finds that my DH picked up. I miss those sweet surprises he used to bring home. Always a treat!


I took away 2 bears from the collection on back of sofa, keeping special ones.

The small sweet one with a flower bedecked hat is from a teddy bear swap years ago. The one next to her is one DH bought me in Switzerland, the one with the ‘give thanks’ pillow is DH’s from when he was a boy. The dark brown one is one DH gave me for Christmas many years ago, it’s an antique. The little one it its lap is a tiny jointed bear. The black one is crocheted by me many years ago, with colorful skirt and hat, and one rhinestone earring. The two pillows were made for me by two online friends  in the Country Life forum, where the teddy bear swap was also. The crocheted afghan is the one in the first picture that was running down the middle of the sofa, bought for $3 I think at a thrift store last year.


Here are a couple of photos in my little cottage bedroom.  It is a work in progress, (as is the whole cottage). I do what I can when I can.

You can see how well the newly acquired sheets and pillow cases from the Salvation Army thrift store go together with my birthday bedspread. I love floral bedding, duh, and keep looking for them on a limited budget. The pillow cases are white with little yellow rosebuds and green leaves. I like the reverse side of my bedspread/quilt just as much at the front.


Faux beadboard paneling will be going up on the walls, lace curtains will go on back window to hide the blinds. When these homemade drapes close at night they really block out the street lights.

The footboad we found roadside along with the headboard, when we were living in Spain. It is a double in size.

The portrait of lady is my DH’s mothers grandmother. I want to hang her in a different spot with other lady paintings grouped around her.

I am looking forward to tweaking this bedroom and will show more photos later. DH painted the oil painting of solitary pine in the mountains.


Now for some outside images.

Below is the ‘Queen Crepe’ we bought several years back for our anniversary.


These blooms are so much larger than a normal crepe myrtle. I look forward to this blooming each spring and all through the summer.


Zebra longwing, our state butterfly. This flowering ‘hamelia paten’ bush draws butterflies of all types like a magnet. Hummers have visited also.


"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly. 
"One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

Hans Christian Andersen 

Enjoy your week, wherever you are and count your blessings both great and small.



denimflyz said...

Good morning FL. I'm just checking in. Good to hear from you.
I will try to blog something this weekend.
Please take care.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

I love the purple Crepe Myrtle. Your hubby is a talented painter and I love the lighter look for Summer too.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your posts . . . your cottage . . . and reading about all your roadside finds. Reading your blog is like curling up with a good book. It makes me feel cozy.

Always a treat.

Love and hugs,


Leslie Kimel said...

This was such a great post--I really enjoyed it. I love seeing all of your interesting treasures and hearing the sweet stories behind them.

The new heart you made is perfect. The colors are so subtle and pretty, and the crocheted lace is such a lovely touch.

Ruth Hiebert said...

You amaze me with all the decorating you do.I also love the flowers outside.

Consider It All Joy said...

I'm sure you would have loved a bit more rain, but at least you didn't get flooded or blown away from Colin! Love your flowers and that zebra butterfly is gorgeous! I never see anything like that around here! I pray you are well and enjoying staying busy in your sweet Plum Cottage! Blessings, Cindy xo

Nancy J said...

Yes, said the butterfly, and so true. Beautiful garden flowers, love the bedroom, hearts coming up roses, and take care in your heat. Getting a lot colder down here, fires lit and sometimes kept going for most of the day. Hugh is slowly improving, but as our daughter said " it seems to be one thing after another", same for one of your dear blog comments. Sending hugs.XX

BeachGypsy said...

so glad Colin didn't hit hard there, it also pretty much passed us by as well.......we just got some rain and that is good for all our plants and the seeds I have coming up.Enjoyed all the pictures. I see you like teddy bears. I collect stuffed horsies. Just love them. And so dont have the space for them!!---but that doesnt stop me........ha ha ha LOL

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely pictures of inside your home. Sorry you didn't get a little more rain from Colin. We are dry in Northern Indiana too. I love stuffed animals too and can't bear to part with special ones that have been given to me over the years. Mostly I have packed them away except for one long legged leopard that my grandson gave me when he was about 5. Back then he put a sticker on it's tummy and told me it was it's tattoo. Thanks for bringing that memory to mind and a smile to my face.
Much love, Carol

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how pretty your heart is!! I absolutely love the stitching and the crochet edging. The crochet design is really special. Is it your own? It really makes that heart a work of art!
xx, Carol

Jane said...

I always enjoy your tours of Plum Cottage, Rainey. Isn't it fun to live in a real dollhouse? You certainly have some exotic plants down your way. Keep cool!


Janneke said...

Such pleasure to read your posts, you made a lovely heart, in my imagination I see you stitching inside your cozy cottage on too hot days to spend outside. And going outside in your magical garden, for me in a much colder climate this all looks so exotic, just beautiful.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

While you need rain it is good to hear that Colin passed you by and I hope that you get just the normal rain that you need. Lovely handwork as usual...just exquisite! :) I love the look of your sofa with that summer cover and the pretty outdoor blooms :)

Kim said...

Your heart is just incredible. I love it. The detail is amazing. I am glad you escaped the wrath of Colin. I had a friend trapped in Florida and she said it was scary!

L. D. said...

You were the first person to think of when they announced the storm. The other two people who now live there in the winter are across the street right now enjoying Iowa weather. It is fun to change things around. I find that things can be in a rut if I don't move things and place new things out on display.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

So glad that Colin passed you by! Every time I hear of storms in Florida, I think of you. My Father-in-law lived in Florida after his retirement and we visited a few times before he passed (a long trip from WA state). The weather would sometimes change suddenly and once we were sitting on outdoor tables at a restaurant and a bolt of lightning came right down and hit a little nail behind our table. My ears rang for weeks! Love your beautiful beaded heart. The crochet edge is very pretty. Also love taking little tours around your sweet cottage. So many lovely memories and you have a special gift for making everything so cozy. I have a soft spot for pretty flowered sheets, too. Love your summery decorating and seeing your beautiful gardens. Hope things settle down for you weather-wise. Take care, hugs xo Karen

Celestina Marie said...

So glad you are doing okay and Colin passed on. It's been a bad weather season for so many. We finally stopped raining here in Texas and the sun is heating us up to summer like days now.
Enjoyed seeing the pretty rooms in your cottage. I simply love your hearts with the gorgeous crocheted edging. Just beautiful.
I love the granny square throw too. I have one my mother made years ago in a twin bed size for my son's bed when he was a toddler. She used brown in place of the black and it was so pretty. I still have it and bring it out now and then in the winter.
Love your floral sheets. I look for them too but lately not had any luck.
Your garden blooms are so pretty. Have a nice evening. Blessings. xo

Janice said...

Lorraine, I always enjoy seeing what's going on around your cottage. And what a beautiful Crepe Mrytle!
I did away with my 'Gardening Outside The Lines' blog, hoping to get away from problems it was giving me. Anyway, my new blog is at 'gardenonfourthstreet.blogspot.com

gld said...

I love everything about your cottage. I could feel very much at home there.

The summer look for the settee is lovely as is the new bedding.

I do envy you the purple crepe myrtle. They don't do well for me. I have had a white one for several years but have yet to see a bloom!

We are dry here too. Stay well.

M.K. said...

I'm thankful to say that we didn't get too much rain out of Colin either, at least none of it was really heavy, for which I'm so grateful. We've had some hot/humid days too. I'm amazed at the finds y'all have brought off the curb. Lovely mirror!

Dewena said...

We had loads of rain and wind from Colin as he traveled across northeast Florida, lost electricity for an hour during the night. We needed the rain and were grateful for it.

I love it that you don't like matching bed linens! I bet I have 5 different patterns all at once on mine. Some people look at it a little strangely when they see my bed but I love it.

I had been the caretaker of my children's teddy bears ever since they left home. In our recent move I told them it was time for them to treasure them. Seeing yours I missed mine!

Mountain Mama said...

Your plum cottage is just charming! What a cozy bedroom, a wonderful place to rest your head at the end of a long day.

Rebecca said...

The painting of the lone pine that your husband did is BEAUTIFUL....and the portrait, too. I love the idea of a grouping of paintings of women.

You must know how much I love seeing the interior shots of Plum Cottage. I love the details. :)

Of course your flowers are ALWAYS beautiful. After a week of wonderfully moderate (even cool) weather we enjoyed in KY, we came home to humidity and heat. We got in a walk in a nearby woods, but just in time! The heat has definitely settled in.

Karen said...

Beautiful, Rainey. The decor, your gorgeous handwork, your memories. I hope you have a good soaking rain soon. We were hit with a severe thunderstorm last night, not much rain, but a whole lot of wind. Sending hugs, dear friend.

Pam's English Garden said...

You are so.o.o talented, Lorraine. I adore the beaded hearts. Glad you had no ill effects from Colin. We've had a lot of rain in the northeast and the last few night the temp was in the 40s. Crazy weather. Stay cool. P.x