Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thank you

Hi Folks ~ First of all, thank you for all of your kind wishes and prayers. It’s been since the 8th of April that I’ve done a real post. It might be the longest I’ve gone and today I felt ready to post again.

Secondly, I want to thank Debbie Harris of She Graces Her Home in God’s Beauty, for the lovely give away that I won.


Inside was a lovely journal, to the right below, and beautiful beaded writing pen, both of which will be used for gardening notes.

A lovely note pad, a wonderful gift set from Camille Beckman that is lavender scented. Oh so nice.  

A sweetly painted rock with the word Trust, a gentle reminder to keep my trust in Jesus. 

Look at the sweet little ‘Hydrangea Lady’.  Isn’t she adorable? She makes me feel happy.


And a lovely 3 CD colletion of praise music that blesses my heart.


Thursday morning I ‘was’ going to do some indoor things, but then felt the ‘need’ to get out of the house, so since I have a year’s membership to the Mount’s Botanical Gardens, that’s where I headed.  It was just what I needed to help nourish me, body, soul and spirit. There was a really nice breeze, the temp was nice, some cloud cover, just perfect.

I only took my smart phone to take pics with and of course, I ran out of battery power. I did get some nice pics though. Couldn’t see the screen very well in bright sunlight though and unbeknownst to me, I took a couple of weird videos. Smile I look forward to going again, it’s about 20 minutes from here. I took some more gift $ with me and ended up with 10 plants for $49. I spent almost a couple hours there.

Most of the plants, if not all, are for butterflies. Lantana – multicolored, Cuphea – orange, Twinkle Pink, and Sriracha Rose, Candlestick Senna Alata – yellow, Sunshine of the Gods – yellow, Lions Ears – orage, Angel Trumpet – peachy/pink, Tropical Lilac – purple, and another plant I don’t even know what it is. I forgot to write the name down, so right now it is a mystery. 

The plants are the ones below sitting on the bench.


Here are a few pics from the gardens at the Mounts.
Here is the main entrance with a little fountain. I took this photo looking through the gate as the gardens weren't open yet.


One of the larger views.


I’m not sure what this is. Maybe a ginger, but I don’t really know.  This was in the herb garden. I thought she said it was a coriander, but that isn’t what this is.


This is a vanilla bean flower. It was a huge vine with leather stem and leaves.


This was called a Mouse Trap tree.  Leaves are velvety and huge and the flowers are huge too.


Angel trumpet. They had several of these in this color and in pure white. I had one like this many years ago, but lost it in a time of drought.


It seems like this was a jasmine of some sort, but I’m not sure. Flowers are large on this also.


Some of my flowers here at Plum Cottage.



Confederate jasmine ~ this is absolutely wonderful. 
only blooms in the spring and I look forward to it every year.
Garlic vine with purple blooms

Barnhouse Rose



Bermuda’s Kathleen rose


Yesterday morning I did grocery shopping and bought some potting soil.

This morning I repotted all the plants I got and moved them to where I want them for now. I have to keep everything where I can keep an eye on them as to water needs. We’ve not had rain for a couple of weeks now and what I don’t hand water or the sprinkler waters, is browning up. Rain has been predicted and predicted and is predicted, so far nothing. We’ll see what happens this afternoon.  It is clouding up, so hopefully we’ll get some liquid sunshine.

After I got done repotting, I thought I’d try making a little video, for the fun of it. Very amateurish, but I did it and figured out how to upload it to my you-tube account.

It ought ot give you a little chuckle. I need to learn not to hem & haw, if you know what I mean. It is my first, so hopefully the next one will be much better.

That’s it for now.

I hope you all have lovely weekends doing outdoor things in the nice weather, spring in the US, and autumn in the land down under.

Thanks again for your kindness,


Please excuse all the weirdness with the post set up. I do not like using blogger, but had to in order to insert my little you tube video. I'm too pooped now to mess with it anymore.


Ruth Hiebert said...

You always share such beautiful flowers and I love that.I do hope you get rain.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love the little video, you did great!

I'd love to paint this house something fun like plum but I think my parents would have a fit of apoplexy.

I'm in love with your notebook, because it has a peacock on it! I've loved peacocks ever since I was a small child. We went to visit someone who had some and they gave me several feathers.

Sallysmom said...

So glad to hear everything is ok. You did a good job on the video.

Jane said...

Rainey, you sound as sweet as you are! What a pleasure to hear you, and I loved your video. I think your little slice of Heaven is just as pretty as the botanical gardens. Love the barnyard rose. It looks like a wild one.


Terra Hangen said...

Your photos of your garden flowers always make me smile, and that hydrangea lady is adorable, and the other things you won too.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I love your video! What a lovely present to win! Such thoughtful things in all of it! Your gardens always look so fresh and lovely!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

oh what lovely gifts you received and I just love all of the beautiful photos of the flowers ! :)

Janice Taylor said...

I so enjoyed my tour around your property, and the video was great. All your new plant purchases are lovely, as are all the plants in your gardens. I especially love that Garlic Vine, what a beautiful bloom. I hope you're blessed with rain soon. _Janice

Consider It All Joy said...

You received a very sweet package, so fun! I love your video and hearing your voice! I think it helps to get to know you even more! Your flowers are just as beautiful as those at the gardens, you have a wonderful green thumb! Many blessings and I do hope you continue to feel better! Cindy xo

20 North Ora said...

I have always loved the trumpet flowers. Grew them one season and haven't been able to since. Your flowers all look gorgeous!

Have a great week.


Nancy J said...

Beautiful blooms, gorgeous shades, great shopping, but your video, and listening to your voice, the best of all.This is great, well done to do it all, and get it back here. Hope you get rain, we had a few sprinkles last night, barely enough to wet the concrete paths. Hugs from NZ.

Noelle Johnson said...

It never ceases to amaze me how a garden can be a balm to the soul, where you find serenity in the midst of life's struggles. Even if the respite is brief, I find that it makes it easier.

I enjoyed your lovely photos and hope you can find more time to visit this special place :-)


Ilene Jones said...

I enjoyed the photos and video and you are doing much better with technology than I.

Sometimes all we can do is "put one foot down in front of the other", as they say, so we can keep on keepin' on. Hugs xoxoxo

Jessica Jarrell said...

Blogger can be such a pain in the butt sometimes! I swear, it gives me fits sometimes. One day, my "search" function on the blog just stopped working. After trying to contact Blogger about it, eventually I had to go out and copy and paste my own code to get it to work. So annoying! That being said, I thought the video came in rather well! I have no patience for learning how to make videos right now, maybe someday that will be a goal.

I'm glad you are feeling refreshed after your break, and I'm glad to see you back :-) As always, loved all the gorgeous flower pictures! Hope you are having a great weekend FlowerLady!

Debbie Harris said...

Lorraine, hearing your voice was precious, you sound so sweet and soft spoken. You are so lovely, and I believe that is why you created such beauty with your hearts, your beauty on the inside reflects on those hearts.
Seeing your property now will make it fun as you shared with us your gorgeous garden. My...Your flowers are just add beautiful as those in the Mounts Botanical Gardens. I loved the vanilla bean plant.
Thank you for sharing your delightful day with us, happy to hear that you are feeling good.
I so believe that give away was absolutely perfect for you! God knew, didn't He :-)
Have a beautiful day, sweet friend.

sweetbay said...

A nice haul from the Botanical Gardens! That's great that you have a resource like that relatively close to you. Your flowers are beautiful too. I love your roses.

Morning's Minion said...

Good to see you 'back.' Sometimes we need to 'lie low' for a bit, a quiet time.

Rebecca said...

The photos from the Botanical Garden were SO beautiful. I'm glad you decided to treat yourself and shared it with us.

And the video - OH, MY! You did amazingly well in my opinion! It was so good to see Plum Cottage and its setting. Isn't it amazing that a smart phone can take such great videos??!!?!

Stephanie said...

Sweet friend, I was so glad you won my mom's giveaway! The purple items looked like they were meant for you {{smiles}} Enjoy!

Your photos are simply lovely and have me yearning for flowers...hopefully soon :) Hugs!

Julie said...

You did a great little video! I struggle with that also, but vlogging is so awesome! It makes a world of difference! Your voice sounds like that of a teenager! Very young sounding! Love all your new plants!

The French Hutch said...

Such beautiful gardens! Congratulations on the giveaway win, you are a lucky girl. Thanks for the garden tour. Hope your week is wonderful……..hugs.

BeachGypsy said...

one of my favorite posts you've ever done!!......just so pretty!! Love seeing all the bright and beautiful flowers, yours especially. The orange/red ones are stunning. That sure is a pretty place you went to the new flowers and plants you got. Fun to try new ones out. Now i'm going to go watch your video.
Oh!!!..and guess what?? LOL LOL we went and bought a big CUCUMBER!! ha ha ha after I watched the cat funny video over and over. My husband and granddaughter loved it too!

Maryann said...

I think you did a great job with video. I love going to the Gardens, it refreshes me (I could spends hours as well) Hope you got that rain, have a wonderful week.

Lynn McIntosh said...

I think you did a wonderful job with your video! I enjoyed the little tour and you sounded just fine! I also had a little chuckle reading how you took some weird video unbeknownst to you...I do that all the time, Ha! Your new plants are lovely and I do hope you get rain soon. We need some too! Glad you're feeling a bit brighter :)

Pam's English Garden said...

Thank you for the tour of the botanical gardens, Lorraine; so beautiful. I'm glad all is well with you. Enjoy your new plants! P. x

A Joyful Cottage said...

I think you did a great job on your first video, Rainey. It was so neat to hear your sweet voice. And I love your Plum Cottage property! I also love to see all the flowers you share. The Amaryllis is particularly stunning. Hugs, Nancy

Celestina Marie said...

Love the beautiful flower photos you share. What a nice outing you had and sometime the best inspiration to get out.
Congrats on your win from Debbie. Everything she sent is lovely. I had the joy of winning one of her giveaways last spring too. She is such a blessing!!
Great job on the video. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings. xo

Leslie Kimel said...

Oh, I thought you did a great job on the video. It was fun to see your property and so cool to hear your voice! I love all your flowers--especially those gorgeous amaryllis blooms!

Jeri Landers said...

Lorraine, How nice to hear your voice, and your video was just didn't even shake the camera! It's a dandy plot you have there, lots and lots of space. How nice to have a membership to a Botanical garden, wish we had one nearby.

Kate R said...

You received such lovely gifts Lorraine! I loved your little video - it was perfect - so well done!! I have never tried to do anything like that. I love all the pictures of the beautiful flowers and roses you have. A piece of paradise! Hope you have a lovely weekend
- Kate x

M.K. said...

Isn't Debbie Harris just wonderful? What a thoughtful gift. She is so kind, and just getting an email from her is so encouraging and sweet. And I'm glad you went to those gardens and nourished your heart. That's so important.
Thank you SO much for that fun video!!!!! Please, please do more! You have a lovely voice, and it's so nice to hear your voice. And now I have an idea in my mind of how your buildings are arranged, because I never really understood that. My mind is very spatially oriented, and I never really "see" a place in my mind's eye, until I know how things are arranged in relation to each other. I hope you have a lovely day, FL :)