Sunday, October 25, 2015

New beads and another bracelet


Good morning Friends ~ I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Rain is expected here in a couple of hours. We need it.

Thanks for all of your comments, they are always read and appreciated.  I have to clarify something, the trees along the driveway are not mine, they are the neighbors.  DH always cut them back on our side to keep them out of our driveway, as these particular tree limbs just keep falling further over, they don’t stay straight up. They are also fast growers, even the tree trimmer said so.

In our 43 years together I always helped DH with projects, we built three outbuildings, did misc. garden projects, etc. I climbed a tall ladder with my end of a heavy support/ridge beam, DH on another ladder at his end, to put up the ridge beam of the work shop. I do NOT like heights, or ladders, but I did it. He always encouraged me by saying things like, one more step, you can do it.  Every time you do something you don’t think you can or are afraid of, you feel great when you do it.

(This week I went to ATT and got on their call as you go plan for having an in case of emergency cell phone when I am out in the van. I bought the phone from Walmart which was about half the price of the same simple phone at ATT. I now have a cell phone and feel better about being out on the road. While at Walmart I was starving so went into the little Subway place and got the special meal with half a sub, chips and a drink and sat at a little table and ate by myself. First time and out of my comfort zone, but it was enjoyable,  as I did some people watching.)

Back to caring for property, etc., I’ve always mowed the grass, planted things, and do what trimming I can.  I enjoy it. DH did the harder stuff. I do what I can and think and pray about finding someone to help me with stuff that won’t cost me a bundle and who is honest and does good work.

I am amazed at some of you ladies as your homes and gardens are immaculate, some of you work too, and some do crafts as well.  I just don’t see how you handle it all, and your places are much bigger than mine.

I work on my needlework pieces to sell in my Etsy shop and that takes time, then photos need to be taken, edited and uploaded with good descriptions of pieces. You ‘hope’ things sell.  My sis-in-law showed my brooches to ladies up where she lives and two ladies want to buy, so I’m looking forward to seeing which ones they are buying. I’ll be putting the rest into my shop. (Sis and brother-in-law are in Mexico on vacation right now, so I’ll find out when they get back.)

I ordered cameos last week, they should be here this week. Twenty-three of them. 2-4 of different ones. I can hardly wait.

This past week I went to my local bead store, a scary place to be, as the beads are calling out to be bought. You kind of have to go in there with blinders on, especially if you are like me, on a budget.

I had made that one beaded bracelet shown in previous post and wanted to make more. Plus, I had two new patterns I wanted to try. So, here’s what I bought, plus 2 pkgs. of beading needles.


Here’s my latest bracelet but I won’t be making this one again and will keep this one for myself.

The larger middle beads are from an old necklace that has several hand strung strands of beads. The small dark seeds beads were from a new tube and took more than half of a tube. YIKES! It has a ruffled edge, two layers each side.



Here is a little tulle angel still a work in progress. I got the gold wire edged ribbon, for wings, at the Salvation Army thrift store this past week, 79 cents.


I am burning a wonderful Balsam Fir Village candle (buy one get one free) that smells wonderful.  One of my very favorite scents any time of year, but especially fall through Christmas.

Yesterday I listened to beautiful piano music and hummed along while beading.  It reminded me of my DH’s telling me that he loved to hear me in here humming as I worked. He said he knew I was content. I was, and am learning contentment in this next chapter of my life too. I have much to be thankful for.

That’s it for now.

Have a lovely day and a great week.



gld said...

I think you are arriving at a good place to be.
Contentment is a wonderful thing and needs to be recognized and appreciated.

It is still very difficult for us to find good help. Even with DH, we are at a place in life where we can't do some of the very heavy things.
We will do what we can and the rest can wait. Hoping the man shows up this morning to haul off the brush.....we never know.

Beautiful colors in that bracelet.

(I sing along with the music on my computer when I am computing).

We are both hoping and waiting for rain......enjoy your Sunday!

Jean Campbell said...

The bracelet is beautiful. You are reaching the point where Mama's cousin who made baskets was: she had so much invested in her baskets she couldn't afford to sell them! Eventually she was sought after to go to craft fairs and demonstrate her work, which paid handsomely.

Jane said...

Glad you got the phone business figured out, Rainey. Love your bracelets. I'm sure they will be good sellers. We have the same philosophy about doing things that we are afraid of. Such a sense of accomplishment when it's all over!


Sallysmom said...

We are having some rain here. We have not had any appreciable rain since July 4. Glad to hear you got out and about. Try to do more of that.

ladyhawthorne said...

I wanted to pass along that I get a lot of my various beads from buying jewelry at Goodwill. A lot of times I am only paying $1 or $2 for a necklace with lots of nice beads, even real pearls. I just got one that had 6 strands of seed beads in 4 different color sections.

It's amazing what we can do when we set our mind to it. You go girl!

Nancy J said...

Having a phone with you at all times is so sensible.Lovely beading, and what about what we call " Op-shops" or goodwill, or Hospice shops? I often visit our local op-shop, and there is always some lovely jewellery there. Take care.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

You do beautiful work and it requires much patience so humming surely helps. I know when I am working with applique or other sewing projects that it's nice to put on some music ...well now that it is getting cold. In the summer I loved to just sit outside with my sewing and listen to the birdsong! :)

Dewena said...

I too am amazed at all the things bloggers accomplish! Maybe if I'd begun blogging when I was in my 30s instead of late 60s I could have too, maybe. But your little bit of heaven there constantly astounds me, and I know that takes lots of work in addition to your meticulous craft work, and then learning to do things that your husband used to handle, instead of you.

I always picture you being content as you work in your house or garden, even in the short time I've known you!


Kit said...

Such pretty bracelets! Glad you are having a good time. :) Kit

Ruth Hiebert said...

I am always amazed at all you do.It makes feel almost lazy,but do have some physical limitations,which I need to accept.Love your bead work bracelets.

BeachGypsy said...

Those bracelIts are very pretty!! That must take alto of patience! And do a great job. Sounds like you are doing really well...I am happy for you.

Ilene Jones said...

We got our little flip-phone at Sears and then called Consumer Cellular (Recommended by AARP and in fact they discount for AARP members)and we got a low-cost plan that you can call and change any time you want, to more or less minutes and texts. We tried US Cellular and that was ridiculously expensive. I had a 15-day trial and ended up getting a huge bill after everything was returned. I called and they cut some things off the bill but it was still more than my monthly bill was supposed to have been, had I kept it past the trial period.

Are there many garage sales where you live? I know lots of people who buy old jewelry at garage sales and turn them into new pieces. I wonder if you could buy beads on Amazon, or somewhere else online, and get better prices?

When I was a young woman, I used to complain to my mother that I just couldn't seem to feel "happy", and she said that she thought very few people were actually "happy", but that if you could be "content", that was enough for anyone.

Hubs and I work like you and your DH used to. I do as much as I can and he does what I can't. I'm afraid of heights, too. We pay someone to clean our chimney, it takes them hardly any time and it doesn't look difficult. But it requires being on the roof. Worth the $100 it costs to have somebody else do it. Not worth the risk of one of us falling off that roof.


Hi! I loved your profile name when I visited Ruth Hiebert's blog so had to stop over and introduce myself, and send along my hello. Nice to meet you.

43 years together, huh? That's great. Bud and I are now married for 47 years, so you two are not far behind us. I ever impressed with you bead work.

janiceflorida said...

Everything you make is always so beautiful! As to your gardens, they are gorgeous too. My goodness, we all have areas that are not what we want them to be. When I photograph my garden, I pass over spots that need weeding and deadheading constantly, in order to show my garden at it's best. It's not a public garden, it's our haven and it suits us.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I was thinking of thrift stores for your beads, as Nancy J mentioned. It seems that could be a good source (yard sales, too) for jewelry needs. I know a young jewelry maker who repurposes vintage jewelry into new pieces. She makes some very cool things that sell well. As for how much everyone else accomplishes. . .Rainey! You accomplish a lot! You have no need to compare yourself to others. I'm so happy to hear you're moving forward despite the pain of your loss. Gentle hugs, sweet friend. ~ Nancy

Annie said...

Oh how I wished I could have met and visited you while I was so near. I'm coming again though as I loved it, so next time I will. Your beading is do heaps of good stuff and your blog shows real life and feeling...that's why people love it. Keep keeping it real and I hope you get that rain.

Gary said...

Good evening Lorraine,

You make such beautiful things. The heart that you created for Amanda has a permanent place next to her bed, and I sometimes walk in to find her holding it and looking at it.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Lorraine, you truly do beautiful handwork! I agree, I find it hard to get everything done in the garden and inside as well - and just do what I can. I used to worry about what others think and I think I'm finally getting to that place where if I've got a messy garden area, well, that's just life and I'll get to it when I can, lol!

M.K. said...

What a lovely post, FL! You DO sound content. The bracelet is really beautiful - what rich colors! I know you'll enjoy wearing that. We love eating at Subway, usually when we are traveling. It's not expensive, and it's healthy (for fast food) which is not easy to find these days. I carry a cup of water with me, and just get a sandwich. It's fun to people-watch!

You've done much outdoor work in your lifetime. Time to rest some now, yes?

Leslie Kimel said...

Your new bracelet is beautiful. I love the colors you chose. You're always working on something new and interesting. Your creativity is so inspiring to me.

Rue said...

Hi sweet lady :)

Those bracelets you made are beautiful. You're so talented!

I think your dear husband sent Rosie to you to keep you busy and bring you more joy. At least that's what I would think ;)


Melanie said...

Glad you got a cell phone. I think everyone should have one - especially a woman when she's out alone. Your bracelet is beautiful...looks like a lot of work (and love!) went into making it.

My home is usually very neat and clean and yes, I do that all myself, but my hubby does all the major stuff. I'd say the yard work is about equal because we both really enjoy that. I don't work outside the home right now either; haven't done so in 3 years and that was only 3 days/week. Don't think I could handle working FT and keeping up with everything around the house.

Darcie said...

Your humming reminds me of 'whistling' while you work...makes me smile to think of you humming away while you work. You do some of beautiful work!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Lorraine, So glad you are in a good place. Having a cell phone is a good thing for security and just a way to stay in touch if needed or an emergency away from home.
Love your gorgeous bracelets. You are one talented designer.
Blessings, cm