Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happenings at Plum Cottage


Hi Folks ~ I hope you all are enjoy this week.  It is hot and humid down here in s.e. FL. Although, not as hot and humid as it is in Texas. I work outside as early as possible in the mornings.

Speaking of working outside… Last week I decided to mow one morning because no rain was predicted til late afternoon, and no rain showed on the radar. It was a nice overcast sky, nice for working outside. I mowed the front of the driveway, making my way back toward where I park and the back of the property. I heard a little bit of thunder in the distance, so I stopped, unplugged the cord from my elec. mower, got the cord into my shed, was about to put the mower in it’s shed when I saw a flash and then BOOM! Oh my gosh, my heart was pounding like crazy, it had jumped from my chest into my ears. I got the mower in the shed, but don’t really remember that, I stood in the aluminum shed a minute, praying, then made a run for the house, praying all the way. I was so glad to get inside. I went in and laid on the bed, breathing deeply and willing myself to calm down. After awhile I was back to normal. There were a couple more flashes and booms, but nothing that close. Sheesh, just after I’d posted that info last week about lightening here in FL. Only had a few sprinkles for all of that blustering. We need rain, and it keeps being predicted but we get zilcho.

Over the weekend I had a lady purchase three items from my Etsy shop. Yippee! I uploaded 4 new items yesterday. I am thankful.

Yesterday I also created a piece for our ladies potluck/meeting today.  We had Christmas in July and had to bring a gift, either bought (no more than $5) or ‘a white elephant’, something we didn’t want from home, or something we made. We had fun. We are a new group, just started up in March, and today had our largest group of 19, with 4 new ladies. We are an inter-denominational group.

Gifts were all wrapped and we had numbers and when our number came up we got to choose a gift. We could open it or not, the next person to pick, could take your gift, and you then had to choose another. It made for an interesting time. Anyone after that picking a gift, could pick from anyone’s gift already opened in front of them. Here’s the piece I made and the sweet lady who picked it. No one took it from her.



Here was part of our potluck. There was also a crockpot chicken lasagna that was delicious, and some of those little Vienna sausages simmered in a nice bbq sauce. Also a nice cherry topped cheesecake and some lovely, delicate anise cookies. Not many desserts this time.  Last time we had an overload of desserts.  That’s the fun of a potluck, you never know what’s going to turn up on the table. I took a green bean vinaigrette with cut up tomatoes, capers and Kalamata olives topped with feta cheese.  I had never bought these olives before, but bought them recently for a recipe I wanted to try.


This photo below is of the donations we brought in for an organization called ‘Grandma’s Place’.  Here’s some info from their website. “A child’s stay at Grandma’s Place is intended to be temporary until a permanent or more appropriate placement is found. We serve more than 100 children a year. ~ Our mission is to provide shelter and loving care to children who have suffered abuse and/or neglect and have been removed from their own homes by the FL DCF.” You can visit their website here.

I didn’t notice until I was editing photos that I was caught in one mirror and the ladies were captured in the other. I was just intent on getting a picture of the goodies laden table.


The gift I picked out is a nice Hallmark, magnetic piece with two kinds of sticky notes. One is of things to do and the other just notes. There was an extra gift at the end, brought in case it was needed. The lady who brought the gift asked if there was someone who grew plants, and of course several said ‘FlowerLady’ does. So she gave me her pkg. Here’s what I got, it slips over the edge of a flower pot, but I found a different place for it.



I need to put a nice plant in the bird cage and I think I know just the one.  I’ll try it tomorrow. I think it will be just right for this.


Before the meeting really got underway, I was out by the street looking for ladies that hadn’t made it yet.  I’d been out there a couple of times already, but this time I noticed something on the grass beside the road. I thought oh my gosh, that looks like a couple of flower pots. I decided to walk over there and take a closer look. Well, that’s what they were, not broken, and they were ‘light’, cement covered fiberglass/resin. I took one in each hand and headed back to the clubhouse. I took one to the door and showed the ladies, but none of them appreciated them like I did. Smile None of the sweet ladies are really into gardening, nor are they ‘curbside shoppers’, but I won’t hold that against them. They were my treasure for the day.  When I got home I realized that my finding them today was no coincidence, as it is 31 months ago today that my dear husband went to his heavenly home. He would be happy for my find on this day. They’re NOT in perfect condition, but that’s ok with me, they’ve still plenty of life left in them.


I may have a job for the month of August, going to someone’s home to feed and let their dogs out a couple of times a day, vacuum once a week, water some plants. They live not far away so that’s good.  I’ll know more in a couple of weeks.  They’d really like someone to stay with the dogs overnight, so have feelers out for that.

Well, once again I’ve rambled on.  I hope you all have a nice upcoming weekend.  Remember ~ God loves you.



Maryann said...

Great curbside find, I like the character the chips and dings give the pots (I would have picked them up for sure. I have never heard of Grandma's Place, I'll have to check out that site. We've had a pretty wet summer so far, too bad we couldn't share some of our rain with you. Cute little magnet, I think you found the perfect home for it. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Jane said...

Congratulations on the job, Rainey! That sounds like a wonderful charity. Sounds like you are meeting some wonderful ladies. I just mentioned to my husband the other day that we rarely get a good thunderstorm anymore. I enjoy them, of course I'm not standing in an aluminum shed when watching them!


ladyhawthorne said...

What a wonderful heart you made, I'm sure the receiver will love it forever. And what a great curbside find! I would have snatched those up in a heartbeat as well.

I did want to say also that I love the sky photo at the top of your page. I remember a sky like that one evening when I was in high school and I tried to paint it in art class. It was not very realistic but the colors were perfect. We get some gorgeous sunsets here mostly in the winter, must be the angle of light then. Lots of reds and pinks and purples.

Consider It All Joy said...

What a fun little party you enjoyed! When I was leading women's ministries we used to have an annual birthday bash and did the same game with the gifts, it was so much fun! Sorry about the lightening scare, wow, God surely protected you! Enjoy your street finds, I love when that happens! Have a very blessed weekend! Cindy xoxo

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, that sorry with the thunder sounds pretty scary and I am glad that nothing has happened to you!
How nice that someone bought three items from your etsy-shop! That must feel very satisfying.
The potluck/gift exchange meeting sounds like a lot of fun. It is great that you are going out to join all these activities.
Take care,

Sallysmom said...

Is this the group of widows? If not, do you still meet with that group?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Rainey!! I suppose with your heat and perpetual sun that you WOULD enjoy being outside when it's overcast. For me, overcast means pending rain lately and I pretty much stay inside. Usually the mosquitoes are raring to go on cloudy days here, much more than on sunny ones.

This is an interesting post. Your group's support for Grandma's House is much needed and certainly appreciated.The potluck was a nice way to have a get together.

OMGOSH, those posts were certainly a gift from your husband and I think they are perfect. Lovely.

Have a wonderful weekend.
xx, Carol

gld said...

Sounds like a really nice group to belong to. I love the little hummingbird clip on and that cage is a perfect place.

I love the pots too. The aging of them is part of their charm.

I wish I could share some of our rain with you! We got another 1/2 inch this morning. Probably 8 inches or more over the last couple of weeks.

Hope the dog sitting job work out for you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

janiceflorida said...

Looks like a lovely luncheon, and what a great organization to donate to. We were foster parents for ten years, fifteen years ago. Marion Counties' DCF could have benefited from a home like that, and they may have one by now. Some of the little ones that came our way had already been shuffled around to several different homes, because they couldn't take the time to find the right fit. So confusing, to their already 'ripped apart' world.

Congrats on the great find. We can never have too many pots, can we?

Take care.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Florida lightening is so scary - I can understand your feelings and so happy you got back safely inside! I have to walk the dogs in between storms and I'm always nervous out there in the afternoons. Great curb find! They look perfect. And I love seeing your latest creations. Here's hoping we get a little rain with our thunder soon!

Flower Freak said...

Hi Lorraine, I love the heart you made! You do lovely work. The Hummingbird clip is nice, too. Putting it on the birdcage is a great idea. I'm interested to see what you plant in the birdcage. Gramma's Place sounds like a wonderful organization.
Stay cool and happy gardening!

Jean Campbell said...

What a serendipitous time you had! The photo looked as if you planned to be in one mirror and them in another.

Olga looks delighted with her heart. I would be, too.

I could just cry when others do not see the joy in gardening and castoff treasures, it brings such pleasure to us.

Leslie Kimel said...

The little hummingbird looks so cute on that wonderful, fancy birdcage. And what a good idea to put a plant in it! I'm always tempted by birdcages at antiques stores, but I've never been sure how I could use/display one--now I know!

Melanie said...

How wonderful that you ladies get together and have a potluck and donate to such a worthy cause. Scary about the lightning - I would've bolted for the indoors, too! I would love to have that sort of job you mentioned...taking care of someone's house and pets while they're gone. I've done it for friends (free, of course) but would love to do something like that for a little bit of income. Around here, you have to have insurance, etc.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my goodness, the description of your lightning strike is very scary! I can just imagine your heart pounding! I have had lightning strikes very close to me and I know how loud and scary it is. Your ladies luncheon sounds wonderful and such a good cause, too. Your little heart is a lovely little gift. Glad you got a sweet gift, too. It looks so pretty on your birdcage. I love birdcages...Good 'score' on the pots, too! I know that you will find something wonderful to plant inside them. I have a friend who pet-sits for extra income and she loves it. Everyone is always so appreciative and she is a real pet-lover. They let her take her own little dogs with her, too. She does house-sitting, too. It's like having a little 'vacation' and getting paid for it! Hope you have a good week, my Dear and stay safe. Hugs xo Karen

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

What a fun Christmas in July party. Love the darling heart you made. It is beautiful and the recipient is blessed to have drawn your gift. You received a darling gift too and it looks so sweet on your birdcage. Placing a plant inside is a great idea.
The lightening strike is very scary and so glad you got inside right away.
Have a nice weekend. Be Blessed, cm

Ana said...

I love hearing and seeing thunder and lighting but from far, far away...I've seen it strike close by and it is very scary, so I know how you must have felt. So glad you are okay. The heart you made is just lovely and great find on those flower pots. I love curve side shopping too.

Hugs and Kisses,

oldgreymareprimitives said...

It sounds like you have a full and happy life..just please stay away from the lightening! Scary stuff!

Theresa said...

Your not getting the rain cause we're getting it all here in southern Colorado. lol Along with hail too. I lived on both sides of FL and I understand what your talking about. Some years it's rain every day right on time and others nothing. Love your bird cage, very pretty.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Your ladies group sounds delightful. I'm sure that your beautiful little heart was much appreciated. Love those potlucks, you get the best food at them!
Glad to hear you survived that lightning scare!
Hope you're having a good weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

Oh man . . . that is the kind of lightening that freaks me out. I find myself "ducking" when I have to go out in it (because I'm 6 foot tall) thinking that few inches would really make a difference. LOL

I've been enjoying afternoon thunderstorms nearly everyday and am so thankful. We've had temps in the mid 90s, which is hard on a garden without the afternoon rain. Here's hoping some comes your way soon. I hope you have a great weektoo!

Love and hugs,


Lona said...

What a very sweet idea for your group.That hummingbird was just a pretty touch to your cage. It is amazing sometimes that little treasures fit right into something we may need. Hey I love your two flower pots and I would have gobbled them up too. LOL! I know you will find just the right spot to put them. Sorry about the lightening fright. I jump when it hits like that and the thunder booms. Take it easy in this hot weather. You do such beautiful needle work on your pieces. Have a lovely week ahead.

KathyB. said...

I'm with you on the flowerpots, they're a great find ! I'd have a use for them too.

What a wonderful group meeting for such a good reason. It is a blessing to have like-minded friends to fellowship with.

Love the picture of you taking a picture in one mirror, and the subjects of the picture in the other. You probably couldn't have done it so well if you'd planned it !

I hope your weather cools down a bit more for you, the extreme muggy heat just saps all the energy from a body.

CraveCute said...

Well that's exactly the kind of thing I would be thrilled to find at the side of the road! You're right, there's still a lot of life in them! What a wonderful post today about friendship and fellowship,looks like you had a marvelous time at your CIJ potluck! The hot muggy weather has moved all the way up north here too! Time for some iced tea!

Val said...

Olga looks like she loves your heart that you made. And the piece of elbow macaroni on the red lid in the center of your potluck picture looks like a heart. :) 'So glad you found this group and had a good time with this.



Laura Lane said...

I'd love to send us some of our rain from here in Missouri. We've had water in our basement and even a leak in our roof. Our creek has been flooded, but the water's going down a bit.

Blessings to you!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Darcie said...

I so enjoy your ramblings. :-) What a fun group of ladies that you meet with. I am sure the lady loved your beautiful heart, and the message holds true! How special that you found your two flower pots, on a memorable day. I know there it not a day that goes by that you don't have thoughts of your dear husband, and how wonderful to have all the reminders of him so near to you all the time!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How wonderful to be part of a group of ladies like this. The food looks wonderful. Your heart is so precious and so lovely! Love the little hummingbird fixture. How sweet that your found the two flower pots on a special day. By the way, I love your ramblings!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a wonderful group of ladies. I bet she was so thrilled to get your pretty heart. Love the little hummingbird. How precious and meaningful to find the flower pots. Have a good week ahead

Susan said...

Glad you were safe from the lightening. It can come up very quickly and sometimes it's really scary. We are not getting any rain up my way either. It's turning out to be a very dry summer. I hope the dog sitting job works out well for you, and I love your new pots. I found some like that a couple of years ago on a neighbors curb and was thrilled with the find. I know you'll put something pretty in them.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Lightning storms can be quite scary when it's so close !

What a nice group of ladies you have joined...looks and sounds fun, productive and that spread of food ? Delicious!

Well I hope that you've had some rain since this last post, but just a nice steady rain with no storms! :)

Rue said...

I'm so glad you didn't get struck by lightening! How scary!!

That potluck looks like a really neat way to meet friends and also a good way to get out of the house. I'm glad you had fun. The little heat you made is wonderful and I'm so glad you're selling more :)

Those pots were a great find!