Monday, April 20, 2015

The winner is …


Good morning Folks ~ I couldn’t sleep, so was up before 4 this morning. I’ll take a nap later.

I used for the drawing for this heart below.


And … the winner is ~ Jane, of Hope & Thrift.

Congratulations Jane.

Thank you all again for following me, for your moral support, love and encouragement.

You’ve been a blessing in my life, especially since losing my DH 28 months ago.


I think I’ve figured out what to do with the rest of iron, wood, etc. here on the property. One of the last things DH said to me before he left this planet was to “Get rid of the junk. I know it will make you feel better.” Well, with hard labor on the part of a female friend and myself, we loaded almost 3,000 lbs. of iron to be taken to the scrap yard, which netted around $288. I don’t feel like having to deal with this anymore, I just want the property cleared. The ‘artist in residence’ who used bits and pieces from our ‘junk collection’ through the years is no longer here to create with it. I’m not going to be using it either. I may keep out a few decorative pieces, but for the most part, I won’t miss any of it.

I looked up junk haulers who come in, give you an estimate, and if you accept it, they come in with their crew and in a day or so (depending on how much you have), it’s all gone, and things raked smoothly and looking good.  That’s what I want to see. I can see DH smiling at this.  We had started clearing out, but then he became ill and all projects, including this one were stopped.

So, I will take before and after pics to be posted at a later date.


Saturday at work, was hectic in the morning, then an antique dealer from down the street who I had not met before came in to speak to the girl who does pottery and painting restoration. She knew we were closing up shop and she asked me what I was going to be doing.  I told her I did not know. She asked for my name and number and said maybe she can use me a couple of days a week when she moves into a larger shop, which she should find about and sign contract soon. She was impressed that I’d been where I am for 17 years and that DH and I had had an antique shop ourselves, before my working here, for 8 years. (We met my boss in our shop, he bought a couple of pieces from us.) She said I would already know some of the interior designers who we all mostly deal with on Antique Row. She deals in Scandinavian antiques. Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted about this too.

The funny thing is a little while before she came in, a gentleman dealer from Atlanta, GA said to me that something good would come along for me.


Here are a couple of my latest pincushion/pillow creations. I had already created the beaded/embroidered flowers on the material, and had them stashed, just took them out while not feeling so hot and did the rest making them into what you see now. Both roughly 5 inches in circumference.



My sig on the back.


In this one I used three antique rhinestones from my stash of beads, etc.





Thank you for your comments on my bead edged shells. Now I’ve got to put on a backing, then do a beaded little edge to finish them off. You’ve inspired me to do some more.

I will post my Etsy link when I’ve got things listed in it, which I hope will be soon. I took a vacation from it after losing DH as I just didn’t want to have to deal with that for awhile.


I hope you all have a great week whatever you do, wherever you are.


Here’s a poem for today.


Whatever be the depth of woe
Along the path that I must go,
I'll sing my song—
My song of joy for all the love
That's lavished on us from above,
And count no loss of treasure-trove
When things go wrong.
I'll sing the sunlight, and the bright
Soft smiling stars that gem the night;
For gifts of good
That God hath spread along my way,
The lilt of birds in tuneful play,
The harvests full and flowers gay,
The whole day long
I'll sing my song
Of gratitude!

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922),

"My Song" (October Twenty-sixth),

The Cheery Way: A Bit of Verse For Every Day, 1920


Mrs. E said...

Your bead work is just beautiful! I'm so glad that the task of clearing out and cleaning up is going forward. Your sweet husband knew what he was talking about--he didn't want those things weighing you down. Have a wonderful day and week. (And for heaven's sake take a nap!!)

Nancy's Notes said...

Lorraine, must feel good to get things cleared out, such a relief! Your pillows are beautiful, what awesome bead work! Okay, think you need a nap, I know I do! I've been up since a little before 5!

Have a great week.


Sallysmom said...

I will be praying for you and the possibility of a job. Take care and be mindful of the heat.

Jane said...

Thrilled to be your winner, Rainey. Have prayed that it is the Lord's will that you get that job. Those junk haulers sound like a perfect solution for you. Just think, more space for your plants!


Rebecca said...

I can imagine your relief at having made a decision re. the "junk". I have a few "decisions" to make myself :)

After my hubby retires the first of August, a couple of jobs like YOUR possibility would be just WONDERFUL. Praying that (or something similar) works out for you. ♥

Nancy J said...

Stitchery that reflects you in every design, from your heart. Words that must say something to each of us. and maybe a new position, YES, it will all fall into place, and junk removal, so good when they pay for scrap metal. Hugh, many years ago, worked for a scrap metal dealer, and there was big, and I mean BIG money in it, recycled, shipped overseas, so maybe we get it all back in another form. guess your days are warming up, Hugs for springtime.

L. D. said...

Your designs and craftsmanship are so great. You do some complicated pieces there.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

this really is exquisite work Lorraine, and your orchids are just fabulous - isn't it annoying when one wakes so early (I do it regularly) and now I have many of your recent posts to catch up on (I've been missing I now!)
Hugs dear lady

Kit said...

I knew it! One door closing and another opening. Yay! I love the purple pincushion. Would love to buy it. Write me with the price! You do incredible work. So gorgeous! Hugs, Kit

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, I have always believed that it is best to get rid off things that I don't love and/or don't use. Not that I am always able to follow my own maxim, tough ;-). So I think you will feel so much better when you have cleared out the junk from your property. Good luck with that!
Your embroidery work is simply amazing! Done with so much orientation to detail and one can almost feel the love that you put into your pieces when you create. I hope someone will appreciate them and you can sell then for a good price.
Warm regards,

Barbara said...

I just love your beading. As soon as I get my eye surgery this summer I want to try that. Keep on inspiring us with your pretty work.

Leslie Kimel said...

Your pincushion/pillows are so, so beautiful--true works of art! It made my day to get to see them. Wow!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad to see you found a way to clear the metal and it will be made into something new!
Beautiful beaded pieces as always. Sure love all the purple on your blog site.

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your embroidered and beaded pin cushions are absolutely beautiful!! All the little details that you've added are amazing.

The story of your lose and moving torward making changes touched my heart.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Your pillows are simply gorgeous! You do beautiful work.
And good for you for just deciding to get rid of all the junk. It really will take a load off (haha, pun intended!).

shadesofidaho said...

That are Just Beautiful. Love the purple one.

Praying for the new job to work out for you and that you will be happy there. How exciting for you.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

I know it must have been hard work emotionally and physically to clear things out, but it must have felt so good to let it go and have a clean slate. How wonderful that when your door is closing, a window is opened.Your beadwork is exquisite! Such lovely designs and colors! The poem really touched my heart - so lovely. You are an inspiration, my Dear. Wishing you a lovely week. Hugs xo Karen

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine,

How exciting to be offered a job! Isn't it amazing how things always work out for us! God, is good!

You pin cushions are stunning!

Have wonderful day!


Hi Lorraine,

I'm thrilled things are working out with your job. God's handiwork is evident. I know what you mean about getting rid of the stuff. Boy don't I know. I hope you have a great week, my friend. Your needlework is beautiful!

KathyB. said...

I know you must be relieved to see the collections of scrap metals are able to provide a bit of cash and cleaning out the garden collectibles will not only provide some income, but also space in your gardens. Gardens you & your beloved planned and tended.

Your gardens truly do reflect your love for your beloved and your love of your gardens.

M.K. said...

Your beading work is SO very gorgeous, FL -- don't ever doubt it! (I just realized that your FL initials are the same as for Florida :) -- that's neat!) I'm so pleased about the lady antique dealer who asked about your work situation. I do hope that works out for you. God has you in his care, and he knows exactly where you will be.

SO glad you're clearing out your "junk." Why, oh why, is it so much easier to accumulate it, than to get rid of it? haha :) Blessings on you today!