Friday, October 17, 2014

I’m pooped ~ :-)

Good morning Folks ~ Hurray, the trailer load of iron has been cashed in. My friend and her son came over Wed. morning, hooked up the trailer and off we went. I was shocked to learn that the weight of the iron loaded into the trailer was, 3,160 lbs. All of it loaded, except for two things which my friend’s son loaded that morning, by two ladies in their 60’s.

This was taken after she and I loaded on two different mornings. Between then (May) and Wed. I loaded in some other things and then her son loaded the last two things and there was no longer a path. This trailer has a hydraulic lift so it was GREAT for dumping the load at the scrap yard. My dear husband is thrilled I know, that I’ve made forward progress in getting rid of iron. We had started to do this before he became ill, and now this load is gone. YIPPEE! I now have an ID # at the scrap yard.


Here was the view with the trailer and a pile of iron I had moved from around the property for us to load. As I was doing this, I did keep out pieces that I think I might use later, or that were artistic to me. We used different pieces through the years of collecting this stuff curbside,  DH just couldn’t stand to see stuff go to the landfill. He knew it had a cash value, either by us using it and not having to spend $ or turning it into the scrap yard for cash.


Here’s the view yesterday with my van back in its parking spot, and a container garden with roses and herbs, where the pile of iron had been. This is one of the sunniest areas for the roses at this time of year.


My plan yesterday morning was to get out the weed wacker to take care of high grass, etc. that had grown up in middle of the driveway and was covering concrete, but as I was looking at overgrowth in another area, another idea came to mind. Winking smile

Overgrowth between two buildings, plus havoc wreaked by fighting raccoons the other night, when they had knocked off plastic gutters from where they had been stacked, were a mess to behold. Then I noticed (again) left-over pickets from our ‘curbside found’ picket fencing. I thought, hey, I need to get to those to make another small section of fencing. To do that I had to clear out weeds  and restack the gutters, throwing some to the side to throw away.


Pickets back where arrow points to.


Forward progress.


I scrounged up materials, posts, and cross pieces for fencing. Got out my favorite shovel to dig holes, and on the last hole, my shovel handle broke!!!! I’ve used this shovel for years and years and it was great. It’s actually a trench digging shovel, but just right for my purposes of planting plants, etc. In my stash of shovels, I found a shorter version and used it. This photo below was taken after supper last night, which by the way, was a Marie C. chicken pot pie. It was so nice to just pop it into the oven and eat. No fuss, no muss.  DH and I both enjoyed these when I didn’t feel like cooking.


I was so sore when I got done I could hardly move. More work and clean up in that whole area between fencing and workshop needs to be done, all in good time. I am happy with my fun project yesterday.


I like being separated from the parking/storage area, this feels cozier. I’ll show more photos later.

Below is another area that needs working on. It’s on the west side of the workshop. I’d not been over there in awhile, and was shocked when I looked over there the other day. With all of the rain we had things just grew like crazy. I had gone over to this area to get a ladder…


and looking to the south saw this. YIKES!


That’s it for now. My stomach is growling.

Have a good day and a great weekend.  The weather here yesterday was beautiful. One of the reasons I could do the work I did.



Julie said...

Sweet bit of fencing! You are really making progress! The weather is so is REALLY nice! It makes you feel so encouraged and happy, doesn't it??? I am supercharged today! Went and cleaned my DIL's apt. so she will have a BIG surprise when she gets home!!! I just love how you are getting your place just the way you like it! Wonderful!!!

Jean Campbell said...

It's amazing what two determined ladies can accomplish and even more impressive what you've done since the scrap iron left.

I so enjoyed this post.

Nancy J said...

No matter what age we are, we can do it!!! Down here, the scarp metal business is huge, maybe not for those who take the scarps in, but the man who then recycles them to go overseas. Sorted, melted, and probably made into something else then shipped back to NZ or Florida!! Keep Looking Rainey, next time you buy a metal object, maybe a little of what was once yours is in it. Hugs.Jean

Rebecca said...

You must feel such satisfaction at having moved all that iron! Good for you! I sure enjoyed looking closely at all the special parts of your interesting yard.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading about all that hard work. have a good weekend.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

My admiration knows no boundaries Lorraine, I sure hope you had a jolly good feed to nourish your exhausted body. Well I never! your own ID# at the scrap yard! ;)
I had more of your posts to catch up on so I'd best get cracking!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lorraine! Your post today makes me happy! I am thinking how far you have come in the healing process. You are an amazing woman.
Xx, Carol

Kit said...

Looking good! Have a great weekend! Love, Kit

Deborah Montgomery said...

Good for you! That's a lot of scrap iron! I got tired thinking of all that work, but I bet it feels great.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you have certainly been a busy bee - it's no wonder you're pooped :)

Have a wonderful, relaxing evening. Hugs!

Darcie said...

Forward progress is right! Wow! It is so amazing to look around and see how much your hard work is paying off! I could only imagine how sore you must have been. A lot of work.

Sorry to respond back over here on my blog post(for some reason your comments don't come through my email anymore). But about Eureka Springs and how you commented how you and your husband had thought about living there once. Strangest thing. While I was there...I thought, "I think the Flowerlady would like it here!". Seriously had that thought. :-) Enjoy your weekend!

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---you have really been busy.. Hope you and your female friend took a minute to pat yourselves on the back after all of that loading. Congrats on getting rid of that much IRON... Amazing.

AND--you have done a lot since the Iron was taken away... You are one incredible lady. Congrats.


gld said...

All I can say is "I am impressed!". We hired someone to collect our metal scrap.....

I do love having those quick meals in the freezer. We both love pot pies. I will have to try that brand.

Have a super Sunday.

tina said...

A ton and a half of iron?? Wowser! Good job. I bet that was well worth it in the form of cash back. Looks great!

Tante Mali said...

Wow, that's women power!!! Looks great! I realy love this garden. Have to look at the done pictures again!
Have a happy happy time

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

My goodness, you should be tired. All that weight lifting is going to make you fit! Looking good there.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Hope you are feeling better.
So impressed with all you share.
Take care...

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Look at all the iron. Hats off to you and your friend for loading that trailer full. You are making a lot of progress and your garden looks great.

We've been having some beautiful weather, haven't we? Makes gardening so much more enjoyable.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Jillayne said...

I bet he would be happy indeed! That was a great pile of iron and I can only imagine just how much work it was to get it moved - a big job off your list!
Your yard is lovely - it looks like such a special place to ramble about and see wonderful charming things at every turn...
And all this talk of chicken pot pie has my mouth watering!

Maryann said...

I am inspired by all your hard work and creativity. That was a lot of iron for two ladies to mov, I am impressed, I know you had to feel a great deal of satisfaction in getting that job done. Looking forward to seeing your future projects, have a wonderful week

M.K. said...

You have SO much energy, it's amazing! Congrats on all the progress, esp. getting rid of ALL that scrap metal! I know that must feel so refreshing :) Aren't we glad that cooler weather is here? It's like a new world.

Tante Mali said...

It's me again in this little garden wonderland. I love the grey wood house! Would like to have one but my place is to small for that kind of things.
Thank you so much for your lovely visit and your warm words.
How wonderful to have you around!!!
All my best

Morning's Minion said...

The 'world' should never under-estimate what a determined woman can accomplish. That said, I've often wished that for one day each month I could have the height and physical strength of a man--wouldn't I just move things around and change my space! As it is, I often feel like the ant trying to move the rubber tree plant!