Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh my goodness



When I posted that ‘eye opener’ post the other day I did not expect all of your wonderful responses. I was really bummed out after watching and listening to that guy tell me what he though about my blog. It was a short video of him using his cursor on your blog page. He sounded sort of like an automaton, but you could tell he was human, he hemmed and hawed and said um too many times to be an automaton. Smile

In hind sight, I figure he’s in his 20’s, some kind of techie stuck in a cubicle all day. He may or not have a life outside of his computer. I also gather that this ‘Peek’ review may be for professionals, not simple bloggers who are sharing their lives, loves, crafts, etc.

All of your comments made me feel so much better and I will just continue as I was doing, although, I did take care of broken links and did away with a couple of pages at the top.

Below are photos I took late in the day yesterday, after supper. Orchids ~ I don’t have names for any of these.



I call this ‘Doug’s Orchid’ because he gave it to me. He is a customer from where I work. He also gave me a small staghorn fern, both of these given many years ago when he was moving.



Air plant ‘Tillandsia’ fasciculata , Frangipani,

Texas Sage and Tibouchina





These are called Florida cherries, I don’t know the real name.

They are very sour and usually have worms. Ick! The shrub does make a nice thick hedge though.


Fleabane and hisbiscus



This is the white flowering Thunbergia erecta. I have the purple and also have the light purple flowering Clock vine which is in the same family. The clock vine blooms are in my header picture this time.



This is Yarrow, second season and I love the feather leaves and the honey scented blooms.



This is a Skipper butterfly on an Amaryllis bloom.



I walked around to the other side and got him from this angle.


Here is one of the ‘Skipper’ photos turned into a painting, using the program,

Corel Painter Essentials 4, detailed watercolor setting.


Again, I want to say thank you and how grateful I am for you all . You have been here for me through thick and thin. I appreciate all of the love, prayers, encouragement and support.  It has all helped me in the last 15 months of this new road I am travelling in my life’s journey.

Love and hugs,



Annie said...

I feel the what you did with your photo.

Rebecca said...

Nothing but grey skies & a very wet snow falling outside my window. Bare branches and some hearty boxwood, too - but certainly no color. SO thankful for YOURS this morning!

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Lorraine, I feel your blog is just fine as it is! It is personal, it is real and it is beautiful. Who cares if it matches some questionable criteria that may be applicable to professional blogs that are also written to make money with them!
As always love your tropical flowers! I didn't know that there was a white clock wine out there. I would be happy to see it in my garden as well and really have to research if I can grow it in my climate. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Terra said...

I missed your previous post, and will go back and read it. I love your orchids, they have a rich variety of form and color. Your garden is a tropical oasis.

L. D. said...

Your flower shots make me more anxious for spring to hit up here on the prairie.

Nancy J said...

I too believe the PEEK reviewer is sitting somewhere, in a tiny cubby hole?? looking at other blogs all day, getting it all done and over with and onto the next one, maybe with commission for doing more, not interested in real life blogs, friendships shared across oceans, life's troubles, illness, sorrow, joy and so much more, he would not and probably cannot understand our " international family" I almost feel sorry for him. Love your flowers, words and everything you write. Hugs and love, Jean. p.s. All OK so far down here , huge improvement.

camp and cottage living said...

It's always a joy to pop over and see your beautiful flowers!
Your photography is excellent too.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am glad that you are choosing to continue as before. Your blog is a friendly spot.I love seeing all the beautiful flowers,especially during the winter months here.

Julie said...

Your cherries are called SURINAM CHERRIES. Too bad they taste so bad, but they are pretty and a great hedge!

Darcie said...

I had to do a little catch up reading to see what you were referring to. Ok...let me review your blog, and tell you why I LOVE it, and keep following it.
1. It's real.
2. It's beautiful.
3. Your beautiful.
4. Your flower pictures are gorgeous.
5. Your wisdom it priceless.
6. Your love is evident.
7. Your faith is strong.
Should I go on? I could. Your blog is perfect for what you are trying to blog about, and I will keep following along as you keep on being yourself. (((hugs))) I think I would be scared to have mine reviewed. Ugh.

sharon said...

its a surinam cherry ..I hate the taste.... haha

Jane Jazz said...

Such an amazing array of exotic and beautiful flowers in your garden, Lorraine, and your photographs capture them so well. I love the Skipper butterfly painting treatment too... hard to tell it wasn't done with real brushes! Your blog always lifts my heart :o) Jane xx

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Love the orchids and the skipper photos!
Your blog is just lovely. So are you!

Flower Freak said...

Hi Lorraine, I love your blog! It's so much fun to see "exotic" different from anything I'm growing and your pictures are worthy of envy.Part of the fun of blogging, for me, is getting to know the other bloggers a bit, so please continue to share your life!....I'm sorry that man was so blunt and obviously biased toward his personal preferences although he may not know it.....BTW I will not be asking for PEEK input! thanks for the heads up....God Bless,Sally

shirley said...

I would love to spend a day or two or more in your wonderful garden. I feel it has a serenity of its own.