Saturday, February 15, 2014

The morning after


Good Saturday morning Friends ~ Here it is the morning after Valentine’s Day and I ‘made it’ through.  Today is a new day and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I had a nice dinner, read past V-day cards from my dear husband, cried and laughed, read the following and cried and felt joyful at the same time.

This piece is from Grace Gems, which I get daily in my email box.

“See how happy are God's saints at their death! They go to a kingdom! They see God's face, which shines ten thousand times brighter than the sun in its meridian glory! They enter eternal glory, which is the quintessence of all delights!”

I am oh so thankful for the 43 years we had together.

So, it is another beautiful day here in s.e. Fl. I went out in my long nightgown to take some pictures and it was chilly but comfortable.

Here is some eye flower candy for you.




Clock Vine


A fading Hugs-n-kisses hibiscus bloom


Another hibiscus



Reed orchids growing all over.  Easy peasy orchids. These are in the main garden growing out into the path.  One really great thing about these orchids, is you can break them off after you see an Arial root and just plop it somewhere else.



Tibouchina blooms.


Vanda orchid “Miss Joaquim”.


Velvety Mexican oregano with a seed blown in from somewhere.


Mm. Laurette Messimy


I’m not sure what the rose is in the next two pictures, same bush.



Not sure what this one is either.


I did some puttering in the caravan the other day to make me feel better and get a hadle on what I want to do in there. It is a little get-away, right here at Plum Cottage. It’s not finished with paneling and painting on the inside, but it will be, hopefully by the end of this year. I can sit out there with lap top, read, have a cup of tea, pray, whatever. It’s a happy, love filled and restored haven.

I’ve already put one 3 drawer sterilite unit out there and am putting another one out there. Some storage for my craft supplies. I wanted a top to cover both of them and found a temporary piece of wood in the meantime, not perfect but I covered it with an old and stained lacy table cloth.


Then, I spied the marble stack and wondered if there perhaps, might be a piece I could use.  I got my tape measure out and sure enough, the piece at the back of stack is 16 inches by 48 inches, by about 1/2 –3/4 inches thick. YIPPEE.


The color is perfect. The only thing is, I’ll probably have to wait for my dear B-I-L to come back down in order to get it lifted into place. I can move it over there with the help of a dolly, but it is too heavy for me to lift myself.  Maybe I can do what I did in the bedroom and that was to move it up in stages on things and then slide it over. I’ll see and let you know how that goes, one way or the other.


North side of caravan, where the marble will be just on the inside of the window.


Here is looking at the south side.  Little stove is over the fridge, they both run on gas, and the fridge also runs on electricity.


The lace curtain is there temporary, I wanted to see how it might look.  I’d have enough to do both lower windows on either side. You can see my toaster oven sitting on the cover of the stove top, and I also have a little one burner hot plate.  We were going to sleep/camp in here after we finished it, so that we could do our bedroom walls and lay the laminate flooring.  But, God had other plans for DH. DH did a wonderful job on taking this run down camper bottom/shell and turning it into what it is today.  It is about 6’x8’. The stove was a God saving element when it was in the ‘old camper’ in 2005 and we were without power for 13 days because of Hurricane Wilma.


This is looking west towards the heart patio garden.


That’s it from Plum Cottage and gardens.  I hope you all have a great weekend, inside or out. Count your blessings and thank God for all of them.  Let others know you love and care for them.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Morning to you too, YES, it’s a new day and we will rejoice.
OKAY, I need that Reed Orchid and that clock vine. Do you think those would grow here with the snow and cold we get? I can see that area in the back butts up to those trees, I can see that whole area covered with the orchids and vines running up the trees… do they have seeds? Do they need full sun?
Is that Vanda orchid in a pot?
I LOVE orchids, the wilder the better. I said it before, you have a place a photographer would go nuts over.
Your caravan is the perfect place to sit and honor GOD by reading His word and praising Him. Also it’s a cute place for guest to stay….yep….. It has AC and everything one might need and a lovely view to wake up too.

GOD bless your day and keep you safe.

It's Just Dottie said...

Some days are harder to get
through than others! Your flowers are blessing to my heart. I so desire to have one of your Hugs-n-kisses hibiscus. I will look for one to plant in the spring.
Girl you are amazing.
Hugs, Dottie


Hello Lorraine, All your flowers are incredibly beautiful.. SO lovely to see this time of year.. Your plum cottage is so cute... Hugs Judy

Sheri - Creative Spaces of S. Fla. said...

Lorraine I just love how darling your cottage life is, especially the super awesome caravan! What a great little get-away. If you ever need help with anything please just let me know. Wishing you a wonderful blessed weekend!

Best wishes,

gld said...

I love the reconditioned/revitalized camper. It makes a delicious place to read or just get away and rest.

Here is a thought on the marble piece. It is long enough to tilt against the counter then lift up using the counter as a fulcrum I have done that trying to get things into the truck bed using the tailgate. Sometimes the items are still too heavy. If so, don't strain and wait for help.

The flowers are beautiful. I love the color of the Tibouchina blossom

L. D. said...

Projects can be so fun as you can design as you go. Also you can change your mind and it still all works. Your flowers are really doing well in your weather.

Balisha said...

Your little caravan is such a nice thing to have. You can work out there and not pick up...just be creative and let things go.
Have a nice weekend...I can't imagine "plopping" and orchid here or there...I would love to have them blooming in my house, but guess I'll have to enjoy yours.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Valentine's Day is not the same without our dear one at our side,but we make it through.I love all your gorgeous flowers.

Anonymous said...

I love how the caravan is coming along. Whenever you post about it, I think of Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own".

I also really love your new header photo. . . just beautiful.

Love and Hugs,


lil red hen said...

What a cute little get-away! Almost like a little playhouse, surrounded by beautiful flowers!

I'm glad you found some happiness in your Valentines day. God is good!

Annie said...

I love your get a way in the garden...jealous of your orchids. I have six pots of orchids and they have never flowered. I'm keeping a close eye on them this year.

Darcie said...

Beautiful post! My thoughts went yesterday to those that didn't have their Valentines with them in body, but for sure in spirit. So glad you have such sweet and lovely memories to warm you!!

Karen said...

Hello Rainey,
Love the camper, as always; I hope this is what our stone house may someday be, a nice, cozy getaway. I think your idea to use the marble is ingenious, and I hope you wait for your BIL to help lift it. I have an old marble-topped table here and though it is only 1" thick, it is very unwieldy.

I love the photo of the rose through the lace curtain and so refreshing to see the flowers you've shared today. I just got home from grocery shopping this evening and the 1" of snow which was forecast has already morphed into at least 5" and more falling. Get the shovel, time to dig out once again.

Hugs to you, dear friend!

Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty blooms. I like the lace curtain there but lace always looks good for curtains.
Cher Sunray Gardens

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, I am glad you made it through Valentine's Day "kind of OK". I was alone, too, my husband was on a business trip and even that wasn't easy, although compared to your situation a piece of cake, of course!
You have always the most beautiful flowers in your garden! They are all pretty, but I love, love, love the first hibiscus flower, such an unusual and fascinating bloom!
Wishing you have fun getting the caravan ready. I admire you for taking on to finish this project by yourself! Warm regards,

Kit said...

Everything looks great! I can see your caravan becoming a place where you create your lovely artwork. :) Love, Kit

flowerlady said...

Lorraine, I am sorry I have not been following you for a while but if you take a look at my blog you will see why, I have also changed my blog address to flowerlady-flourlady.I love your posts and so much has changed,loving the new header- which is probably not so new to you now. As for the caravan project- it looks great, but I think waiting for the extra muscles is sometimes the better option. I too don't like to be defeated but somethings are better to give into. Your flowers are amazing and as for the orchids I do wish I could grow them in the garden here, mine are in a pot in the house, big hugs Flowerlady x

Deb said...

The caravan is such a cozy little place. I love it. Blessings to you this week, Lorraine. Have a good one!

tina said...

Your caravan is just lovely. Such a homey little haven indeed. I can't wait to see azaleas too. Wow on all your color in the garden.

Gayle said...

That is the best eye candy I have seen all week. :) The caravan is such a comforting place. I am still deeply sorry for your loss and wish your DH was here with you. One day you'll be together again.

Rebecca said...

OK. The flowers are amazing. You have such a knack....

But the Caravan MADE MY DAY! I can't believe what you've done. And it's hard to believe that it is only a 6'x8' space. You KNOW how much I admire your creativity and talents, don't you?

Susan Elliott said...

I am happy that you found a way to celebrate your love with DH this Valentine's Day. Another milestone to get through. The caravan looks like such a magical place. It delights me to think of playing there amongst your flowers and love. Keep creating and making special spaces. Xo, Susan


Hi Lorraine, I love the flower carpet in the kitchen. It's so pretty. Everything looks so cool in your gardens and inside too. I love the little donkey cart planter and all the potted plants you have. And of course, your gardens are amazing. I've never seen Reed orchids. I am not really an orange person but they're really pretty. I sure wish I could grow them up here. After this winter, there is no hope at all that global warming is a reality. No more Zonal denial. I can't grow tropicals. So I'll ooh and ahh over yours. Hugs my friend.

Cindy Cain said...

I love your flowers as always :) V-Day can be a tough one to get through but you did it and so did I. I focused on the girls in my office and made them a little candy gift. It took my mind off myself and missing my Mark.
I also think your caravan is charming and your ideas are great. Will be looking forward to seeing the progression!

jean said...

Oh, I think I'd want to live in that caravan. It's so interesting you have a Mexican Oregano plant. We have them and they are called, Big Thyme, here. We use them for seasoning but, they are so powerful in the taste, just a wee bit goes a long way. Your flowers are beautiful.

sharon said...

great post...I really love that hibiscus purple and yellow!!you are the queen of repurposing....