Sunday, December 15, 2013

December flowers :-)


It’s late Sunday afternoon, it’s been a gray, windy day here today.  We need rain, but so far, not a drop.  It is 79 and humid.

When I first went out this morning I couldn’t believe what I saw. It looked like a dusting of snow.



This is where it came from.


Now for some flowers. 

In s.e. FL it is a great time for gardens.

I hope to get out and get some outdoor projects

and gardens taken care of these next few months while it’s cooler.


Gazania or Blanket Flower ~ These are spreading and doing nicely.


Clerodendrum ugandense ~ Blue Butterfly Bush



Tecoma capensis ~ Cape honeysuckle

Lit by the morning sun.


Reed orchids




Ground orchids


Ruellia Brittoniana~ Mexican petunia


Rondeletia leucophylla ~ Panama Rose or Bush pentas


La Marne rose


Not sure what this rose is.


Or this one.


The next one might be Old blush.




Guess that’s it for now. 

Hope you are all having pleasant days before Christmas.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady


Bernie H said...

Lol, that's about the closest we ever get to snow here too, Lorraine. The tiny fallen Palm Tree flowers do create an impression of fallen snow don't they!

Loved all your blooms once again. I seem to have lost my Ground Orchids, and your photo has reminded me of that. I must investigate.

I adore that white Plumbago, and your Reed Orchids. Gorgeous. Love your Christmassy header too.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

For a moment you had me guessing about that 'snow'. The flowers are so pretty,especially with a heavy layer of real snow over everything outside.

Sunray Gardens said...

What lovely blooms and so many I am envious. I did think that was snow. We have plenty snow up here right now.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Terra said...

Your flowers are putting on a fantabulous show, and how sweet of the palm tree to give you a dusting of palm "snow". We need rain here in California too.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You had me going there for a minute with your 'snow.' :-)

Pretty colors on those flowers.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

you can have my snow and sleet, ice, cold temps, wind and rain. I'm happy to share.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I have been meaning to say that your Christmas header is just lovely Lorraine, and from one tropical girl to another - winter is wonderful in the tropics!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh how wonderful it is to look at a blog post where there are still lots of things in bloom. I love the color of that Petunia. The Plumbago are pretty --and so are the Orchids.

Funny how those first couple of pictures DO look like some snow!!!!!

Merry Christmas.

Betty W said...

I miss the flowers and the warm weather. We are having snow and cold weather, but that is normal for here.

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, so nice to see some blooms from your garden, again. I always love to see your tropical flowers, which are partly so different from what I grow here. My favorite is the Clerodendrum ugandense 'Blue Butterfly Bush', that delicate and complex bloom is to die for. Wishing you a nice week!

lil red hen said...

Your flower photos were just what I needed after a week of ice and snow. It's so hard to imagine the difference in our weather!

Deb said...

I love these pictures! You have such beauty in your garden.

Julie said...

This was so excellent Florida snow!!!!! I look for these things, don't you??? hehehe.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, your flowers are so truly beautiful, my fav, the Mexican petunia, like crepe paper, so delicate. Hope you get some much needed rain, and less humidity. Greetings, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those beautiful blooms - gotta love Florida! We woke up to rain in the morning Sunday, which felt like such a blessing as it's been so dry. It cleared up by mid-morning putting me in the mood to garden (which I did while Philip made cookies all day). :-)

Love and hugs,


gld said...

I do enjoy your blog during our winter months.....such a difference between our zones this time of year.

I couldn't imagine what that dusting of white was.

Balisha said...

I always feel warmed by your posts. Your words and beautiful pictures.
Have a nice day...Balisha

Happyone said...

Oh how nice to see blooming flowers. They are beautiful.
As I look out my window I see falling snow. (I like the snow too though.)


Hi Lorraine, To be honest, I'm glad it wasn't snow. That would have been detrimental to your tropical wonderland. I hope the cooler weather affords you some delightful gardening time and I hope that the humidity gives way to a good soaking. Take care my friend.

Kit said...

Such pretty flowers. Enjoying the days till Christmas. These days are my favorite part. :) Lots of surprises and events. Take care, Kit

sweetbay said...

Your wintertime flowers are beautiful!!

Jeri Landers said...

We can always count on you to cheer us with flowers in the winter! Our gardens are nothing but shades of brown. Merry Christmas dear heart!