Monday, August 26, 2013

Flowers & outdoor work

Good afternoon Friends ~ It is 6:12 EST. and we are having a thunderstorm with heavy rains. We needed this as it’s been 2-3 weeks since we’ve had any rain here.  This is great.  Miss Tork has run for cover under the bed.

This morning I knew I wanted to work outside, as rain was predicted, even though those predictions don’t always happen. So, I decided to trim and weed the east side of the driveway.  I do as much as I can, as I can’t trim high or thick stuff.  DH would do that with his saws-all, then I would cut it all up smaller. I’ve probably going to have to hire someone to do this. I’ll think about it later.   This is hanging out over the driveway.



I did what I could and am glad to have that done.  Stuff brushing up against the van as I drove down the driveway was a sign I better get out my tools and go to work. A pole cutter, a tree saw and my handy dandy clippers.






Pink Pet or Caldwell’s Pink




Another unknown


Twirling butterflies


Blue butterfly bush


Trumpet vine


Blanket flower


Hamelia paten


Hamelia paten and copperleaf




Clock vine ~ Thungergia


Philippine viloets


Thunbergia erecta






Blue pea vine


I want to thank all of you for your kind comments on my bedroom project. The next morning after I had posted it I thought, oh good grief, now I’ve done it. How embarrassing. I showed my friend at work and she literally ‘gasped’, and I’m sure some of you did the same thing, you just were kind enough to not tell me. Smile

Well, I better end this as the lightening is close and I don’t want to get zapped.

Have a nice week ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady


Balisha said...

Hi Lorraine...That blue butterfly looks like real butterflies. What an appropriate name.
I think that you started a movement with your last post. We all have places that could use some "tweaking" so to speak. I'll bet many bloggers who have been procrastinating...have started to clear things out.I have a huge basement.....need I say more?

It's Just Dottie said...

It is raining at my house too. Oh your flowers are a joy to look at!
Smiles , Dottie

Masha said...

It is amazing how lush and verdant your garden looks: everything must grow so fast! You have so many lovely flowers too, it was a treat to go through the pictures :)

Val said...

I love stormy days. How great that you got rain.

And I like that you posted a work-in-progress series of photos of the bedroom project. It shows you're "real," just like the rest of us after all. :)


Gary said...

It's amazing just how much colour there is in your garden Lorraine, and I love the shots from the end of the drive. Over here in the UK most people only ever use the latin names for plants, but it seems that in the US they all have wonderfully descriptive common names. Keep up the good work, things look much tidier. I wish I lived nearby so that I could do all of the high stuff for you. It would only cost a cup of tea!

Sunray Gardens said...

You have so many pretty blooms right now. Always surprising how much you have still in August.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh dear yes I'm glad you disconnected, you have to watch telephones and the like during storms. Gosh Lorraine, what an immense amount of work you did in the drive!! I always adore your floral photography, such beauty.
(Haha, yes we're a kind lot we bloggers!) :)

HolleyGarden said...

Autumn clean up! I love this time of year when we get to cut back all the summer over-growth. It makes everything look so much neater. Just be careful! You have so many pretty blooms. I like that combination of the hamelia and copperleaf.

Southern Lady said...

it's been a while since I've come to visit your blog. Your beautiful flower pictures always brighten my day!

Betsy Adams said...

Looks like you mad some great progress in your yard. You may have to get some help with the higher branches... Again, let me mention that some churches offer help (free) to widows and those who need it. Check it out.

Love your flowers. You have so many unique and beautiful ones.

Maryann said...

Your flowers are beautiful, so many that I am unfamiliar with even though I consider myself a garden lady. You did a great job trimming up the drive.

Leslie said...

Gorgeous flowers. I love all the blues and purples. I'm so glad you got rain!


Wow, nice before and after shots. You did a great job. I'm hoping you didn't get zapped. Now I'm going to check out your bedroom project. :) I promise I won't gasp.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

You have some gorgeous flower! I'm pleased to hear you have had some rain, it will make such a difference.

Betty said...

The flowers look so pretty. Next week I have to get out in our garden and start my fall cleaning. It will take alittle while since I did not do much of keeping it up this year. Don't be embarrassed about your last post. I like what you did.

NellJean said...

I do admire a great pruning job.

As to the previous post, I'm sure it would make you feel better if I showed some of my 'before' pictures but I have no 'after' to show because you can't photograph good intentions.

Yours were work in progress which is just interesting. The end results are great.