Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blooms, lost-found, tide will turn, lots of photos

Hello Folks ~

I hope you are all doing well. I want to thank you again for get well wishes and prayers for DH. He is getting better and we are thankful for that. Since it hurts him to chew food, I’ve been making him smoothies for breakfast, and different soups for lunch and supper. We’ve had pumpkin/potato, potato/carrot, cauliflower/broccoli and there’s a pot of split pea soup for tomorrow. I’ve been adding organic beef and vegetable broths, herbs, spices, onion and garlic. I want to make a beet soup next. These soups are all blended so that he can just drink it up from a cup. 

I am so glad that he’s doing better. There’s still a way to go until he’s back to normal, but he’s so much better than he was. As oldsters, we think we are still able to do things, but age, heat, humidity, vitamin depletion, etc. can and do take their toll. We’ve learned from this experience in many ways. I’ve also been thinking more about those in chronic pain and about care-givers.

We felt a change in the air today when we were out running an errand.  It is the end of Sept. so there should be some changes going on and we enjoyed being outside.

Over the past week or so I ‘lost’ two things, couldn’t find them anywhere and I looked high and low. I finally told DH (dear husband) and he started thinking of places for me to look, some I had already looked into and others, no findy items. Yesterday morning I was still frustrated by not being able to find them,  I picked up my library book bag and ‘found’ one of the items, an embroidery book underneath. I let out a whoop and DH said you’re going to find the ‘scissors' next.  Between 5-10 minutes later, I was sitting here in my chair, and pulled the bigger scizzors out of their pouch stuck my fingers in the space, and lo and behold, there was the pair I was looking for. I was thrilled.  I hate misplacing things.  I usually find them sooner than I did these two items. I’ve been flustered and preoccupied with DH and how he’s feeling that it’s a wonder I didn’t lose more things.

The little scissors I got when my late MIL passed away, with other craft items, so they mean a lot to me. I love the patina on them.


You can see that the scissors each have their own little space in my pincushion, scissor and debris bag,(I won this several years ago in a drawing and love it).  I absentmindedly put the little scissors in the wrong pouch, then put the larger scissors on top of them. Now they are where they belong once again. Sheesh.


This is the heart I’ve been working on. I added the lace stitched on with French knots. I’ve still more embroidery and beading to do before I feel it is finished. The colors are a bit more subdued than in these two photos, because of the lighting.


This is a little heart I worked on the past few days.  I love it.  It is 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high.


Now, here are blooms I took photos of yesterday morning. It was very cloudy.

Blanket flowers


A weed, that I think is a Florida native, not sure though.




A fallen frangipani bloom.




Passion flower. These are so amazing I can’t quit taking photos of them.  They are still blooming and there are quite a few buds too.




Philippine violet


An old poinsettia that is getting ready for it’s time of year.


Salvia greggii



La Marne roses.



Louis Philippe


Climbing Maman Cochet



Louis Philippe growing up over my shed.



Front gate from the sidewalk.


Side front entry gate into patio area, off the driveway.


Driveway gate. I love the plumbago from next door, very pretty.


That’s it from soggy s.e. FL. We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend and lots of cloud cover. I hope today to be able to wash and hang out laundry as we’re supposed to have some sunshine and little if any rain.

I’ll close this with a quote I came across recently.

FlowerLady Lorraine


“When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you,

till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer,

never give up then,

for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn”.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist and author.


Rebecca said...

I'm happy to hear that your tide is turning. (Sometimes it just turns SO slowly though....I know!)

That scissors is just beautiful! I'm glad you didn't accidentally throw it out with the trash (or something permanent). I have to try to be very intentional about where I'm laying things down - especially if I'm not putting them where they "belong". I tend to mislay or loose things otherwise. (I blame it on age, but I think it is just plain old carelessness.)

Your handwork is beautiful...and you KNOW how I love to see photos of your yard & whimsy. ♥

Sandy said...

Everything is simply beautiful, Lorraine. This visit has again left me feeling refreshed and happy. Your needlework, flowers, yard and gates, all so pretty. I am glad your husband is feeling better. When my husband or sons hurt, I hurt with them. I know he is enjoying all the wonderful smoothies and soups that are being made with love for him. :0)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love the quote
understand much you share
Best wishes to you and that
special one.
Your handwork
is amazing.
Take care
and have a special day...

Morning's Minion said...

Your beautifully detailed flower photos are a tribute to the One who created them--always inspiring.
So difficult when a family member is hurt or ill--it does seem that your soups are so good you'll want to continue making them even when your 'patient' is well again--hopefully soon.

Darla said...

Funny how the scissors were where they were supposed to be, sort of and you didn't see them. Love the photo of your reflection and the butterfly. I didn't know your DH was down. Hope he continues to get better.

Leslie said...

I'm crazy about your garden, Lorraine. It's like something out of a fairytale or a storybook. And your house seems so cozy and comforting. I really enjoy reading your blog--it is truly a favorite.

Lona said...

I am always sticking stuff away when I have my mind on other things and then I cannot remember where I put them LOL! Your Passion flower is so lovely Lorraine. Those are some cute little embroidery scissors. The heart with the crocheted flowers is just beautiful.

Sunray Gardens said...

Lots of lovely blooms. I do so like those Passion Flower blooms. So different but so pretty.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Becky said...

Love your flower photos as always and the needle work is AMAZING! I also love how you captured that butterfly in flight and your reflection in the glass.

Cottage Tails said...

Sorry to read your dh has been unwell (I'm a bit behind blog reading) Sending him healing wishes!

Loved your flower photos (as usual!) and that frangipani bloom - stunning.
Love Leanne

Nancy J said...

I do hope DH will be 100% very soon. The passion flower photo closeups are superb, do you use a macro lens? Lovely hearts, lots of fine work there with the beading. Take care, both of you, Fond greetings, Jean.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your DH is feeling better.

Beautiful photos of your flowers. It's a great time of year for us Floridians, isn't it?

And of course I think the hearts are just lovely . . . both of them!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


crybrug said...

Your garden has such a nice feel. I really love the rose growing over the shed.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hope DH continues to improve. Sounds like he has the best care taker. Glad you found your book and scissors. Those scissors are treasures. So many blooms in your garden. I LOVE the reflection photo of you in the old window with the salvia in focus. Very artsy!

Lynn said...

Enchanting from soup to . . . Ms. Stowe

Autumn Belle said...

What a beautiful display of blooms! I love the passionflower and gorgeous roses, also the nice embroidered heart. The scissors has a very unique shape and this is priceless. I think the weed is Tridax procumbens or Coat Buttons. Glad to know that your DH (Darling Husband) is getting better and wishing him a speedy and smooth recovery.

Gayle said...

I go nuts when I can't find something. Even when my home is a disaster (which is all the time) I know where I put things. When they aren't there I will look until I find it. I'm glad you found your items rather quickly. Hope DH is feeling better soon. I'm sure as good as they are he would probably love some solid food.

Sandra said...

Really is frustrating when you can't find something.

I love the scissors you got from your MIL, my word they are beautiful and such a treasure :)

Hope your DH feels better very very soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday ;)

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...Glad to hear that DH is doing better. You are such a sweet wife taking such good care of him. I'm glad you found those adorable little scissors...I've never seen any like that but I would dearly hate to lose them. Your flowers look beautiful as always. It's so wonderful to look ahead at the coming months and the beautiful weather we can expect. One thing for sure...Florida weather is pretty predictable. Have a great weekend!