Wednesday, July 11, 2012

T-storms, blooms, needlework

Hi Folks ~

Here it is Wednesday afternoon for us, it’s been a gray, dreary day today, t-storms around midnight last night with one of the biggest claps of thunder I’ve ever heard.  Sheesh.  Lots of rain too, then we had another thunder storm this morning but not as bad, and LOTS more rain so that the driveway was flooded and the main garden was covered in water again too.  I guess you could say our 5 year drought is over. I’m glad to read that a lot of you have started getting some much needed rain too and that temps have cooled down somewhat.

I got a load of laundry hung out to dry and brought in yesterday, and also mowed, just in the nick of time. I did nothing outside today, except for a quick walk around.

Here are some photos of blooms taken the other day.

This little lovely is Fringe Flower.  I bought it along with 6 other plants around my bday in March. I just love these blooms.




Look what shows up once the petals fall off.  Amazing. A petal is in each one of these bits of loveliness. They look like miniature flowers themselves.






Spicy jatropha.


Mixed caladiums, including Miss Muffet, from Meems. Thanks again Meems.

Also volunteer vincas.


Resurrection ferns growing up the Norfolk pine tree. When it hasn’t rained, these ferns are dried up and dead looking.  As soon as it rains, they look like this, hence the name resurrection fern.




Cocktail roses, past their prime.






Fading Phyllis Bide roses.




Louis Philippe


My latest needlework creation, which you can read about in my other blog here.


That’s it for now.

Time for a glass of pre-dinner wine while I figure out what to fix for supper. Smile

FlowerLady Lorraine


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Your blooms seem SO much more exotic than any in our neck of the woods. Glad you got your rain. We really could use more here in N.E. Indiana.....

Jane said...

That fringe flower is a beauty, Rainey! You always have the most exotic flowers. Still haven't had any rain here. On the bright side, we don't have to mow the grass!

Bernie H said...

How terrific you've had some decent rain at last. Your Fringe Flower is just beautiful. Your Roses look lovely still, and that Hibiscus and Jatropha blooms look so nice splashed with raindrops. Love your latest needlework creation too.

Shirley @ The Gardening Life said...

I have never seen resurrection ferns before! I've heard of them and now I know why they are named as such. Faded or not, your roses are lovely! Thanks for stopping by. I always love to hear from you! Have a superb day!

Mrs. Mac said...

The colors of your flowers are the brightest I've seen in a long time. Just beautiful. I'm glad you got some much needed rain. I bet the air smell so good. Hope your dinner was good.

lemonverbenalady said...

Wish you could send some rain our way, FL! As always I love to see what's in bloom in your garden. Hope you dry out soon. xxoo Nancy

Gayle said...

You have the most unique and beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

All that rain has made your flowers blooming gorgeous :)

We had rain also and our grass is happy because it was getting mighty thirsty.

Have a wonderful weekend, Flower Lady.

tina said...

Resurrection fern is so cool! The fringe flower looks almost like it has frost on it. I did not know it had so many hairs. Very pretty!

Sheila said...

I've never seen the fringe flower before - lovely. I think I have the same kind of hibiscus - $6.98 special at a box store. I can't stop staring at the blooms and marveling at how prolific it is, with new flowers every day. And the resurrection fern, doing what I hope for us all....

Susan said...

Your blooms and plants look so fresh from your recent rain. We definitely need our regular rainfall in summer and thankfully they are coming. I love the fringe flower too, but I never noticed the little flowers after the fringes fall away. Thanks for pointing that out. Have a wonderful day!

Skeeter said...

Fringe plant is a neat little jewel of a bush that I have recently added to my gardens. I have not noticed the after bloom but shall be on the look out for it now...

Your new creation is beautiful as are all your creations...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad you got some rain. We got some relief from the 100s, but it is still dry. Now, the temps are warming back up.

I love your photos! That first flower is a beauty!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Some of these flowers I have never seen before. Maybe not in Northern Tennessee :) Thank you for the stroll in your garden...

Karen said...

Hello Rainey, how I love visiting your oasis. The fringe flower is so gorgeous...all your blooms are.

Thunderclaps that are so close are scary. Lightning frightens me no end yet I wish I could figure out how to harness the energy from a lighting bolt. That would solve the energy problems of the world, wouldn't it? I'm sure Florida has a great deal of lightning.

Anytime you have enough rainfall, just send a shower or three packing our way, lol.

Always good to hear from you!

(My birthday is also in March.)

Anonymous said...

Reading your posts is like coming home to a good glass of wine - enjoyable and relaxing.

Gotta love the Florida thunderstorms. This is my first year driving a scooter and boy it stinks in the rain. : )

Stay dry and away from the lightening!


Lynn said...

Even your faded flowers are lovely. Have a great weekend.

Sandra said...

Beautiful photos as always, but I have to tell you my favorite is the Resurrection Fern. How stunning, isn't it amazing how nature works?

Hope you have a great weekend :)


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

How refreshing to get some needed rain for those lovely blooms.


Hi Lorraine, We had thunder early this morning too. A few years ago I heard thunder like you described. It sounded more like a LOUD explosion than thunder. It was blood curdling.

I'm glad you're still getting lots of rain but hopefully nothing too severe.

We've got a fern that grows here that looks very similar to your Resurrection Fern. Same deal. It comes out in the winter/rainy months and goes dormant in the summer. I suppose it could be the same species.

I have a Loropetalum or Fringe Flower too. They are so pretty. I'll have to look closer at the petals after the petals. Your photos are lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy day to you :)

Here are the directions:
Take Southern Blvd. west to rt. 880/700 near 20 mile bend.
Watch for birds and flowers along the canals and fields.