Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blooms, caravan update, etc.

Good morning Friends ~

Boy, oh boy have we had some rain. We have another almost three inches predicted over the next couple of days.  I just hope it isn’t raining when it’s time to go to and from work, as I hate driving in the rain.  I haven’t been able to mow this week, and hopefully will get to once it dries up around here.  I’m working the next three days, so no garden puttering for me.

Yesterday I worked most of the day on getting 5 listings in my Etsy shop.  Sheesh, that really takes time that you don’t think about. Creating is so much more fun, even though that takes time too.  I’ve still got more to upload, all in good time.

Here are some filet crochet pieces that I will be uploading.


My friend Nanci, who with her husband own the shop next to the one where I work, gave me maybe 75 spools of sewing thread.  I don’t do much sewing, so I got out a fine crochet hook, size 14, and a stronger pair of eye glasses and crocheted this tiny flower.  It’s about 1 inch in size.


Here are the two stove parts that were rusty.  DH got the rust off then coated them with ospho for retarding rust. He has painted these two pieces with black high heat paint I just don’t have a picture of that yet.  They look really nice now.


Here is a pic of the fridge with maple trim that our neighbor across the street gave us a few years back. He screwed the trim on using brass screws for taking off easily.


This is the cover for the stove. DH put formica on all surfaces.


The little sign is original to the caravan camper, so we put it back on the cover.


When we did our errands the other day, we noticed a wharehouse type place that is only open certain times, and was open for a special sale so we went in.  I got these two pillow shams for $2 each, they are leaning against our double size headboard, so you can see how large these are.  I had the feather pillows, and the shams fit perfectly.  These are going in the caravan.


This is a peak into the secret garden.  You can see the caravan roof behind the hedge. I took this picture to show the first passion vine flower growing over the entry into the secret garden.  The vine on the left is Confederate jasmine, no longer in bloom. Sad smile



Prosperity roses about at their end.


These next pics are of a yellow double datura bloom.  I grew this from seeds from Nell Jean, of SeedScatter. The blooms have a deliciously sweet scent and I just love their shape and color.




That’s it for now.

Thank you all for visiting and the comments you leave behind.  It means a lot.




Darla said...

You are so talented with a needle and thread....oh and the stronger glasses! I have never seen a yellow double datura, only the purple. Be careful as you know it's very poisonous like the Brugmansias..

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely blooms and I love how you have the secret garden with the caravan in there. Your crochet is lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Skeeter said...

It takes pure talent to be able to crochet with thread! I am most impressed with your crafty hands. How neat to keep the original sign for the stove. The Caravan will be cooking before you know it. Great find on the pillow covers, they are beautiful. That Datura is luscious! I don’t recall ever seeing a double one before. I had a scent come to the nose yesterday while sitting at the patio table. I turned around to see a few blooms of Confederate Jasmine still hanging around. Just enough to let me have a sweet whiff every now and then. Have a great weekend and stay dry. Wish we had some of that wet stuff…

mary_smith said...

The caravan is coming along nicely! I'm also in s.e. zone 10 and the rain was amazing!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a talented lady you are. Your crochet pieces are beautiful...

Sounds like hubby is quite talented also. You all will have that caravan looking like new soon.

We have a Confederate Jasmine bush which is blooming now. I need to post a picture of it sometime. It's quite large.

I've never seen a double datura bloom. Gorgeous.


L. D. Burgus said...

Your flower shots are great. You keep plugging along on the project. It really will be great to enjoy out in the caravan.

Bernie H said...

Your crocheted flower is just exquisite! You certainly have a great talent! Love those sumptious pillow shams. They are really lovely. Your Prosperity Roses are looking fabulous and that Datura is something special.

tina said...

The caravan is coming along great. Wow on the double yellow datura!

Lynn said...

We have met so often on other blogs. I peeked at your caravan and it is absolutely a dream cottage. We have one too. Unfortunately it is also our escape vehicle during hurricane season. The permanent parking plan is to recreate an inviting campsite as much as possible for guests. Ours will never approach what you have done with yours. Thanks for the update and the inspiration.

gld said...

How wonderful to get all that rain.
We are now down almost 7 inches for the year.

I can't imagine working with that tiny thread. Do you also do tatting? I remember grandma use to make edgings for her pillowcases.

Your shams are beautiful and quite the bargain.

You all may want to take weekends in the caravan when you get it all finished!

Pam said...

Both you and DH are quite a talented pair.
Your secret garden flowers are beautiful. I wish I could grow roses but alas they always fade away.

MY thanks for following and your kind comment.

Our hiking stops went the south Florida humidity gets to high. :(

Floridagirl said...

I am loving all this rain up here in the valley. (lots of smiles) Good to see your caravan project is moving along. You are so great at repurposing! Beautiful datura blooms!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I love your sharing. Talented so - you and your special one - need rain here in the country - so hot.

Vetsy said...

Flower Lady I so agree with Pam.
You and DH are really crafty. You make me wish that I had taken up crochet You do such a beautiful Job.

I love your secret garden Thank you for stopping by.