Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mirror Images ~ another curbside find :-)

Good afternoon Folks,

I hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Do take time to remember and be thankful for all of our military personnel for serving this country to protect us and our freedoms, and to their families who are behind them, and have to be separated from their loved ones, doing their best to keep family and home going. Being in the military is not an easy thing.

Thanks  to all.

This morning I cleaned the ‘almost new’ Weber charcoal grill given to us by friends after they bought a gas grill and no longer used this one. I’ve got chicken breasts, steak, and hamburgers defrosting in the fridge to grill tomorrow, weather permitting.  I wanted to grill up several things so that we can eat something, and freeze the rest for later meals.  Will be great on days I work. I won’t have to think about what to fix for supper.

Yesterday morning before I left for work, DH and I hung a mirror he found curbside on the street east of us awhile back.  He revived the finish last week and I cleaned the mirror after we hung it. I love this piece and what it does to our tiny cottage.  It adds light, sparkle and makes our place feel bigger. Any way you look into it, you can see so much. I noticed that this will make me want to keep clutter to a minimum and counters and table top cleared, because you can see so many spaces in the mirror now. Our cottage is around 750 sq.ft.

This mirror goes wonderfully with our Dade pine board ceilings. It looks like it was made for our cottage.  The cottage was built around 1950. The mirror is centered more or less in the middle of the wall space as we can’t center it over the sofa, and to give us maximum viewing into other spaces. You can see all the way into the scullery from this angle.


Here in the mirror you can see into the hallway on your right and a bit of the stove in the kitchen. Through the arch to the right of the mirror you can see my little creative space, part library too and where my computer is.


This is another view looking into the scullery.


Here I am standing in the entry into my little creative space looking north, into the hallway, and into the scullery.  Plus in the long mirror you can see the new mirror with a reflection of the scullery in it too.


The stained glass window is in the bathroom door.


A reflection in the long mirror of the stained glass window on the south side of cottage. The paper heart hanging on the mirror is left over from Valentine’s day. Smile


This is DH’s corner. He uses his keyboard in his lap.


A close-up of the paintings.  I really need to go around and take pictures of our artwork.  We collected these through the years at flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops.


My corner and a view into the kitchen. You can see the Bose speakers mounted on the wall above both our corners.  Bought that system many years ago. More paper hearts hanging over the archway.


This is on the other side of the wall of my corner. This is the main entry into our cottage. Weird I know, but that’s how we are. You can see ‘part’ of my cookbook collection.


Below, more cookbooks and kitch.  I have over 300 cookbooks, plus books on gardening, natural healing, crafts, etc., in this area. You can see ‘why’ we don’t go to yard sales etc. anymore on a regular basis.  Besides the downturn in the economy, a cut in pay and tightening of our belts so to speak, we do not have any more room for ‘stuff’.  I like what I have and am not into ‘collecting’ anymore. Not to say we still won’t buy something if it strikes us and is a good price.

The bell on the wide embroidered ribbon we bought in Switzerland when we were on vacation/leave while living in Spain while DH was in the US Navy, ‘70-‘73.


That’s it for now.  The new (to us) mirror inspired me. It is like having the Christmas tree up with ornaments and lights and it makes me feel happy, thankful and blessed.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady Lorraine


"A house is made with walls and beams.

A home is made with love and dreams."
Author Unknown


"Be grateful for the home you have,

knowing that at this moment,

all you have is all you need."
Sarah Ban Breathnach




~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The mirror looks great there. What a nice tour of your cottage. You certainly have created a cozy space.

Becky said...

That mirror is stunning; you two find the most amazing things curbside.

Rebecca said...

Oh, FlowerLady, You are living my dream! Yes you are! 750 sq.ft. of charm, coziness, books,mirrors, paintings (and of course, the caravan out back....)! THANK YOU SO much for this view into your sweet, sweet cottage.

Jane said...

Pretty cozy little nest you and your DH have there! Who needs to go to stores or garage sales when you can find such great things like your mirror on the curb?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love your sharing
Sure looks like a lot more space
then you wrote.
So cozy, warm and I felt love
as I took the tour :)

Antique ART Garden said...

I'm a mirror nut, I have about two in every room ( including baths). They add so much light and sparkle to a space. Your cottage is charming, artwork wonderful, very nice.I am into de-cluttering as well. Too much ' stuff' doesn't help our eyes( or soul), when we look around. So working on that soon here, take care, Gina

Antique ART Garden said...

OH!!!!! Your new profile picture is wonderful !! Very pretty lady!

Sandra said...

I love your mirror and I really enjoyed a peek into your adorable cottage :)

Amrita said...

Your cottage is so pretty

Ami said...

That mirror fits your cottage so lovely, seems it have been longing to the cottage for a long time. You have such lovely cozy space with lots of art work. 300 cookbooks? wow!

tina said...

Such a pretty cottage and BEAUTIFUL mirror. I am really into mirrors for the same reason you like yours-reflects light and opens up a house. Lovely corners and artwork too.

The Ebullient Gardener said...

How beautiful! Looks like you have a very cozy home! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy!
Happy Gardening! Mindy

organicgardendreams said...

FlowerLady, thanks for the wonderful glimpse into your home. It has so much character and personality. The new mirror fits perfect. I am a big fan of mirrors in a house myself and love the light, space and sparkle that they add to a space.

HolleyGarden said...

Very smart of you to grill up some things to freeze for later. I need to start doing that. By the time I come in from the garden, everyone is hungry, the time is late, and I'm too tired to cook a big meal! My mother collects cookbooks, too, although she now says she has enough. She loves to read them like a novel. I think it must make her (and you, too, I'm sure) a better cook because you know what seasonings and spices go with certain dishes, how long to cook things, etc., all from reading so many recipes.

sweetbay said...

Your cottage has so much charm. Very nce paintings! You have collected a lot of great pieces over the years.

Anonymous said...

This is a really neat, cozy house. I like the bathroom door with stained glass, very cool. Phil/Minnesota

Corner Gardener Sue said...

What fun! I love how the mirrors reflect off of each other. I love your place, too, inside and out. I am like you, in having a number of collections that I am not actively adding to, but will if I find one at a good price.

Anonymous said...

Oh FlowerLady - what an absolute joy to get a "tour" of your cottage. I feel like I could curl right up in your corner with a book and a glass of wine and be right at home. Cozy, charming and inviting - I love it! And the mirror too. You continue to impress me with your "finds".

Thanks for sharing.


Rhondi said...

Your home is charming. That mirror was a great find and I love the way it reflects the other rooms. It makes verything feelbigger doens't it? Thanks for leaving a comment. It's nice to know I was missed!

Masha said...

You and your husband made an amazing job with that mirror, it looks wonderful! Your cottage looks cozy and charming, just like a real home.

Floridagirl said...

I ♥ mirrors! That is a lovely mirror...your husband did a great job refinishing it. I really enjoyed all the different views of your home through the mirror's eyes. I now feel inspired to go do a photo shoot with a mirror in my home. : )

Skeeter said...

You find the best things curb side! I love the location you chose for it. You can see so much from one spot! You two have created a nice cozy cottage for yourselves. Now I want some grilled chicken for dinner…

Nicki Lee said...

Thank you for inviting us into your home - it looks so cozy and inviting and I can just imagine the stories behind all of your collections. How wonderful to have a home as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

Nicki Lee

Kit said...

Hello! What a great find! You know when I look at your home photos do you know who's house I think of? Virginia Wolf's, Monk's House with all the color and pattern. A home of an artist! :) Kit

NellJean said...

What a great find! Mirror is such a good thing for opening up spaces and reflecting light. The tour was super special, thank you.

NanaK said...

Enjoyed the peek into your cottage through the reflections of your new mirror. You seem to be surrounded by things you love. What an enjoyable space you have created.

Anonymous said...

Rainey, I do not have your email address and so I'm using this method to tell you I've started a wordpress blog to replace the one I was writing on before. It's thesunroseandthewindblue dot wordpress dot com. Be sure to spell blue and not blew.

Enjoyed the house tour, love it, love it. Hugs, Ilene


WoW! What an amazing feebie! I love it. And it looks right at home where you've placed it. How awesome is that?

I hope you have a great week.

Jeri Landers said...

That mirror is excellent and does expand the room and I love your teddies. I see a stuffed OWL! I wish I had a stuffed owl too!( I have some feathers) He must be very old.
300 cookbooks, I understand because you LOVE to cook. I have at least 300 storybooks and only 4 cookbooks, because I HATE to cook.