Thursday, November 4, 2010

More blooms, etc.

While most of your gardens are being put to sleep, ours are just waking up from a long summer nap. This is when our gardens do their best, from now til the start of next summer. We'll see what kind of winter we have this coming year, as last year we had many 'cold' days, and lots of gardeners, myself included lost some of our plants.

I am trying to go with the flow with what will do well down here. One group of flowers that does well are the periwinkles. They are so easy, self-seeding and drought tolerant.

Cassia is a fall bloomer that the Sulphur Butterflies love.

Caught this critter yesterday, we don't see as many as we used to since we lost a lot of our pine trees due to hurricanes and a beetle that killed many around the state.

This is a ground cover, which grows like crazy.

Dwarf White Orchid tree grown from seed, sweetly scented flowers.

The morning sun hitting this wall made me grab the camera.

Here is a closer view of this painting.


Where flowers bloom so does hope.

Lady Bird Johnson


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


the Goodwife said...

The sunlight on that painting is gorgeous!

sweetbay said...

The golden sunlight on the stained glass and the painting is beautiful.

The Dwarf White Orchid tree looks like a gem. I'm sure you're very happy to finally have some cooler weather.

Carol said...

I love your Cassia FL and the light on your beautiful painting is magic. Lovely post. Sigh! No flower here now with the mid twenties every night for the past three. Enjoy yours! ;>)

gld said...

I need you to come decorate my house. That wall is just beautiful. You definitely have an eye for interior and exterior design!
Periwinkle is a favorite of mine too. It does well with our variable weather and no insects bother it. It also self-seeds. I have started all mine from seeds and need to do more next year. I just had white this season.

I can understand the Sulphurs loving the cassia. They should be well camouflaged.

FlowerLady said...

Good Friday morning to all.

Goodwife ~ When I saw the sunlight hitting that wall, I had to grab the camera. The light like that is so fleeting, and I'm not always in the room at that time to enjoy the beauty from the sunlight.

Sweetbay ~ Seeing the sunlight on that wall made me feel happy. The Dwarf White Orchid tree is a gem like you said. The Cooler weather is definitely nice. It's around 63 and feels like it is 57 now, tonight it is supposed to get down to 48 and feel like it is 39. That will be cold for us.

Carol ~ The cassia is a neat shrub, and the sulphur get nectar from the flowers and also lay their eggs on the shrub, which the caterpillars then consume. :-) I'll have to post pictures regularly now that a lot of you are flowerless.

Glenda ~ Glad you enjoyed seeing a part of my kitch, in the scullery. That room does make me feel happy with all the color, even if it is a tiny space, it looks larger for some reason. ~ I've had the white and purple periwinkles for years and years, DH gave the the other colors this year, and I hope they will survive as well as the other two have. I've never collected the seeds, guess I need to start. DH always laughingly calls periwinkles weeds, because we see them everywhere.

Thanks again everyone for your kind comments.


Kit said...

Lovely photo of your pretty wall! Kit

Meems said...

Hi FlowerLady,
The autumn sun gives us many opportunities for that soft reflection of light. On your painting it is lovely.

We can't overstate the ease with which those pretty periwinkles grow in our beautiful state. I'm going through a phase of "appreciating" them once again.

Karen said...

I am so happy that I can have flowers all winter thanks to your blog; while we are covered in ice and snow, your garden will be a warm virtual retreat.

I love the light on the painting too, fleeting moments captured. I hope you have a great weekend!


em said...

hi flower lady... beautiful tropical blooms and the light on the painting is gorgeous. thanks for stopping at garden fool - your comment was spot on and meant a lot to me! thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful inside and out! I so loved that peek inside, and love your style. And many thanks for the words of encouragement earlier today. ((HUGS!))

Sandra said...

Oh so pretty! Thank you for sharing with us. I absolutely love all of the flowers you are sharing with us. And that little critter is so cute. :) I hope you're having a wonderful evening.

Rebecca said...

I'd like knowing more about the painting. It is "my kind" of art.