Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still hot and humid :-(

Good evening Folks. I hope you all had a really nice weekend. The past couple of mornings while reading blogs I've been so inspired to get out and work in my own gardens again. So, I headed outside, started weeding, trimming, and sweating buckets. There was hardly a stir of a breeze. I kept on, started digging a hole to plant a potted Queen's wreath and Philippine Violet combo, and had to quit before I croaked. I just started to feel like I'd had enough. I did not want to end up keeled over in the garden. I was so bummed out. Sheesh, when is the cooler weather going to come down here? We are so ready for the heat and humidity (especially the latter) to be GONE.

Since I couldn't work outside, I got inspired looking at the embroidery book from the library, and took a picture of one of our iron gates with arbor that DH made, then came in to the computer to get it edited and printed. Then I traced it onto fabric, and started drawing plants roughly that I plan to put into this piece. I really look forward to working on this. When the colorful threads start being stitched, it starts coming to life. Maybe I'll start tonight, maybe not.

A big pot full of vegetable, Italian sausage soup is simmering on the stove and smelling really good. I think I'll cook up some noodles to add to it too. Made a loaf of Coconut milk, flax meal bread in the bread machine this morning while I was working outside. Will serve that too, along with a glass of wine.

I want to say thanks to all of you bloggers for sharing your garden spaces. They are inspiring to look at, and encouraging too. Every garden is different. Blotanical is such a wonderful place to read about all kinds of gardens all over the world. It's really amazing how connected we all are.


I have found, through years of practice,

that people garden in order to make something grow;

to interact with nature; to share, to find sanctuary, to heal,

to honor the earth,

to leave a mark.

Through gardening,

we feel whole

as we make our personal work of art upon our land.

Julie Moir Messervy, The Inward Garden, 1995


Hope you all have a great week.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Anonymous said...

I guess that's the price you pay for living somewhere that it doesn't snow. We will all be envious of you come January! Your dinner sounds really yummy : D

Vetsy said...

I'm praying that some cooler weather comes your way soon. The sketch you drew to embroider later on is very lovely and will be even lovelier once your are done.. pretty!

That soup sounds delicious, it would be the perfect soup for me right now because I'm just getting over a cold that I caught.

I like the poem that you added at the end. It explains exactly how I feel when ever I plant a garden.

Do stay as cool as possible..I'm sending cooler weather wishes your way!

sweetbay said...

Ugh, I'm sorry it's still so hot and humid where you are. On Thurs we had a return of some humidity with our temps in the '90s, and it was not welcome. Finally a break today with rain.

I really like your embroidery sketch. Your dinner sounds wonderful.

L. D. Burgus said...

One can get so easily overheated when you are not paying attention. You can make yourself really ill so be careful. The gate idea sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

When, my dear Flower Lady are you and fellow Floridians going to catch a break? I'm so sorry for the incessant heat and humidity. I could totally relate to how frustrating it is when you want to garden but your body just can't take the weather. It can be downright maddening. At least you found another, cooler creative outlet. I hope you'll post update photos of your embroidery project. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to watch your progress. Sending cool thoughts your way.

Behind My Picket Fence said...

I found you by accident and am glad I did! What you've done for your pattern is wonderful and I can't wait to see it finished. If you're like me, it won't be done tomorrow. Still, it'll get done, right?
Now I need to ask about the arbor that your DH made. You said the gate was metal - did he make that too? And is the arbor also metal? So did he weld it? I'd love to own something like that but ......
Loved your blog!

gld said...

I wish I could send some of our cooler weather your way - we are 43°here this morning. We are 'testing' the furnace for the first time. We always tell ourselves that when we turn it on way too soon.

It has been a strange weather year. We are running 20° below normal and just a week ago we were 90°.

I love the new design. I will be waiting to see the finished piece.

Morning's Minion said...

Yesterday was an unsettled weather day and this morning the sky is coldy grey--I wore a sweatshirt outside to feed the barn kittens and Pebbles their breakfast.
I have the book "The Inward Garden"--it is nice to dip into its thoughts every now and then.
Your embroidery project will be so pretty--I am impressed by your skill in creating something that will be unique.

Carol said...

Oh FL, I am sorry to read about your heat and humidity... while I sit here freezing and must fetch a sweater! We are getting some much needed rain though!! I love the gateway and look forward to seeing it bloom with your stitches. ;>)

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful patter you've chosen to embroider!

Wish I could send you a bit of our coolness! The house is downright chilly today. I SO don't want to start the furnace so will don another layer of clothes :)

Alas! I've kind of abandoned our yard and flower beds. I feel fickle, but the heat and dryness took a little of the enthusiasm out of me, too! One of these days, I'll need to trim a few things back....but presently I'm inclined to a dormancy to match our yard's over the past weeks.

tina said...

I very much like Merrie's comment on the weather. Never thought of it that way but I tell you I sure envy the northerners in the summer when we are sweltering in the heat and humidity but come winter, yup, that's our payback. You hang tough as I think the cooler weather is coming. Our weather changed from unbearable to downright chilly with only one day warning! I really hate these season changes but it is a coming your way soon. You take care and I'm looking forward to seeing the piece of art you are making. So glad you got some rain! None here and it is a sad place indeed.

Skeeter said...

We finally have our cold snap in GA so it is on the way to FL. No humidity in the air but dampness from all the rain. I can deal with dampness over humidity any day. Soon we will be complaining of the cold and wanting warmer temps, LOL...

Anonymous said...

Would you still like the curtains? E mail me!