Friday, October 16, 2009

Crocheting - one of my other loves

Good morning everyone. Just thought I would show my latest little crocheted creations. My love of crochet started when I was 15 years young. I have a stash of yarn than I am trying to use up. Not the latest most drool worthy colors that are out there these days, but they are colorful.

The first picture is of slippers. The pattern can be found here

I used yarn instead of Speed-cro-sheen thread, so had to do some improvising with the pattern. Any of you crocheters can do the same thing. I am mostly a barefoot girl, but when it gets cooler, (we DO have some cooler weather in the winter,) I like something to keep my feet warm. These were fun and I love the way they turned out.

The next two pictures are of a little granny square project. I plan to make up larger squares like the one pictured here. These are about 11" square. This is really a fun project. I see though, that I've got to get better at placing the little squares. The last row on each little square is attached to another square, as you crochet along, so placement is done right then. I am learning as I go with this project. Darker squares shouldn't be right next to each other. :-)

"There are many reasons why people love to crochet.

Crocheting relieves stress and muscle tensions after a hard day at the office as crocheting easily takes your mind off from work and draws you deeper into a solitary hobby where you can collect your thoughts as you let your fingers and the crochet hook do their work."

For more on this go to Crocheting Benefits.

Happy Crocheting or other hobby,
when you are not happily gardening.

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Nell Jean said...

I meant to start crocheting again once I retired. After 5 years, I have yet to start.

Seeing the granny squares reminded me of the year Mama crocheted granny square jackets for the little dogs that we had then. She said we needed one foolish thing for Christmas. I made her a burlap dress, which my nephew took for his shepherd's costume in the Christmas pageant.

Anonymous said...

The slippers look real cute -I've been crocheting more now too and reading. I get that pattern and keep it handy. Thanks

janie said...

I love to crochet- doilies, mostly! I will try the slippers this winter. They look cute, and maybe easy enough for me to do them.

Marti said...

Oh so cute! I don't crochet at all, well I have tried, and just find it amazing that others can make such lovely things. Love the slippers.

L. D. Burgus said...

My mom did a lot of crochet things to keep her sane and now I am trying to keep an example of each for memories. I have one afghan that she made, her very first. She bought a kit and the same time that her sister in law bought one and they compared notes on how it all went together. When I was clearing the house, I spotted that and said that one belongs to me. She liked to do the one you are doing, and later on she did row after row repeats so she didn't have to think about it as much. Nice blog.

azplantlady said...

The colors are so beautiful and you are so talented. Unfortunately, I do not know how to crochet, but I guess it is never too late to learn...

Tootsie said...

I used to crochet all the time...have not picked up a hook in a few years...just not enough time in a day...and not able to sit still long enough anymore! plus...can't blog around too much when your hands are busy! lol
your projects are adorable!

LeSan said...

Love, Love, Love the slippers! Thank you so much for sharing the link with us. I think those are definitely to drool for colors my friend. Look at me, I'm drooling. hehe. That's tough working those squares right in as you go. I always want to lay a thing out to play with placement. I messed up a blanket that way once and it always bugged me. You're braver than I. :-)

FlowerLady said...

Nell ~ You retired and became a gardener/photographer/writer. Maybe during the winter you can pick up a hook and create something colorful/wonderful with thread. I bet those little granny sq. jackets for the dogs were cute. Granny sqs. are becoming popular again. I think they are one of those timeless things. There are many different patterns these days too.

Vicki ~ Winter will give you more time for indoor projects. I'd love to see what you make.

Janie ~ I've made my fair share of doilies too. I really love working with fine threads, size 30 mostly and 20 too. The slippers were fairly easy. I just didn't do as many rows as the pattern called for since I was using yarn. I kept holding the bottom up to my foot until I had the right size.

Marti ~ Try again. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be hooked. ;-)

L.D. ~ How nice to have some crocheted pieces of your mothers'. Things like that are very dear.

azplantlady ~ You're right, its' never too late to learn. It is a joy to crochet, something really rewarding. I knit too but love crocheting better.

Tootsie ~ You are too busy creating your lovely gardens, blogging and raising your family. Maybe you'll get inspired this winter to crochet once again.

LeSan ~ I did better with placement on the second one I made. I didn't work on another one yesterday, maybe I will today since I'll be taking it easy getting better from this bug.

Thanks all for your comments. They inspire me to keep picking up my hook and threads.


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I love those slippers!!! I will have to make some like that. Really pretty! Look cozy too...

Linda said...

Your granny squares are small ones. I like them. That's giving me the idea of a mini quilt. Sorry about the beef I'll have to look and see who it was. Linda