Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy to Report

Ana is no longer a threat, or at least that's what they are saying. She has given us a little rain and some breezes. It is cloudy and breezy, not as warm as it has been, I am thankful. Sunday morning while working out in my main garden I got a hint of fall coming. I'm not sure what triggers the hint, the sun being at a different angle, the breezes, but it was something. It happens every year, hints of cooler weather coming even though it is still hot and humid out.

Bill is a hurricane, cat. 4 with winds 135 mph. He is headed northwest, should pass between Bermuda and the east coast of the US. May head up into Canada, but I hope and pray he just heads on out to sea.

I went out this morning after a bit of rain, saw some lovely Penelope rose blooms so came back in for the camera.

Here are the results. Click on pictures for a larger view.

Thanks for looking and I hope the rest of your week is great.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

We are thankful that it didn't mature into a hurricane. Bill looks like you will gladly miss also. When I watch the news and see the weather I think of you and am concerned. Those roses are beautiful. Great shots.

The Thrifty Countrywoman said...

What beautiful flowers! Hope you're right about Autumn coming soon. Five days of weather in the upper 80s and I'm tired of Summer. Don't how you all manage in the South. But I guess you don't think much of our Winters!

sweet bay said...

Good news regarding the storms! Hopefully Bill will stay well out to sea. Beautiful shots of Penelope. I am ready for less humidity and cooler temperature too.

Kudzu said...

the drops on the roses make a beautiful photo. keeping an eye on the storm season here,too!

Debbie's Garden said...

I know what you mean about it feeling like fall. Its almost like the sky is a different blue or something. The different angle of the sun too. But you can feel it.

LeSan said...

Those are beautiful pictures you took of some stunning flowers! So very pretty.
I also feel the shift in the coming season. I think it is the light also. The angle is different and we were built to notice it long before there were calendars.

Anonymous said...

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FlowerLady said...

Good morning Folks,

L.D. ~ Thanks for your comments on my pictures and for your concern with the hurricanes. We are also relieved that Bill is staying east of us.

Thrifty Countrywoman ~ Thank you. Fall probably won't really get here for us until late Oct, early Nov. Hints of it coming are such a joy, because the heat and humidity are on the wane. Living down here, we are very thankful for air-conditioning. Some days, it's all I can do to go outside at all. You just feel so drained. We wouldn't be able to stand snowy winters, you're right about that. We've lived down here way too long.

SweetBay ~ Thank you, Penelope is one of my favorites. Hopefully Bill will continue to stay out to see, not hitting anyone. Maybe fall will come early for us this year, we can wish anyway.

Kudzu ~ Thanks. I love water drops on flowers too. We'll all be glad when Hurricane season is over.

Debbie ~ Yes, there is definitely something in the air, to make us feel fall coming.

LeSan ~ Thank you. Yes, our bodies are more tuned in to the seasons than we think. I always get a thrill from these hints of fall coming, as it means the end of the long hot and humid weather.

Carrol ~ I got your sweet email this morning, then this pleasant surprise here on my blog. Thank you for visiting and your kind words.

Have a great day everyone ~ whatever you do.


tina said...

Your roses are really gorgeous. So fresh and pure. Glad there isn't a current hurricane threat for Florida. Here in Tennessee the coolness of these mornings sure hints at fall. That and the fact the acorns and leaves have begun to fall. A bad thing if you have a pool. You have a fantastic weekend!