Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you Thrifty Country Woman

I want to thank a sweet blogging friend Thrifty Country Woman for her recipe for Dutch Apple Pie, which I made yesterday afternoon. It was delicious. I made a butter crust because I had no shortening, and I also added cloves, nutmeg and allspice to the apples. This was easy and delicious. Since it is officially autumn, with most of you feeling and seeing the change in season and we are wishing and hoping for a change, I felt like making an apple pie. We went to our little veggie/fruit market yesterday and I bought some apples that I never heard of and I can't remember what the name was. It started with a P, I think. There's something about the smell of apples with the spices that just shouts 'Fall is here'.

Do visit The Thrifty Country Woman for this recipes and others, and to see her lovely country home and enjoy her writings on a simpler, wonderful life.

Below are two pictures for you to enjoy and get your cooking juices flowing.

"I love fall! Fall is exciting.
It's apples and cider.
It's an airborne spider.
It's pumpkins in bins.
It's burrs on dog's chins.
It's wind blowing leaves.
It's chilly red knees.
It's nuts on the ground.
It's a crisp dry sound.
It's green leaves turning
And the smell of them burning.
It's clouds in the sky.
It's fall. That's why...
I love fall."
Author Unknown

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Anonymous said...


You certainly improved on my pie. Your crust is lovely! Love the poetry too!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Jane ~ Seeing your picture and recipe the other day sure gave me a 'hankering' for apple pie. I have a cookbook "Spices of the World" where I got the idea for adding the other spices to an apple pie. I think it was an 1/8th of a tsp. each. I'm looking forward to another piece. We had a spoon of plain yogurt on top. ~ Thanks again for your lovely blog.


Paula said...

Dear FlowerLady,

I found your lovely blog through sweet Jane's! The pie you made looks so delicious!!! I enjoyed the poem, too!

Love, Paula

azplantlady said...

Your pie looks amazing! I can almost smell it. Thank you for the helpful link. I enjoy making pies.

Becca's Dirt said...

I've never made an apple pie from scratch before and I think it's time for me to try this season. Yours looks so inviting and warm. I will always think of the movie "American Pie" when I think of applie pie. That movie has to be my favorite comedy.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That looks so good! I can almost smell it. I have quite a few apples from our tree that need to be used, just might have to make a pie with them.

Kiki said...

Gorgeous looking pie! Yum! Hmm..why am I so hungry now? It looks beautiful! Lovey post and beautiful poem! I will definately check out her link..wonderful post!

Marti said...

That pie looks wonderful. I will definitely try it.

Mary Delle said...

Yummy looking pie. Fall is such a nice time. Different here in the deep south than your poem, but a change from summer, which I enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The pie looks delicious-
Fall is in the air for sure

sweet bay said...

That pie looks both beautiful and delicious. I will have to try the recipe!

FlowerLady said...

Good morning everyone. Glad you all enjoyed the pictures and that they got you thinking about making this pie.

You will NOT be disappointed with this recipe. It is delicious!

Paula ~ Thank you for visiting and your kind comments.

azplantlady ~ Since you enjoy making pies, you will love adding this one to your list.

Becca ~ Now's the time girl. You will love the whole process and it smells so wonderful while it is baking.

Catherine ~ Yes, do make a pie with apples from your own tree. What a treat!

Kiki ~ You will enjoy Jane's blog.

Marti ~ You will love it.

Mary Delle ~ Yes, that lovely poem by some unknown author is definitely different for us down here in s.e. FL also. I would love to be able to enjoy real autumn weather and scenery.

Vicki ~ Glad fall is in the air for you. Enjoy.

Sweetbay ~ Do try it, it is delicious.

Have a great Wednesday.


L. D. Burgus said...

Our owner of a cafe up town is experimenting with making pie and he has never done so before. We had apple pie of his and it was good. He needs to practice with cooking times but he is a nice man and we want to encourage him. I thought of you and your Dutch apple pie when we ate it. Read about it but had not posted yet.