Thursday, December 1, 2016

It feels like summer on 1st of December


Hi Friends ~ Thank you all for your condolences, prayers, thoughts and encouraging words. I appreciate it all more than words can say.

I can hardly believe it is December already. I strung lights on the outside of screened porch off the kitchen/main entry this morning and was sweating. I checked the weather around 12:30 and it was 85 and felt like it was 94. What? Rain is predicted, but we’ll see if that happens or not. We are really dry here and rain is much needed and will be appreciated.  I have three days when I can water with the sprinkler, hand watering can be done any day.

I’m glad you all enjoyed the photos of the garlic vine. The flowers are almost all gone now, the glory is short-lived but greatly enjoyed.

I set up a small tree and a smaller tree this year. I’m still working on decorating them, a slow process that I am savoring, while listening to Christmas music. I’ve still the nativity to set up too with the heavenly host.

Here are some pics of the start of decorating and the sheer fabric with stars that I’m using for the skirt around the main tree. I’ll post more pictures when I’m finished.




Monday I got in the mood to make a loaf of oatmeal bread in my bread machine. The recipe was the first one made in my first bread machine and DH and I both enjoyed it.



Tuesday night I started having a slight cough, and decided to just spend the day at home yesterday. I got a homemade veggie soup going in the crockpot and went back to bed. Thankfully the cough hasn’t gotten worse. I’m still just puttering around today not doing much.

I am working on a Christmas gift and am loving it. Have three more to work on also. Tomorrow I plan to go to the local bead store to get some beads needed for a couple of the gifts in the right color schemes. Smile Here’s a photo of beads I’m using on the piece I’m working on now. Creating again is just what I needed and it is something DH always enjoyed seeing me doing. He was my encourager in so many areas of my life.   See my very thin beading needle at the bottom. Beads are mostly size 11 seed beads, some bugles and a few others.


These ‘dusty’ peacock feathers caught my eye this morning with the sunlight streaming through window onto them.


Christmas baking will begin shortly, have several things to make and am looking forward to it. May you all have happy times preparing for your Christmas celebrations.

I have much to be thankful for and I’m sure you do also.

That’s it for now from Plum Cottage ~ FlowerLady

Sunday, November 27, 2016

To be absent…


Good morning Folks ~ I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving this past week had a wonderful time and made some lovely memories.

I had dinner out with my dear husband’s brother and his wife.  They are very dear to me and we had a nice visit and a delicious dinner. They are in the process of selling their home, it goes on the market today, and we ‘hope and pray’ it sells soon. They will be moving closer to B-I-L’s work and to me. That will be nicer for all of us.

In the midst of Thanksgiving, it has been a sorrowful time for me and others in my family. My two sisters and I lost our mother this past Tuesday night around midnight, just a week after my birth father left this life. But as a believer in Jesus/God, we have peace in knowing they are with Him. The Bible says that ‘to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord’. No better place to be. It’s just rough on those left behind, with missing our loved ones.

After my dear BIL and SIL left me here in my little cottage and headed for their home, I started feeling depressed and missing my dear husband something awful. Holidays are sometimes hard to get through. Friday after I went out and did a bit of grocery shopping, early, I was feeling so down and tired that I crawled back into bed. The tears came and I just let them flow, then slept for about 1 1/2 hours. It was good healing therapy. I’ve not done much of anything for the past couple of days, did some hand watering of potted plants, cleaned out ‘science projects’ from the fridge and washed containers, and watched ‘Hallmark’ Christmas movies.

Today is a new day and I want to be thankful and happy in it. This widowhood journey has it’s ups and downs. Some of you have written that I am strong, well let me tell you that my strength comes from God, somedays it is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other, I have no energy, I have no ambition, I want to crawl into a hole. Somedays I feel really positive and good. No matter which way I am feeling, He is with me every step of the way and bottles all of my tears. I am oh so thankful for His love, strength, peace and joy. He is the ‘Light’ in my darkest times. He gives me flowers, breezes, butterflies, birdsong, family & friendships to enjoy each and every day.

I thank you all for your words of encouragement, your prayers, your love, they are priceless to me.

I have a wonderful flowering vine that blooms a few times in a year and it has been in bloom the past week or so and it has blessed my heart. The vine is called ‘Garlic Vine’ because of the scent coming from the leaves. The flowers, to me, do not have a scent.

Here are some photos. The older the flowers are, the paler they become until they are almost white with a hint of color left. I want this to eventually cover the shed’s roof.









Here are a couple of other blooms giving me joy right now, bougainvillea and shrimp plant.




Vanda orchids


A miniature rose called ‘Picnic’.



This beautiful rose, in scent and color, is either ‘Don Juan’ or ‘Mr. Lincoln’.


Well, that’s it from ‘Plum Cottage for now. No matter what your circumstances, if you are feeling ‘down and out’ call on God. He is waiting for you to call on Him, He desires to be your friend as well as Saviour.  He loves you deeply. When things are going great, thank Him.

Love, hugs and many thanks to all of you from ~ FlowerLady