Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter


May your Easter day be filled with love, peace and joy.

May you feel the Love of our Savior, Jesus as you think on what He did for us on this day.

He rose up from the grave so that we would be free from sin and have life eternal with Him. A life where there will be no more sickness, pain or death, no more evil. A life filled with joy, pure joy, where all will be goodness and light.

Let us all choose life

from the Creator and Giver of Life



Love ~ FlowerLady


Here is a contemporary song on the reason for our Easter celebration.

‘Once and For All’ by Chris Tomlin

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Look at me!


Pictures taken this morning of a little cute fledgling Mockingbird

and a worried parent.












Spring is here.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid Easter week ~ kind of a long post


Hello Friends ~ I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this Easter week. We are  being blessed with another spell of cool weather and that is really wonderful.  Of course for all of you who are getting another round of really cold weather and even more snow this is so not wonderful at all, as you are more than ready for spring.  I hope one of your Easter blessings will be warmer temps.

I have fixed lamb for Easter dinner for many, many years so bought it again this year.  I only buy this at Easter time, because it is so expensive, but there will be plenty for leftover dishes. I usually roast it but this year plan to do it in the crockpot so that while I’m at church, Easter dinner will be cooking. I cut off most of the fat, cut slits into the meat and insert garlic slivers, then rub on a good mustard, and sprinkle on chopped rosemary, then some Italian bread crumbs. Yummy!  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

I’m hoping to have a gardenia flower to enjoy for Easter, and the dancing ladies orchids are about to open. There are two long spikes with all these little spikes coming off loaded with little orchid buds.


These might even be open tomorrow.  I bought a pot of these at a yard sale last spring and these are the first blooms for me. Spiderwort blooms are in the background.


Speaking of buds, here is the first moonflower bud and I am so excited.  Planted the seeds not that long ago.  This is on the back arbor.


I think this is Confederate Rose.  I have two shrubs of this and I notice little babies in my main garden, so I need to transplant them. This was also grown from seeds.



Here is my favorite hibiscus, Hugs-n-Kisses.


This is my favorite Salvia ~ Salvia coccinea

These spread happily from self-sown seeds.



The other night as I was sitting here at my computer,


I heard and felt huge explosions and after a second or two I realized what it was.  Fireworks.  Someone has been doing this in the park near us for the past several years at this same time of year, so it must be a celebration of some kind. We always ran out to the street to watch.



Last Friday a pkg. came in the mail but I wasn’t here to sign for it so had to wait until Monday to pick it up at the PO. It was the alcohol ink markers I had ordered along with the trays to hold them.

So Monday afternoon was partially spent clearing off my work surface to make room to hold them and emptying ‘too lg.’ of little glass jars holding beads into smaller containers just made for beads.  I may get a couple more of these when I can, to take care of more beads.


The trays for ink markers did not come with a top, so I went looking for a piece of glass out in the workshop, and then looked for the glass pliers and glass cutters. The glass and pliers were easy to find, but I had to look for the cutters. I asked Jesus because he knew where they were, and I was standing in an area and could just feel them being there and started looking and YIPPEE there they were.  But lo and behold, they are old, little cutting wheels wouldn’t turn on some, and finally I found one that would scribe a line but not that great of one, took the pliers and snapped and a piece came off, but I had a couple of other pieces I had to get and finally did.  I need to get some new ones and put an oily cotton wad at the bottom that the wheel will sit in, the cotton at the bottom of these was all dried out.  I love that workshop and feel Mark in there. It was a dream come true for him and we built it to code from his plans. Before he left this planet he told me it would now be mine and to do with it what I want. What I want to do is straighten it up as I’ve added lots of stuff that was stored in part of our bedroom out there.  Plus I use tools and instead of putting them away just throw them on the work benches.  That’s not cool and workman like. And, I stumped my baby toe on a piece on the floor which hurt like heck and turned purple. It doesn’t hurt now but is still a tinge of purple.

Anyway after cutting the glass, I put tape around all for edges of the glass so as not to cut myself and laid it over the top tray.


Here you can see the colors, and I want to get a set of skin tones to add to these.

They all will be used for coloring silk ribbon and even crochet threads.


Bead containers and some of my beads.




I used one of the brown tone inks for the flower in this piece I am still working on. The flower petals stand out much better now.


Well, I guess I’ve rambled enough.

Have a wonderful Easter and think on why this holiday is celebrated for many of us.

God, as Jesus, gave His life on a cross and then resurrected again, so that we’d be free from sin and have life eternal. Faith is a gift, and the choice is ours, to believe it’s all true or not.

May God’s love and peace fill and surround each of you.

Enjoy your spring blooms, the good times and good food enjoyed with family and friends.



I almost broke down in the grocery story this past week. I was looking at Sherry, as I like to drink a little bit before dinner. Well, I saw Osborne Sherry from Jerez, Spain as a clearance. Seeing these brought back memories of our going on a Bodega tour with the USO when we lived in Spain while Mark was in the US Navy. My eyes filled and cried out to God to keep me from breaking down right there in the isle. He did and I put two bottles in my cart, for the memories. One of Fino and one of Cream.

The Navy base was in Rota. We could see the gold domed cathedral of Cadiz across the Cadiz bay from our apartment, we lived on the fifth floor. Cadiz was one of our favorite cities.  While walking those ancient stone streets and seeing all of the little shops along them, we decided that we wanted to do a lot of different things to make money and that’s what we did.  We didn’t make a fortune, but we had love and laughter and I am forever thankful.


Tears are filling my eyes now, so I will end this and tell you all to love, love, and love. You never know when you will have had your last chance to do so.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pain gone ~ wool rug ~ flowers


Hello Friends ~ Thank you for emails, notes and comments hoping my back was better.  The pain lasted for three days and I am so thankful.  It has lasted longer before.  I only took one ibuprophen, I mainly just relaxed and did nothing strenuous.

I have a few flower photos from this morning and one of my Queen Crape which is really filling out nicely.  It makes a lovely shade tree once it is all filled in and then blooms around August/September.


My friend Nanci who owns the shop, with her husband, next to where I work gave me a pot of lovely Silver Lace Fern, in with a hibiscus.  I repotted the hibiscus, and divided up the fern into three pots of it.  I love the fern. She has more of this fern and keeps dividing it.


Tibouchina ~ click on the photo for a larger view.


‘Kathleen’ blooms below.



Now, here’s my find for the week.  I stopped at a couple of yard sales on my way to work this morning. The one place I made a joke to the man about how I’d like to take his gardenia hedge. It was about 6’ long by 3’ deep and maybe 4’ high, squared off and loaded with blooms. I didn’t buy anything there.

Next stop looked more promising and it’s where I found my treasure for $3.  It’s a hand made cross-stitched wool rug. It is 27” by 42”. It just needs a binding around the edge. It was made in 6 sections, then sewn together. It was some kind of kit so said the faded out printing on the back. With the roses, it had FlowerLady’s name all over it. Smile


Right now the timer is about to go off for a (ding) Ricotta Cheese Pound cake.  It sure smells good.  I made it for our ladies small Bible study group tomorrow.  We all bring something to eat and it’s always fun to see what all we have. Last week I took a banana bread with craisins, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds, and didn’t bring any home.  I’m thinking of taking Comstock strawberry pie filling, since I have that in my cupboard, for topping. 

I hope you all had a good week and that your weekend is a nice one too.  May you all have a lovely Easter week also.