Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too Hot to be outside


Hi Folks ~ Right now it is right around 1 p.m. and the outdoor temp is 91 degrees and feels like it is 109. YIKES!! It is no wonder I don’t feel like doing anything outside. I was out on Monday morning and only worked an hour. I quit because my face was dripping, my clothes were stuck to me, and I just knew it was time to get inside.  I didn’t go out yesterday except to hand water some things. This morning I raked up some of the debris from the other day, and decided it was not nice out there at all, so here I am.  I did take some photos though, and one bloom is a real surprise. The bloom below is what made me come in for the camera.

Needless to say, this is a volunteer. Who planted it is a good question?  This is about eye level.


I wonder what kind to tomato it is.


This below is ‘Blue Butterfly’ clerodendrum with ‘Wendy’s Wish’ salvia behind.


Mushrooms with a creeping fern tendril.


A sweet rain lily.


This is the patio area between the clothesline and the caravan which is on the right in picture below.  With all of the rain, the weeds have taken over, especially one certain weed.

Bidens alba of the family Asteraceae

One every day name is ‘Spanish Needles’.

DH would pull up them whenever he saw them because the seeds are needlelike and stick to your clothing, thus hitchhiking to a new location to start more plants. But, you can’t get them all, no matter how many we pulled up.  Butterflies love them. So, I pull some and leave some. These are ones that are going to have to go though. There really is a patio under there.



I’ve come to the conclusion that this rooted cutting that I’ve been calling ‘Prosperity’ is not it at all, but I think is ‘Penelope’, which I did have, but it croaked a year or so ago.  When I put blooms of ‘Prosperity’ and this one next to each other they are not the same at all. I looked at older photos I have and Googled too and I’m pretty sure it is ‘Penelope’.  That makes me happy, as I do love my roses. I need to try more cuttings of all of my roses. I do try to buy the old fashioned roses as they are more hardy.


Of course, some roses I don’t know what type they are, and they end up coming home with me if they’re pretty, scented, or cheap, hopefully all three.   This one below was called ‘Picnic’.  I’ve not found anything online by that name at all. Isn’t it a cutie? This little bush is loaded with buds again and this is the first one to open.  Most of my roses have new growth and buds.  Very exciting. This one was cheap and pretty.


This is an unknown bought this spring, cheap and pretty, with a slight scent.



Another unknown, pretty and very scented and sort of cheap.


Here are three blooms I picked yesterday that I brought inside to look at while Googling roses.  I love how they dry crinkly.


I’ve really been thinking about roses lately, especially after visiting Christina’s blog Organic Garden Dreams. She grows beautiful roses and visiting her blog is always a real treat.

I had another time of grieving the other night, called out to God while sobbing, that’s all I could do, and woke up feeling more positive the next morning.  Then I started thinking about celebrating our ‘45th’ anniversary which is coming up on the 8th of Sept. So, I’m making plans and am looking forward to my little celebration.

Yesterday morning I visited Rose Petals Nursery online and decided to buy three roses to help celebrate. Winking smile If I lived closer to them I would visit them personally.  They are 4-5 hours away, west of Gainesville. The have a wonderful selection of antique roses which are very hardy, with wonderful colors and scents.

I picked out three that would grow here in zone 10b, and have 5 more on my wish list, on down the road.


I had this before and here is a photo from 2007.



Rose Petals Nursery photo below.

antique rose

Ghislaine d Feligonde

photo from Heirloom Roses

The roses should be here next week.  I’ll be taking pictures of them for sure, so stay tuned. Notice I went for yellow/peachy tones this time. Christina’s ‘Marie Pavie’ inspired these selections. Another FL gardener told me ‘MP’ did not do well for her, and she lives a bit further north of me.


This little heart is still a ‘wip’, work-in-progress. Boy oh boy, are those seed beads ever tiny. Size 15.  I’m more comfortable with size 11. At least I got this much done. My mind is working on what to do next.  I listened to soothing music yesterday while working on this. It reminded me of my dear husband.  He told me he loved to hear me humming to music while I was creating with needle, threads and beads. I sure do miss my best friend.


Well, that’s it from Plum Cottage. I hope you are all keeping cool.  If you are working outside, please, keep hydrated.

It’s hard to believe September is almost here. I sure am ready for cooler temps.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whopper T-storms, blooms, another heart ;-)

Good morning Folks ~ Boy oh boy, did we ever have whopping thunder storms from around 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. Friday. I left work around 3:45 as the rain had let up a bit and I prayed all the way home, about a 30 minute drive, that no lightening would be happening when I got home. I have two gates that I have to open before I can pull into the driveway.  When DH was here, he used to have the driveway gate open when I came home. We'll, it was not raining, I opened the two gates and I got the van pulled up close to the house, shut the driveway gate, and was inside about 5-10 minutes at the most, when the thunder was booming right overhead. One was almost on top of my little cottage which shook and rattled, and so did I. I said 'thank you' to God right then that that didn't happen while I was shutting gates. 

Another thunderstorm happened on the way home yesterday afternoon, and I only opened the one gate to get into property and ran inside, then the rain and T & L started in earnest once again. This morning frog are croaking.

I went out and took photos this morning and the flowers are all dripping rain drops.
This is an unknown hibiscus from my friend Nanci.
This is Spicy Jatropha
The next several photos are of 'Kathleen'.
Next is 'Prosperity' growing with little care from me at the moment. Blooms are above my head.
I think this is 'Prosperity'.  I grew this from a cutting.
I don't know what the name of this rose is, but I bought two of these this past spring for $5 each. The curved pieces behind the rose are part of the brass headboard that is in my main garden. You can see the gazing ball from DH  for my birthday one year just behind. It's a metal ball and very pretty.
My friend Cathy, here at work, gave me a ball of neat ribbon-like yarn yesterday so I thought I'd try making a ribbon worked embroidered rose on a felt heart for her. I also added some French knot flowers in various colors. I stuffed it with some lavender too. It was fun, but I won't be using this ribbon for roses or leaves again, just not conducive to roses. It is colorful though and this turned out to be a happy piece.
I hope you all have a nice day today and a good upcoming week.
That's it for now.


Life holds so many simple blessings,

each day bringing its own individual wonder.

John McLeod

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hints & Happenings


Good afternoon Folks ~ Here is is Thursday and August is zipping right along. Remember my last post about ‘hint’s of autumn coming?  Well, I had two mornings of ‘hints’ right after that, now it’s back to ‘dog days’.

I’ve been working outside for 2-3 hours in the mornings, this morning I mowed, and after I write this post I’m going to take a nap.

Since around the 20th of July, my refrigerator has been making noises never made before. I’m very sensitive to noises, and when things don’t sound right I wonder why? and try to figure it out. Day before yesterday the noise got worse, so I decided to call my appliance repair guy. He came out later and I told him when he got here the noise had stopped right after I called him and hadn’t started up again. He listened for awhile and since there was still cold air in fridge and freezer and the noise wasn’t happening, maybe it was nothing after all. So we left it at that, and he said to call me if I needed him. I had asked questions about the fan and the compressor so that was that. That noise didn’t happen again. Well, the next morning I noticed a moderate light squeal, which came and went, and sometimes didn’t happen at all, so I went about my day.  Well, I went to the freezer to get something out for supper and noticed the meat wasn’t totally frozen. I called the repair guy and he said oh no, and that he’d be here shortly.  It was around 5ish. I hurriedly stuffed frozen items into the floor model freezer I have, then wiggled the fridge out of the space/cubbyhole and turned it so that the guy could get to it.

When he got here, he took the back off, and oh my the ‘dust’.  The fan was going, but when he touched the motor, it was very hot to the touch.  He said there’s your problem.  The squeal I had heard was no doubt the bearings. I got out the vac and he sucked out the dust, took old motor out, hoped he had fan motor in his van, he did, he put it in, it worked fine, I paid him and now I have a quiet running and cold/freezer/fridge once again.  This fridge is a Maytag and 18 years old.  I’m hoping it will last me many years yet.  It’s a simple, no frills fridge, white and small, just right! I was so thankful I didn’t have to buy a new fridge.

Outside right now it is 88 but feels like it’s 110.  Rain clouds are gathering and T-storms are predicted for later on this afternoon.  I will be so glad when cooler weather gets here.  I am ever thankful for air-conditioning.

Here are some blooms, statues, and critters from my tropical jungle gardens.

I’m wondering if this is not the ‘female’ of that bright green lizard from the other day.


Zebra longwing and hamelia paten blooms


Spicy Jatropha ~ Zebra longwings just love this.



Vanda ‘Miss Joachim’


Statues are getting quite the patina these days. I just love how they look old.


St. Francis




He’s wearing a ‘bagworm’ earring.




I just love the colors and layers of these clouds the other evening. Rain came a little while later.




“When the sky is totally covered by the dark clouds,

be strong enough to see the bright stars beyond them!”

Mehmet Murat ildan


Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog days of summer


Dog days

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The phrase dog days refers to the sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the hottest summer temperatures.

sul·try  ˈsəltrē/


adjective: sultry; comparative adjective: sultrier; superlative adjective: sultriest 

(of the air or weather) hot and humid

synonyms: humid, close, airless, stifling, oppressive, muggy, sticky, sweltering, tropical, heavy;


That is the weather down here in s.e. FL. September is usually more of the same.  We might get hints of fall coming then, but they are just that, ‘hints’. We’ve had partly cloudy skies for two days with no rain. I did mow last week, except for one little patch. I had a couple of piles of weeds and vines to be picked up in that area and was just too pooped to do that, so called it a day.  I am so thankful for air conditioning.

I went out this morning for a little walk around and spied a bright green critter on the wall of cottage. I came in for my camera and he was still in the same spot when I came back out. He’s a rather small one, we’ve had longer/fatter ones.  They are not native.



I went around the patio to the other side to get pictures from that angle. He’s on the bottom right below heart. (I found these two hearts right after my dear husband left this planet. They were a thrill to me, especially because they are hearts.)



Look at the ridge along his back. He’s quite bumpy all over on his little hide.


Now for some pretties from the gardens.








I made three more needlework pieces last week. I got more bead supplies and some silk thread too this past week, so am looking forward to creating more.



This heart has lace and freshwater pearls plus two kinds of seed beads.


I have orders for one of my pincushions, (I’ll stuff them fuller this time.) I gave this one away to a friend who embroiders and she loves it. She didn’t care that it wasn’t stuffed as full as it should be.


and someone else wants one of my little embroidered covered journals, that I’ve put uplifting scripture verses and photos from my garden in. I had to get more ink for my printer in order to print the scripture and photos for journals.

Below some of the journals made last year awaiting scripture and photos.


Now here are pictures from today.

The marble work surface is under there somewhere. Smile


Me desk/work surface. I blog from here for myself and for Friends Needing Friends widows blog.


Here are the supplies I got this past week from two different places.

The bead mat is nice, three came to a pkg.. I got another pkg of 4 very thin big eye beading needles too.  They are really neat.  They are two needles soldered together at both ends so that there is a long split for threading which you separate. Much easier than trying to thread a smaller eyed needle. The long silver tool is a scoop for picking up beads to put back in containers and there are six of those little triangle scoop trays. They work great too.


These beads are size 15, very tiny, and I’m more comfortable with the size 11, but I’ll use these. As you can see, I started on another heart. I can’t help it.


I found this free pattern online yesterday.  Aren’t these cute? I need to embellish them, just not sure how yet. One is cream and the other is an ecru.


I’ve had this pattern a few years now.  I just found the free vintage angel print online yesterday and used the face. I’ve still more embellishing to do with her too.


I’ve got ideas for projects for inside my little cottage, for the workshop, etc. all running around in my mind. I’m really looking forward to cooler weather.

I’m listening to Spanish guitar music which I love. It touches my soul. We lived in Spain while DH was in the US Navy, and he bought an acoustic guitar and that was the beginning of his guitar playing. He played an electric guitar for many years too, plus the harmonica. (When he was a teen he played the drums and the base guitar.)

I hope to catch the super moon tonight.  I saw it this morning when I first opened the blinds in the bedroom, I thought WOW, not knowing about the super moon then read about it later online. Moonrise is at 7:54 EST.

I hope you all have a great week, at work, at home, whatever you do.