Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Florida Living

Hi Folks ~ Wow, half the year is gone already, amazing! When I was a kid, time seemed to stand still, and now that I am a senior lady, time is zipping right along.

It is hot and humid here in s.e. FL.  We’ve had some really nasty thunderstorms, which is normal for summer weather. On Accu-weather the other day that had this following information about Florida.


Where You're Most Likely to be Struck by Lightening

The lightning hotspot of the country, Florida is struck by lightning more than 1.2 million times a year, according to the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and since 1959 there have been 477 lightning deaths, which is more than double the number of deaths in any other state. Florida’s location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico is believed to play a big role in the formation and severity of lightning storms.


When T-storms are in the area, I stay indoors, the computer and the a.c. get turned off. I hunker down. I do NOT like these storms.

Here are a couple of pictures from the other day when a storm was coming from the northwest. I am looking out the ‘scullery’ window here as this thing moves overhead.


Now I’m in my ‘space’ looking south as the clouds keep moving southward.  Soon after the rains fell.


At least I’m not having to water my gardens. Winking smile I need to mow again, and weeding needs doing, hedges need trimming.

I worked on a painting project over a couple of mornings, sweating buckets. In the shade it was nicer, but still the humidity was thick, so were the dang mosquitoes.

We ‘found’ curbside quite a few years ago, two nice plastic chairs. They have ‘aged’ and needed cleaning so the other morning I cleaned them, and used the lightest purple paint I had gotten in my sample colors for the house. This one only cost me 50 cents because the mixer had gone the wrong way when mixing the color. Way too light.



After coat of light paint. Which was too light for what I wanted the look to be.


So, I mixed up a couple of other ‘sample’ colors and this is the final coat.  I’m happy with it.  I also drilled three holes in each seat for water to drain out, and it worked.  Yippee!


I look forward to getting the wood siding on the caravan painted the house color, which I haven’t bought yet. This will be a project for cooler weather. I still have the back side of the chairs to paint.


The next photos are of the ‘Hugs-n-kisses’ hibiscus. The first photo was in the morning before the blooms opened.


The next couple were taken in the middle of the day.



These last two were late afternoon.  Isn’t that amazing how the colors change?



I love this plumeria.


These orchids are from my friends Nanci & John. They are beauties.




A Black Eastern Swallowtail in motion. He was flitting about the baby Meyer Lemon tree. It has 4 lemons on it. This is just outside the screened area off the back of the cottage. The wall in the background here is the east wall of workshop. The paint has faded, but is still in good condition, so I’m not going to worry about painting it any time soon.






I came across this little dead snake. He’s weird looking. Before bed that night I was wondering what kind of snake it was, and because of the diamonds on his back, I thought ‘Diamond back rattler’. Oh no!  That thought really freaked me out. I looked online this morning and he’s not that, but I don’t know what he is.  Look at the markings on his head. Someone thought he looked good enough to eat. When I went out to check the next morning, all traces of him were gone.


Now, here’s my Sweetie Petie, Miss Tork.  Someone told me that she’s a ‘classic’ tabby.  She’s my dear little comforting friend. Whenever I lay on the bed, whether it be for a nap. or for sleep at night, she jumps on the bed, lays on my chest facing me, rubs her head on my chin and then tucks her head under my chin. When she’s had enough of that little ‘bonding’ routine, she turns crosswise on my chest/stomach and lays that way until she’s ready to get down. She doesn’t sleep with me usually, and not all night, but she does come up in the middle of the night for little bonding moments then jumps back down.


I love her markings, and her coloring, plus those little white toes.


The other day on someone’s blog I was lead to another blog, you know how that is, and I read about ways to clear the air in your home. One of the ways was with sea salt. Here’s the blog post, Clear the air with Sea Salt. When I can, I’d like to get a ‘salt lamp’. But for now I put some sea salt, and drops from two kinds of essential oils, rosewood and coriander, in two little wine goblets. One is in the bedroom and the other is here in my creative space. I’m telling you, I’ve felt more energized and positive since doing this.

Here’s the heart I made for my dear widowed friend who lives in NC. It will be 4 years since she lost her dear husband next month. She misses him, but is moving forward with her faith in God. She found my blog soon after I became a widow and we’ve grown in this journey together. She loved the heart. It was created with love. Keep her in your prayers too.



I’m working on two hearts in purples right now.

I made a pincushion with a bee on it. The little stork sewing scissors were my late mother-in-laws. There is a freshwater pearl, seed beads, embroidery floss, and two mother-of-pearl buttons, poly stuffing.





I want to thank Rue of ‘An Old-Fashioned World’ for her lovely, and encouraging post this morning. In my Etsy shop I’ve had 125 visits today. WOW! Plus I’ve gained three new followers to my blog.

Well, I’ve ‘mused’ enough for today. That’s what happens, long posts, when you have no one but the cat to talk to. Smile

May you all have a lovely holiday weekend here in the US. May the rest of you around the world have a lovely weekend too.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunrise and new recipes


Good morning everyone ~ I hope your week is a good one so far. It is hot and humid down here, when the sun is blazing with no cloud cover, it is miserable out.  Today is supposed to be mostly cloudy.  I need to do some hand watering after I ‘break the fast’.

Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit ‘down’, and then caught a glimpse of glorious colors in the clouds.  We had a bit of rain earlier, so I grabbed my camera and headed out. Oh my. The beauty was just awe inspiring and I kept ooohing and aaahing.

Here are the photos.








I forgot to turn the flash off but like the effect of the glistening rain drops caught on the flowers.


I have been inspired by reading a post by a younger woman than myself. She could be my daughter age wise. She’s been through some rough times, but she’s a real trooper and her attitude and perseverance really inspired me. Here’s a link to her blog, Island Mother. Boy, could I learn a LOT from her. She’s done some major remodeling of her little cottage in the woods.

I learned a new definition for my gardens this week from a commenter in my last post about my tropical jungle.  The word is ‘raffish’. I had to look it up to see what it meant. Definition is this:  unconventional and slightly disreputable, especially in an attractive manner -  synonyms:   rakish, unconventional, Bohemian ~ That is definitely my style, was ‘our’ style too. Smile Also, eclectic. Thanks Lynn and to all who commented on my ‘raffish’ gardens.

This gardening style is not for everyone, but it most certainly works for me.

Now about recipes.

On Sharon Lovejoy’s blog in her last post she posted a wonderful sounding peach pie recipe for summer. I bought the ingredients yesterday, and ‘plan’ to make it today. Visit her blog at Sharon Lovejoy for the recipe and other wonderful tidbits about her life. Her posts are always a joy to read.

Another recipe I plan to try is Mediterranean Barley Salad. I’ll post the recipe later with a photo of the dish.  It is another great sounding, healthy recipe for hot summer weather.

As to needlework projects, I started and finished one for a friend, but I won’t show and tell until after she receives it. It went out in yesterday’s mail. Another heart sold over the weekend, that went out in yesterday’s mail too.

Let’s see, another project I started on is working on straightening up in DH’s workshop so that I can ‘work’ in there. Before he left this planet he told me it would now be mine and to do with it what I wanted to make it work for me. I could hardly go in there at first because I would just cry and cry. (Hearing power tools in the neighborhood would make me cry too.) Time has blessed me, God has blessed me with the grief not being so raw and awful like it was. I can go in there now and not cry. I always loved the workshop. It was a dream come true for DH and we built it together from his county ‘approved’ plans. I started clearing off the work benches, there are three wonderful ones. I filled a large trash bag with trash and debris, still a LOT more to do, but I made forward progress and that felt good. I feel my husbands love and encouragement in there.

Well, that’s it for now. I need to get going. I found some great looking you-tube exercise videos for ‘seniors’ and I plan to start trying some of them.  They look like fun and great for me too.

Have a great day wherever you may be ~ FlowerLady