Saturday, June 17, 2017

Basye’s Purple rose first bloom and other flowers

Good afternoon Folks ~ I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We have had rain and more rain. Everything is growing like weeds here.

I have been waiting for over a year to see this particular rose in bloom, today the first bud opened.  The rose is Basye’s Purple. First photo was taken yesterday, the others were taken this morning. When I saw it was open I could hardly get my camera fast enough. When I got over to the bloom and smelled it I wanted to cry. I thanked God for such a beautiful creation and wonderful scent. I bought this rose as a baby from Rose Petals Nursery.





Butterflies have been having a feast on my Byron Beauty passion flower vine. Below is a flower that has been pelted with some heavy rains and I see that the curly bits of the flower have straightened out.


Below are caterpillars enjoying themselves.



Here are two chrysallis.  I saw one of these as a caterpillar yesterday hanging upside down and then came out to it being in hibernation on it’s way to becoming a butterfly.



Well watered blooms.

Golden dew drop (purple blooms), red pentas, and hamelia patens.


I don’t know what the name of this hibiscus is. I got it as a cutting many, many years ago from my Mom.


This is sandpaper vine with it’s sandpaper feeling leaves and wonderful purple star flowers. I grew this from a cutting. These are the first blooms that it has had. Also called Queen’s Wreath. It is growing up over an arbor and I can hardly wait until the arbor is covered. There is also a blue pea vine and a garlic vine growing on this harbor so it will be quite the combination when all in bloom.


This is a wonderful alamanda, don’t know the name of it. Grew it from a cutting also.


Spicy Jatropha ~ this I grew from a cutting from my dear husband’s family home. I believe his younger sister had given a plant to their parents one year. I love this plant, and so do the butterflies.


This is Tahitian Gardenia. What a scent!!! Huge blooms.


This is my ‘secret garden jungle’ as seen through the window of my scullery, where I wash dishes. The scraggly tall limbs in the foreground are of a avacado tree container grown. I should prune it.


Well, that’s it from my well watered gardens here at Plum Cottage.

Remember to stop and really see all of the beauty that surrounds you and know that you are even more wonderful and beautiful and loved by Jesus who is God the Great Creator. We have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady


lil red hen said...

I love the view from you window! You certainly must have a green thumb as shown from all the beauty you've started from cuttings. We have wild-growing passion flowers here. They have such an interesting bloom.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful, every bloom,colour and scent. Down here, I can walk and admire leaves in brown and gold, grasses all drooping as winter claims their greenery, and see the tips of bulbs popping up through the soil. Thankful for a safe haven where we live, and blog friendships. Love to you in your part of Paradise.

Stacey said...

Oh so beautiful!! It was so exciting to have caterpillars on our Passion Vine last year. Don't you love seeing nature at work?

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, how wonderful that your garden is naturally well watered at the moment. The plants looks stunning being so saturated with rain water. Especially love the rose 'Basye's Purpe' and the passionflower. I think I can grow passionflowers here as well. I should really give them a try, they are so amazingly beautiful!
Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Warm regards,

Ruth Hiebert said...

That new rose is a spectacular flower. SO much beauty surrounds you.Thanks for sharing this with someone like me who doesn't have so many lush plants.

Kit said...

I am so happy you are getting the rain you guys need. Your flowers looks wonderful! I am excited for your new rose. My roses are blooming now and I can't get enough of their scent. Happy Summer to you too! :) Kit

Connie in Hartwood said...

The view from your window is magical!

I grow Basye's Purple rose, too, and I love it. I bought mine with no flowers or buds on it, and no idea what the flower looked like. I just knew that it was beautiful with the brown-black stems and the blue-green leaves. Mine has grown into a 6-foot tall, stiff, tree-like form which is a great addition to the garden.

I love seeing all of your other flowers, most of which I have never heard of before.

Terra Hangen said...

What a beautiful rose in those first photos. Our gardens bring us such joy as we look at what God has made. That is a pretty view of your fountain/bird bath.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your garden always inspires me, Rainey. I'm amazed at your green thumb. I bet all the butterflies in your town favor your garden. Thank you for sharing the photos of the caterpillar and the chrysallis. They intrigue me, as I've not seen any signs of these in my garden. I do get an occasional butterfly, which is always exciting to me. I'm trying to encourage more butterfly visits by planting flowers that supposedly attract them, so I hope someday I will have as many butterflies as you do. Love your secret garden. So charming. Hugs, Nancy

Kathleen Grace said...

I never fail to thank God for the beauty in my garden! It truly does always make me feel closer to Him as I watch the birds and water the flowers and vegetables. Your garden is spectacular!

BeachGypsy said...

Hi there Lorriane, was so glad to see you had been by, glad you liked the post and the pictures! Im glad to see you have a new post up too...I just love looking at your gardens..what pretty things you have growing! I sure love that magnolia! I was out photographing passion flowers just yesterday here....and I truly think they are the most amazingly exotic and STRANGE but beautiful things, aren't they? I've never grown them, but hope to next year....any tips??? Did you start those by cuttings, seeds, or what? They are vines, right? Well, glad to hear you're doing well down that you have any weekend plans? We are to do a little painting here, looking forward to that.

BeachGypsy said...

PS---of forgot to ask...the fountain/birdbath that you can see from your window, I love it and was wondering if that is a lady sitting with her legs curled up or is that a mermaid?

Deb said...

Hi Lorraine - Wow, such beautiful flowers and great photography. Hope you aren't too hot and steamy down there. Enjoy what's left of the week!

GretchenJoanna said...

My goodness, your garden is always bursting with things I've never seen before. To have gardenias would be heavenly - and that hibiscus is a lovely lady...

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Whenever I visit here I am just blown away by all that you have going on in your garden...I was thinking / worrying about you due to the tropical storm Cindy and hope that all is ok there? :)

Susan said...

That is a beauty of a rose! All of your flowers look so beautiful especially with the wonderful rain drops on them. We've had lots of rain, too and it's wonderful. Everything is growing like a weed. I hope the rains keep coming. Have a great weekend!