Monday, January 23, 2012

What is this vine?

I have been babying this vine thinking it was something else. It has little tiny white flowers that smell sweet and remind me of honeysuckle.

I live in s.e. FL zone 10.


Sorry the flower came out blurry, I know doubt jiggled it while taking the photo.


Thanks for your help in identifying this.



Lynda said...

It looks like jasmine...not star jasmine, but the kind with more tender leaves and stems..I just can't remember the name...that happens a lot lately!

Anonymous said...

Well the flowers certainly resemble those of a jasmine vine, but the leaves are pretty unique. I wouldn't bet my lunch money on it - but I'm thinking something along the jasmine vine family.

Your work is beautiful as always. I especially love the crocheted needle case – this color is my favorite. Time for me to check out your Etsy shop!


Susan said...

The flower is adorable and the vine very nice. Sorry, but I don't recognize it. It's always fun to have a volunteer show up...especially a first-timer.

Beatnheart said...

looks like jasmine.

gld said...

My first thought was clematis paniculata. Here it only blooms in late summer. It sure looks similar to mine.

mary_smith said...

It looks like Jasmine. I bet it smells delicious!

shirley said...

Lorraine, could it be a Stephanotis. I had one where I lived before. Email me and I will send you a photo that I have of the vine.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

It looks like the Clematis to me.
I had one that was just over a year old and it over took one side of my screen porch. Was huge, have never had anything grow that rapidly. Think it would have covered my cottage in another year :) I moved it to a trellis in the yard and will see what it does. It was covered with those tiny white flowers and it smelled heavenly. Just was growing bigger in such a short time
then I wanted on the screen porch.